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Who is Cem Habib, Net Worth, Ex-wife, What Does He Do For a Living?

Cem Habib

Cem Habib – born February 21, 1975, is 49 years old.

A Turkey-born, Dubai-based financier, the scope of his professional dealings far outweighs being just a financier but that term adequately summarizes what he does for a living. He has an estimated net worth of $50 million. However, for all his accomplishments, the Turkish businessman is best known as the ex-husband of UK-born reality TV star Caroline Stanbury.

The British socialite is best known for being one of the cast members of the recently premiered Real Housewives of Dubai, a reality TV series that chronicles the lives of affluent housewives in the Middle Eastern country. Cem Habib was married to Caroline Stanbury for 15 years and has mainly lived in the shadow of his ex-wife. Following their divorce, however, there have been a few questions about the identity of the former celebrity husband. This article answers those questions.

Profile summary of Cem Habib
  • Name: Cem Habib
  • Date of birth: February 21, 1975
  • Age: 49 years old
  • Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Education: BA in International Business and BS in Finance from an American University possibly Kogod School of Business
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Ex-spouse: Caroline Stanbury
  • Children: Yasmine Habib (daughter), Aaron Habib (son), Zac Habib (son)
  • Occupation: Financier
  • Years active: 2001 – present
  • Net worth: Est. $50 million
  • Instagram: @cemmin
  • Twitter: @cemmin

Cem Habib was born in Turkey

Cem Habib was born on February 21, 1975, in Istanbul, Turkey. His birth sign is Pisces and his place of birth indicates that he is a Turkish citizen. Not much is known about the members of Cem Habib’s birth family, including the identities of his parents or any siblings he might have had.

Regarding his formal education, Cem Habib allegedly completed his high school education in his home country of Turkey before departing for the United States of America where he acquired a BA in International Business, as well as a BS in finance from an American higher institution believed to be the Kogod School of Business.

What does Cem Habib do for a living?

In general terms, Cem Habib is a financier. Nevertheless, there is more to the Turkish millionaire’s career than the simple title of a financier. He started his professional career as a Marketing Executive at Millburn. He later joined Altedge Capital, a hedge fund where he was a Principal.

He stayed at Altedge from 2001 to 2009 before departing for Cheyne Capital where he was made a partner. When his time with Cheyne was done, he spent the next six months working as an investment banker at an investment banking firm in Kazakhstan. In December 2010, he joined the SB GROUP (UK) LLP. based in the United Kingdom where he was CEO until 2014.

Since 2014, Cem Habib has been on the board of CIS Private Equity Management Limited. Throughout his career, Cem Habib has been able to amass an impressive net worth believed to be an estimated $50 million. That figure is significantly more than what his ex-wife is currently worth. Also, every indication points to the fact that Habib’s net worth has more chances of rising than falling.

Cem Habib was married to Caroline Stanbury

Cem Habib with his children and ex-wife – image source

As previously stated, the public and the media would not have known much about Cem Habib without his association with British socialite Caroline Stanbury. The Turkish business mogul was married to Stanbury for 15 years. The events that led to their first-ever meeting are not well-documented but Caroline’s divorce statement about the fact that they had been together for 17 years, suggests that they officially began dating in 2002.

They dated for a couple of years before exchanging marital vows in front of their friends and family in 2004. Their marriage was characterized by lots of vacations and gift giving with the socialite on the receiving end of most of those gifts. For all intents and purposes, they had a happy marriage.

There are various instances where the businessman displayed his affection towards his ex-wife, including gifting her a marble sculpture of her favorite Birkin purse and a canary yellow diamond ring he gifted her after the birth of their twin sons, Aaron and Zac Habib, both of whom were born in 2010, 4 years after the birth of their older sister Yasmin Habib who was born in 2006.

For most of their time as a married couple, Habib and Stanbury lived in their 12,000-square-foot estate in Surrey, England. They moved to Dubai in 2017, 2 years before they announced their divorce in 2019. An interesting fact about the timing of Habib’s ex-wife’s divorce announcement revolves around the fact that they had only spent Christmas together the day before she made the announcement.

According to Caroline, the divorce was amicable and the ex-couple have banded together to raise their children as best as they can. She revealed that they are friends who live across from each other in their Dubai locale.

Is Caroline Stanbury Rich?

Cem Habib’s ex-wife, Caroline Stanbury has a net worth of an estimated $30 million. Most of which she has acquired from her business and career endeavors as a reality TV star best known for her appearances in Ladies of London and Real Housewives of Dubai among others.

She also owns multiple businesses, including a shoe line. She is also a fashion brand influencer who has used her considerable influence across various social media platforms to promote fashion brands. It is also important to note that Caroline Stanbury comes from money. Her father was a very successful venture capitalist while her mom owns a cashmere manufacturing company.

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Cem Habib has not remarried

It’s been over 3 years since Cem Habib called it quits with the socialite but nothing indicates that he has moved on to another woman. However, his ex-wife Caroline has already moved on to a man almost 2 decades her junior. The man in question is Sergio Jose Carrallo Pendás.

They met in New Jersey when she was on tour to promote her podcast, Divorced Not Dead. they officially kicked things off in January 2020. Carrallo proposed in June 2021 and they exchanged marital vows on November 11, 2021, in a small ceremony held in Mauritania. They hosted a more elaborate event in Dubai on December 18, 2021.

What does Sergio Carrallo do for a living?

As of 2022, Sergio Carrallo was in the process of landing a Digital Communications degree from an American university. Before that, he was a soccer player who famously played for Real Madrid, a soccer club based in Madrid, the capital of Spain. His time with the 14-time UEFA Champions League winners was largely uneventful but he seems to be settling down to a life away from sports.

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