Who Is Beth Skipp, Michael Richards’s Wife?

Beth Skipp
Profile summary of Beth Skipp
  • Name: Beth Skipp
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Education: Columbia University
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Michael Richards
  • Children: 2, Antonio Baz Richards (son), Sophia Richards (step-daughter)
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches (165cm)
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Occupation: Celebrity wife and actress
  • Years active: 1997 – Present

Beth Skipp is an American actress and Michael Richards’s wife whose life’s work includes more than a couple of movie and TV series appearances. She is best recognized as a star in movies such as Alternate Reality (1997), Monk (2002), and Prime (2005). She has also made her mark as an actress in a couple of single-episode appearances in series like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

In addition to her career as an actress, Beth Skipp is a celebrity wife. She is currently married to another Hollywood superstar who goes by the name of Michael Richards. Michael Richards’s movie credits include Problem Child (1990), Airheads (1994), and Faith, Hope & Love (2019). This article however seeks to further explore the identity of Beth Skipp, including an in-depth look at her life and career.

When was Beth Skipp born?

There have been a number of unverified reports which suggest that the actress and celebrity wife is in her 50s. If one were to go by these unverified suggestions, it would invariably mean that Beth Skipp was born in the 1970s. The actress has however, not disclosed her exact date of birth which only adds fuel to the fire of the rumors surrounding her actual date of birth. These mysteries surrounding the actress’ identity notwithstanding, the public and media can at least be content with the knowledge that Beth Skipp is a native of Los Angeles, California, which absolutely suggests that she was born in the City of Angels in the United States of America.

Beth Skipp is an American citizen but much like her date of birth, there have been speculations that she has a mixed ethnic heritage regardless of the fact that her physical features, which comprise blonde hair and a pair of clear blue eyes, lend more credence to the possibility that she is of the Caucasian ethnic group. It would have been easier to say for sure what kind of ethnic heritage the actress comes from if there were enough information about her family background. Sadly though, the actress prefers to keep details of her early life and family background away from the media and the public’s scrutiny. Any information with regards to the identity of her parents and any possible siblings is currently unavailable to the public.

Her educational background also is another aspect of Beth Skipp’s life that just a handful of people can claim to know anything about. Similar to all other aspects of her early life, it is not clear what kind of formal education the actress was able to obtain. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that she had the required basic education from preschool through to high school. In addition to the aforementioned levels of formal education, there have been reports that claim the actress obtained a Bachelor’s degree in an unidentified discipline from Colombia University.

Beth Skipp doesn’t have too many movie credits as an actress

To put it simply, the actress’ IMDb page shows that she currently has a combined total of 10 movies and TV series credits to her name with her most recent appearance in a 2007 movie titled Lobby Lobster in which she played the character of a woman named Beth. The actress is said to have shown a lot of enthusiasm towards the movie industry as a youngster which was due to a combined factor of growing up in a place like Los Angeles, which is more or less home to a good number of Hollywood stars, and an innate passion for acting.

Beth Skipp began like many others in the American movie industry by appearing in a host of TV commercials and modeling for a number of brands in and around the country. She also found the time to attend a lot of auditions before her big break came in 1997 when she was cast as the main character in a movie titled Alternate Realities. The movie is about a young woman named Crystal who stumbled onto her mother’s suicide and went on a journey of identity discovery and also a journey to understand the reason for her mother’s unfortunate suicide.

Alternate Realities remained Beth’s only on-screen credit as an actress for about three years before she returned as Pam in a single 1999 episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Over the following few years, Beth Skipp appeared in a combined over 5 other movies and TV series including The Tag (2001), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1 Ep. 2002), and Monk (1 Ep. 2003). She also played the minor character of a Salesperson in the 2005 Rom-Com/ Drama film titled Prime and starring Uma Thurman as Rafi Gardet and Meryl Streep as Lisa Metzger.

Beth Skipp’s exact net worth is unknown

It would appear that despite her considerable amount of time in the limelight, there are still details of Beth Skipp’s professional life that the public remains unaware of. One of such details is the exact figure of her net worth.

As earlier stated, Beth’s last movie came in 2007 and not much is known about her career-wise since then but she appears to be living a very comfortable life which is possible partly due to her hard work as an actress, a profession from which she most certainly makes good money, and also as a result of the fact that her husband’s more Illustrious career as an actor has earned him an estimated net worth of $50 million at the time of writing.

Beth Skipp’s movies and TV shows


  • Alternate Realities (Short) as Crystal – 1997
  • The Tag (Short) as Jessica – 2001
  • Prime as Salesperson – 2005
  • Lobby Lobster as Beth 2007
  • Ten Tricks (post-production) as Amber

TV series

  • Everybody Loves Raymond as Pam – 1999
  • ER – 2001
  • Men, Women & Dogs as Joyce – 2001
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Lulu – 2002
  • Monk as Amanda Babbage – 2003

Beth Skipp has been married to Michael Richards for nearly a decade

Beth Skipp

Michael and Beth – image source

Beth Skipp is currently married to famous or infamous (a bit on the infamous part later) Hollywood actor Michael Richards. The marriage which began when the couple was joined in holy matrimony in 2010 has lasted for 14 years but their relationship has lasted for double that figure. Beth Skipp and Michael Richards began dating in 2002. The details of how, when and where they met have somehow been relegated to the background of the longevity that they have enjoyed together as a couple.

The couple has a son together. He was born in 2011 and named Antonio Baz Richards. Beth also has a stepdaughter named Sophia Richards from her husband’s previous marriage to Catherine Lyons, although given the fact that Sophia was born in 1975, most likely not long after Beth herself, it is possible that the actress considers her more of a sister than an actual daughter.

