Where Is Luke Eisner From and What Is His Net Worth? Other Facts

Luke Eisner
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Profile summary of Luke Eisner
  • Full name: Luke Eisner
  • Date of birth: August 1, 1996
  • Age: 27
  • Place of birth: Wisconsin, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Greendale High School, University of Southern California
  • Parents: Bill Eisner (father), Denise Eisner (mother)
  • Height: 6ft 3in
  • Occupation: Modell, actor, musician
  • Years active: 2019-present
  • Net worth: $300,000

Standing tall at over six feet, Luke Eisner is quite an eye candy and has used his breathtaking features to tap into the potentials of the entertainment industry. He has explored different parts of the showbiz arena as a model, actor, musician, and social media personality. His acting career is still in the budding stage while he has built a robust career in the modeling world. Nevertheless, the youngster still has his years in front of him and he is obviously making the most of it.

Luke Eisner is not Swedish but American

Speculations have been rife about the actor’s origin since his stellar depiction of a Swede character in Tall Girl. The truth is, he just did his job well in portraying a character of Swedish origin but in reality, he is an American. But who is Luke Eisner and where exactly is the hunky actor from.

Luke Eisner was born on August 1, 1996, in the city of Wisconsin, United States. His parents have been identified as Bill and Denise Eisner who raised him in a Christian home. He grew up in his place of birth before moving to the big cities to build his career. For his education, Eisner attended Greendale High School and has identified as an alum of the University of Southern California, but the course he studied has not been verified.

Bill Eisner’s parents didn’t influence his career path but remained supportive

Unlike many entertainers who have one or both parents in the industry, ready to guide them through, Luke’s parents are not involved in the showbiz sphere. Aside from his grandfather, William Eisner, who made a name as a designer and advertising entrepreneur, Luke had no ties to the entertainment industry while growing up. His father, Bill Eisner, worked with Coca-Cola as an advertising entrepreneur. Sadly, Bill lost his battle with cancer and died in November 2019 at the age of 64.

Not much has been revealed about Luke Eisner’s mother but the much we can deduce suggests that she is very supportive of her son’s career endeavors, even though he mentioned she wouldn’t have allowed him to attend the audition for Tall Girl. Luke had sinuses surgery at the time and had to sneak out to go to the audition because his strict mother wouldn’t have allowed it. So far, Luke is the only popular person in his family and we can’t say if he has siblings or not.

Meanwhile, before he discovered the amazing things he can do in the showbiz industry, Eisner aspired to be a writer. This dream was birthed in his early years when he would read Nicholas Sparks’ books while hiding them from his friends.

Luke Eisner’s career trajectory

As a model

Though he is gradually branching out to different parts of the entertainment industry, Luke didn’t start his career on a big note. He began working under his cousin as a wedding DJ in his budding days. Of course, he didn’t gain widespread fame as a wedding DJ until IMG Models discovered him and gave him a contract.

Subsequently, he has worked on national and international campaigns, modeling for big brands like Calvin Klein American Eagle, H&M, Ralph Lauren, and Stuart Weitzman to mention a few.

As a musician

Only a few people know how multifacet Luke Eisner is. While growing his brand as a model, he decided to expand his career to cover the music industry. With Gus Ross, whom he met during his days at Thornton School of Music, Luke started a band. They initially planned to name the pop/rock band Goldilocks but later settled on VOILÀ.

The duo has a lot to do before their career can climb to the top ranks but they are pushing it impressively. They have worked with big names like Kesha, The Fray, and X Ambassadors on their North American tours. Media outfits such as Billboard, BBC Music Introducing, Pandora, as well as Live Nation’s “One’s to Watch” have acknowledged their talents and the two are not slowing down in dishing it out to fans.

