Who is Aleksandra Zelenskaya, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Daughter?

Aleksandra Zelenskaya
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Profile summary of Aleksandra Zelenskaya
  • Name: Aleksandra Zelenskaya
  • Date of birth: 15th July 2004
  • Age: 19
  • Place of birth: Pustomyty in Wolyn Voivodeship
  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Parents: Volodymyr Zelenskaya and Olena Zelenskaya
  • Education: N/A
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Aleksandra Zelenskaya is the first and only daughter of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s current president, and his wife Olena Zelenskaya. In addition to being the most important daughter in the country, she is also an amateur actor, dancer, model, and video content creator. The teenager has been getting a ton of attention recently, especially in light of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, but her foray into the limelight did not begin today.

Indeed, Aleksandra became popular after her previously ordinary father became the country’s sixth president, causing the general public to get much more invested in her life. Peruse on to learn more about Ukraine’s First Daughter and what she has been up to.

How old is Aleksandra Zelenskaya and what is her full name?

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s daughter was named Aleksandra Zelenskaya after she was born on the 15th of July in 2004. This makes her 19 years old. Her date of birth puts her in the cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer. It is said that people born under this zodiac sign are wonderful orators who are often in touch with their emotional and creative sides.

Background details of the president’s daughter

Before the spotlight found her, Aleksandra is reported to have been born into a middle-class family in a remote village. The village, called Pustomyty is located in Wołyń Voivodeship. Wołyń was an administrative region of Poland, but after the Second World War, the Polish borders were redrawn, and the village is now located in present-day Ukraine. She grew up with her parents Volodymyr and Olena, along with her younger brother, Kiril Zelenskiy in a peasant location. It is said that the teenager and her parents regularly farmed a modest piece of land in Wołyń Voivodeship.

Where is Aleksandra Zelenskaya schooling?

Currently, Aleksandra is still a high school student in an Elite Ukrainian school. It has also been reportedly said that the name of her school is Novopecherska School. An undisclosed official document named the “:399” states that Aleksandra received her high school education there up to the fourth grade. It is unclear whether this means that she changed schools after completing the fourth grade or not. Either way, it is pretty clear that the well-being of the president’s daughter is very important, and thus, her exact whereabouts are always kept top secret, to ensure her safety.

At school, she has taken up interests in a lot of arts subjects like drawing, Thai boxing, and singing.

She has a brother

As previously stated, Aleksandra is not an only child as she has a younger brother named Kiril. Kiril Zelenskiy was born in January 2013 and is the First Son of Ukraine. He is also the only son of his parents, just like his sister is the only daughter. He is only 11 years old and is nearly eight years younger than Aleksandra. Their exact relationship is a little deeper than a mere sibling bond as both have featured in a couple of short comedy videos together.

Kiril is yet to decide on a career path as he is still enjoying his childhood days and is facing his academics.

What does Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s daughter do for a living?

Aleksandra has been creative from childhood, and so it surprised no one that she had already begun following in her parents’ footsteps from a really young age. By the time she was 10 years old, young Aleksandra had already been quite exposed to the world of entertainment. It was at that age that she featured in the 2014 movie, ‘8 New Dates’, a movie produced by her dad, and she starred as the main character’s daughter named Sasha. Aleksandra has not only limited herself to acting movies, but she has also done reality television. The young actress was a contestant in a comedy competition show that was held in 2016.

The competition was titled ‘The Comedy Comet Company Comedy’s Kids’ and Aleksandra made such a mark on the show as she won the sum of 50,000 hryvnias. She has also been recognized for her funny videos, which featured mainly her family members, especially her younger brother. Currently, Aleksandra is in hiding and has not been featured in any onscreen projects since 2016.

How Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Olena Zelenska might have influenced young Aleksandra

You might have been surprised when we previously mentioned that Aleksandra featured alongside her father in a movie only recently. Yes, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was an entertainer, comedian, and actor, before taking up the number one position in Ukraine. Born in January 1978, the 46-year-old politician is definitely very multi-talented, as he has worked an impressive range of jobs.

He first obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law from the Kyiv National Economic University. After which he decided to delve into comedy and acting, establishing his own movie production company, Kvartal 95 in 1997. Volodymyr has played football for the Ukrainian national team and won the KVN Major League competition. His acting portfolio is quite extensive, and we have no doubt that he is the one Aleksandra got most of her creative streak from.

In the same vein, Aleksandra’s mother Olena is also in the movie industry, but she works behind the scenes as a scriptwriter. Olena graduated from the Kryvyi Rih National University with a degree in Civil Engineering, but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion as an artist. She writes primarily for her husband’s company, the Kvartal 95 comedy group.

With parents like Aleksandra’s, it’s not difficult to see why she might have chosen a path in entertainment. Her parents definitely laid the groundwork for that. The future sure has a lot in store for this young creative mind as she grows to explore the entertainment industry.

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What has Aleksandra been up to in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been the major subject of most news headlines in the past month. On the 24th of February 2022, Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border and launched attacks on both soldiers and civilians, killing hundreds in the process. Naturally, the president and his family remain the largest and most valuable target of the invaders, and Volodymyr and his family have since gone into hiding as the president revealed in a statement that Moscow has made him their first target of which their second target is his family.

As a matter of fact, the family hasn’t been seen since their family appearance on the 14th of February. From the information above, we can only draw the sensible conclusion that Aleksandra and her brother are lying low in the meantime while Volodymyr tries to battle with the Russian forces.

First Lady Olena has been supportive of her husband and the citizens of Ukraine. She took to her page on Instagram to offer words of encouragement to her husband and the people of Ukraine in general saying,

“Today I will not have panic and tears. I will be calm and confident. My children are looking at me. I will be next to them and next to my husband and with you.”
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