Beth Skipp is at least three decades younger than her husband

Beth’s marriage to star actor Michael Richards in 2010 raised eyebrows primarily due to the fact that the actor was at least 30 years older than her and already has a daughter who was within the age bracket of Beth Skipp. Michael Richards was born on July 24, 1949, in Culver City, California. He grew up under the parental care of Phyllis Nardozzi Richards, an Italian who worked as a librarian in a medical records library, and William Richards, with a Scottish and English background, worked as an electrical engineer and would later die in a car crash when Michael Richards was only 2 years old.

A young Michael Richards got his high school diploma from Thousand Oaks High School before serving in the US Army for 2 years from 1970 to 1972. During those 2 years, he was stationed in West Germany where he served as a medic. Upon being honorably discharged, Michael used the money he made in the army to get a BA degree in arts from The Evergreen State College, the same year his daughter was born.

Michael Richards’s career as an actor spanned more than 20 years during which time he acted in a lot of movies and TV shows, including The House of God (1994), Whoops Apocalypse (1986), Problem Child (1990), and a host of others. It is however his iconic role as Cosmo Kramer in the NBC TV series Seinfeld that firmly cemented his place as one of the most famous actors in the late 1980s to early 1990s. He played the character for 9 years and was duly rewarded for his creative talents on the show as he won 3 Emmy awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. First, he won the award back to back in 1993 and 1994 before picking it up for the third time in 1997. His 3 Emmy Awards were more than any other Seinfeld cast member ever got.

Below is a comprehensive list of the Michael Richards’s filmography


  • 1982 Young Doctors in Love as Malamud Callahan
  • 1984 The House of God as Dr. Pinkus
  • 1985 Transylvania 6-5000 as Fejos
  • 1986 Whoops Apocalypse as Lacrobat
  • 1987 Choice Chance and Control as Victor Loudon
  • 1989 UHF as Stanley Spadowski
  • 1990 Problem Child as Martin Beck
  • 1993 Coneheads as Motel Clerk
  • 1993 So I Married an Axe Murderer as Insensitive Man
  • 1994 Airheads as Doug Beech
  • 1995 Unstrung Heroes as Danny Lidz
  • 1997 Redux Riding Hood as The Wolf
  • 1997 Trial and Error as Richard “Ricky” Rietti
  • 2007 Bee Movie as Bud Ditchwater
  • 2013 Walk the Light as Lester
  • 2019 Faith, Hope & Love as Daddy Hogwood


  • 1980–1982 Fridays as Various roles
  • 1982 Faerie Tale Theatre as King Geoffrey
  • 1983 Herndon as Dr. Herndon P. Stool
  • 1984 Faerie Tale Theatre as Vince
  • 1984 At Your Service as Rick the gardener
  • 1984 Night Court as Eugene Sleighbough
  • 1984 The Ratings Game as Sal
  • 1985 Tall Tales & Legends as Sneaky Pete
  • 1984–1985 St. Elsewhere as Bill Wolf
  • 1985 Cheers as Eddie Gordon
  • 1985 Scarecrow and Mrs. King as Petronus
  • 1985 Slickers as Mike Blade
  • 1985 It’s a Living as Hager
  • 1985 Hill Street Blues as Special Agent Durpe
  • 1986 Miami Vice as Pagone
  • 1986 A Year in the Life as Ronnie
  • 1986 Fresno as 2nd henchman
  • 1987 Jonathan Winters: On the Ledge as Various roles
  • 1987–1988 Marblehead Manor as Rick
  • 1989 Camp MTV as Stanley Spadowski
  • 1989–1998 Seinfeld as Cosmo Kramer
  • 1992 Dinosaurs as Director
  • 1992 Mad About You as Cosmo Kramer
  • 1992 The Larry Sanders Show as Himself
  • 1996 London Suite as Mark Ferris
  • 2000 David Copperfield as Mr. Wilkins Micawber
  • 2000 The Michael Richards Show as Vic Nardozza
  • 2009 Curb Your Enthusiasm as Michael Richards
  • 2012 Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee as Michael Richards, Fictional Crackle president Dick Corcoran
  • 2013–2014 Kirstie as Frank

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What ended Michael Richards’ career?

Michael Richards’ career ended because of the racial comments he made during one of his stand-up comedy shows in 2006. In addition to being a famous actor, Michael Richards also found incredible success as a stand-up comedian who regularly sold-out shows. Things appeared to be moving on quite nicely in that part of his life until the infamous incident that happened at the Laugh Factory Hollywood in 2006. The day was November 17th and it remains a day that Michael continuously wishes he could relive and make changes to. It also remains a day that altered his life and career forever, albeit negatively.

Michael was in the middle of his show when a group of African-Americans entered the auditorium and according to a member of the group named Kyle Doss, the group made a bit of a noisy fuss on entry, an act that visibly frustrated Michael Richards. Unfortunately, he couldn’t control his irritation and proceeded to direct derogatory racial slurs at the group for their disturbance. Doss responded by letting Richards know that they were offended by his remarks and instead of the actor withdrawing his statement, he aggravated the situation even further by addressing them with the N-word and had them thrown out.

Michael issued a public apology 3 days after the incident on an episode of the Late Show with David Letterman while stating that he was not a racist. To further show how sorry he was, he personally contacted a number of civil rights leaders, including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to say how sorry he was. His efforts notwithstanding, Doss was vocal in his unwillingness to accept the actor’s apology, stating that the apology was half-baked. Besides, Doss said Richards made no effort to contact him or any other member of the group and that he only apologized because he got caught on camera.

Michael Richards never recovered from this incident and it effectively ended his career as a stand-up comedian. It also led to a radical change in the sense that it influenced several comedians such as Paul Mooney to do away with anything that could possibly be misconstrued as a racial slur from their on-stage acts and performances.

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