Who Is Brian Harnois From Ghost Hunters?

Brian Harnois
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Profile summary of Brian Harnois
  • Name: Brian Harnois
  • Date of birth: December 6, 1976
  • Age: 47 years old
  • Place of birth: Milford, Massachusetts
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: High School located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Michelle
  • Height: 6 feet 1-inch
  • Occupation: Paranormal investigator and actor

Brian Harnois is an American-born paranormal investigator who is known for his work in the television series, Ghost Hunters. Brian got interested in paranormal investigation from a young age and has investigated hundreds of cases to date. The Ghost Hunters alum suffers from bipolar disorder and has been undergoing treatment to correct the abnormality.

Brian Harnois was born in 1976

Born on the 6th of December 1976, American paranormal investigator, Brian Harnois was given the full name, Brian Joseph Harnois at his birth which occurred in Milford, Massachusetts, in the United States. Brian is obviously of American nationality but his ethnicity has never been disclosed. He is clearly averse to talking about his family members in public, thus, nothing is known about his parents and siblings if any. The Milford-born investigator is known by the nickname, Wheezy.

Harnois is an alum of Woonsocket High School located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, from where he graduated in 1994. There is no record of higher academic qualification for him.

He started paranormal investigation from an early age

The 6 feet 1-inch tall man has always displayed a healthy dose of interest in the paranormal but the decision to work in the field was taken out of his hand after a personal encounter with the paranormal at age 11 and he has not looked back since then.

Brian was already investigating paranormal occurrences in his hometown when Jason Hawes and his TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team came to snoop around. Armed with his years of experience in the paranormal, Brian was replete with a ton of things to tell the team. Impressed by Brian’s workings, Jason invited him to work in their team. This happened around 1998/99.

Prior to his foray into The Atlantic Paranormal Society team, Brian was engaged with the government as a contractor. His job description was packaging electronic equipment for onward delivery to other government contractors. His new job with TAPS resulted in poor attendance with his government contract work which caused him to be fired.

Brian joined the Ghost Hunters TV series in 2006

After he became part of TAPS, Brian Harnois started working on several paranormal cases. Eventually, Jason got a starring role in the reality television series entitled, Ghost Hunters in 2006 and took Brian on to work as a case manager. Harnois eventually stayed with the series for two full years and made appearances in a total of 36 episodes from the first season to the third. He was also part of the 2005/ 2006 Ghost Hunters Live Halloween specials and appeared in ten episodes of the 1st season of Ghost Hunters International He later decided to move to greener pastures.

Life after the Ghost Hunters

Even after he exited from TAPS, Brian continued with his work in paranormal investigations. Today, he is known to have put in two decades in the field with a record of tackling over 675 paranormal cases.

Also, he has played starring roles in a handful of television documentaries which include Haunted RI in 2011 and A Haunting on Dice Road 2: Town of the Dead in 2017. The paranormal investigator is also a cinematographer with one credit, Haunted RI which he also produced in 2011.

Brian was also recruited by The Paraseekers TV Show to join the second season of The Paraseekers. The paranormal enthusiast has been quite busy traveling to different parts of the United States, attending conventions, and giving lectures on the subject. Currently, Brian Harnois is writing a book that will chronicle his paranormal exploits.

Brian Harnois is married with children

Brian Harnois is obviously the type that loves to keep the details of his personal life under lock and key but it has come to public notice that he is a married man. Though nothing has been mentioned about when he got hitched and the type of wedding he had, his wife’s name has been revealed to be Michelle.

From what is perceivable, the duo has been married for quite a while as they already share two daughters, Mackenzie and Kylie.

There was a time that Brian Harnois got missing

Brian Harnois was once reported to be missing by his wife, Michelle. According to his wife, he disappeared after taking to his Facebook page to post a “goodbye message.

Michelle’s message triggered an avalanche of online messages from fans and the general public who were wishing for the actor’s safe return to his Rhode Island home.

Brian was eventually found the next day and admitted into a health facility where they commenced treatment for his bipolar disorder.

The Ghost Hunters actor later took to his socials to thank all those who showed concern for his safety and expressed regrets for posting what he shared on Facebook. According to Brian, he was losing it and didn’t just know the way forward. He also cautioned people who bashed him during his trying period, Harnois let the haters know that every story always has more than one side to it.

His wife Michelle also took to her Twitter handle to update fans about the latest happenings in her husband’s life.

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