The music duo released their debut single in 2018, which led them to tour with notable musicians. Their EP Déjà Vu was released in 2019 while Long Story Short, the band’s first album, was dropped in 2020. Currently, the band has been busy releasing new singles and 2021 seems to be a productive year for VOILÀ. Through his activities in the band, Eisner gained recognition as the One to Watch for Live Country. Some of the band’s singles include Hundredth Second Chance and Lately.

As an actor

Acting is another job that has brought Luke to the spotlight. Luke made his debut in a TV role as Evan Dando on The Goldbergs. He appeared in just one episode of the TV series in 2019 and the same year, he landed his most popular role so far, as Stig Mohlin in Tall Girl. Since his appearance in the Netflix original film, Luke Eisner has become a screen sensation among teenagers and young adults.

Another major role came for Luke Eisner in Timeline where he appeared in six episodes as Taylor in the same year, 2019. He really hit the ground running in his debut as an actor. His other acting gigs include Family Reunion (2020), Tiger Within (2020), and Growing Up Gorman, a comedy-drama in pre-production.

As an entrepreneur

Luke was around 15 years old when he registered his company Luke Eisner DJ and Lighting LLC. He got the inspiration while working with his cousin as a wedding DJ. He worked with the cousin for a few years, saving money for his own equipment before launching his own company. He also bought a 12-foot trailer to transport his equipment to various locations where duty calls.

As an activist

Though not necessarily as a career, Eisner is passionate about a few causes which he has used his voice to propagate. He volunteers at the shelter for those who are recovering from domestic abuse. He aims to wipe off domestic violence in his lifetime and as a victim of bullying, he also advocates for people to treat others with kindness.

In a speech he delivered in Milwaukee, Luke said;

“Domestic violence is often cyclical and I feel that these programs and shelters can be very successful at severing the loop of abuse. As long as I’m in the business of romantic music and movies I’ll always fight to make sure people’s definition of love is never violence.”

Highlights of Luke Eisner’s movies and TV shows

TV series

  • The Goldbergs as Evan Dando – 2019
  • Timeline as Taylor – 2019
  • Family Reunion as Cody – 2020


  • Tall Girl as Stig Mohlin – 2019
  • Tiger Within as Seth / Young Man – 2020
  • Growing up Gorman

What is his net worth?

Though he has worked longer in the modeling industry, Luke Eisner’s career in acting and music is still in the budding stage. But due to his versatility in the entertainment industry, he has already built an impressive fortune. Luke Eisner’s last estimated net worth is pegged at $300,000. He accrued the fortune from all the gigs he has handled across the different career fields he is active in.

Luke Eisner is dating Kirby Johnson

His relationship with Kirby Johnson began sometime in 2019 after they met in 2018 and the two have gone Instagram official. They are often seen on social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube, where they share pictures and videos. The lovebirds have a YouTube channel, Kirby & Luke Diaries which they manage as a couple.

Kirby is a Florida-born actress who is known for her works in projects like The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018) and The Drama Queen (since 2013)

How tall is Luke Eisner?

Going by his tremendous success in the modeling industry, there is no doubt that Luke Eisner has what it takes in physical features. He is 6 feet 3 inches with drool-worthy body statistics to go with the height. The model sports blond hair with stunning blue eyes, a perfect combo for a hunk.

Furthermore, his body measurements which have been given as waist – 31, chest – 42, and biceps 15, coupled with a commensurate weight of 78 kg, Eisner is indeed a handsome star. Interestingly, the same awesome features that brought him to the limelight are also the reason he was bullied in high school. Other kids apparently made fun of him because he was very tall and thin.

Frequently asked questions about the actor

What is Luke Eisner’s height?

Eisner is 6 feet 3 inches.

Which country is Luke Eisner from?

Luke Eisner is from the United States of America.

How old is Luke Eisner?

Luke Eisner is 27 years old.

Is Luke Eisner Swedish?

Luke Eisner is an American, not Swede.

Where was Luke Eisner born?

Luke Eisner was born in the city of Wisconsin, United States.

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