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Twyla Littleton
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Twyla Littleton earned a living as an actress in the 1980s when she recorded a total of 15 acting credits. She never really made it to superstar status in Hollywood, but the actress had some notable roles which are evident in productions like Death Wish II, Ruthless People, Frightmare, as well as the adventure comedy sci-fi series Misfits of Science. She is equally a writer with one writing credit under her belt.

Aside from playing characters in movies and TV series, there are other avenues through which Littleton attained fame and maintained her position under the spotlight.

Profile summary of Twyla Littleton
  • Name: Twyla Littleton
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Place of birth: NA
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: The 80s
  • Notable work: Death Wish II, Misfits of Science
  • Spouse(s): NA
  • Height: NA
  • Net worth: NA

Twyla Littleton’s entertainment career began with acting

Twyla joined the cast of the American comedy Three’s Company, playing the role of Ann in a single episode that was aired in 1984, though the project took off in 1977. The production had multiple directors like Bill Hobin, Dave Powers, Burt Brinckerhoff, and Michael Ross. The comedy starred Hollywood veterans like the late comedian Don Knotts, Joyce DeWitt, Richard Kline, and John Ritter.

Littleton was also part of a 1981 episode of the drama Knots Landing (which started airing in 1979), depicting the character of Carol. The play which was directed by Lorraine Senna, Nicholas Sgarro, Nick Havinga, and Joseph L. Scanlan, was one of the most popular nighttime soap operas at the time. It centered on the adventurous lives of five families who were residents of a coastal suburb of Los Angeles. In the drama, Twyla shared the screen with the likes of Ted Shackelford, Michele Lee, Kevin Dobson, and Joan Van Ark.

Though viewing for the US comedy The Facts of Life commenced in 1979, Twyla Littleton joined the cast in 1988 in an episode where she appeared as Wanda. Starring entertainers like Kim Fields, Lisa Whelchel, Nancy McKeon, and Mindy Cohn, the comedy was centered on a group of adolescent girls who were students at a boarding school where they experience the trials, as well as joys of growing up. The directorial credit for the production goes to Asaad Kelada, John Bowab, Bob Claver, and Valentine Mayer.

From The Fall Guy to Death Wish II, Twyla Littleton gained more popularity as she scored more roles

In 1980, the US comedy Bosom Buddies had Littleton on set, acting the part of Cheryl in one episode. The production which came with the tagline “Friendship can be a real drag” was directed by the likes of Will Mackenzie, Joel Zwick, Chris Thompson, and Don Van Atta. Centered on a couple of advertising designers Kip and Henry who had accommodation issues, the series starred veterans like Tom Hanks, Donna Dixon, Peter Scolari, and Holland Taylor.

The action, adventure series The Fall Guy started airing in 1981, but the actress became part of the cast in a 1982 episode, playing the role of Bambi. The series was all about Colt Seaver who works as a stuntman and bounty hunter. He moves around chasing bad guys in a huge GMC truck that had an eagle painted on its hood. In the leading roles were Hollywood greats like Douglas Barr, Lee Majors, Markie Post, and Heather Thomas.

In 1982, Twyla Littleton appeared in Death Wish II (one of her notable roles) as a diner. Written by Brian Garfield and David Engelbach, the action, crime drama was produced under the directorial portfolio of Michael Winner. The drama talks about a Los Angeles vigilante Paul Kersey, his daughter, and his housekeeper who faced attacks and rape from some punks. These roles were depicted by Charles Bronson, Vincent Gardenia, Jill Ireland, and J.D. Cannon.

By 1983, Twyla Littleton started showing up on game shows and commercials

The game show Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour hosted by Jon Bauman and Gene Rayburn was popular as an hour-long combination of two classic quiz shows. In the Match Game half, some celebs would receive a sentence with one word missing, which they are expected to fill in. Answers would be supplied by the contestants who would then proceed to score points according to the number of celebrities who gave the same answer. Twyla joined the game show as herself in 1983, appearing in five episodes. Directed by Marc Breslow, the show starred entertainers like Jon ‘Bowzer’ Bauman, Gene Rayburn, Nedra Volz, and Gene Wood.

She appeared as an actress in a commercial on the set of the 1983 comedy, horror movie Frightmare. Luca Bercovici, Ferdy Mayne, Leon Askin, and Nita Talbot were featured in the film where some drama students wanted to pay tribute to their late favorite horror actor. They accomplished this by stealing the man’s corpse from his crypt just to do a farewell party for the star. The youngsters didn’t realize that their violation of the tomb actually triggered potent black magic. The movie which has the tagline “To the limit…” was written by Norman Thaddeus Vane who equally served as the director.

In 1984, Twyla Littleton made an appearance as Doreen in a single episode of the US comedy entitled It’s Your Move. The series talks about Matt Burton a high school grafter who met his match in his widowed mother’s new boyfriend Norman. The comedy had actors like Jason Bateman, David Garrison, Caren Kaye, and Tricia Cast playing the lead roles and was directed by Jim Drake, John Pasquin, Tony Singletary, and Arlando Smith.

After Death Wish, she played another notable role in Misfits of Science

The 1984 US action, crime, and mystery, The New Mike Hammer x-rayed the life of a tough honest ladies man Mike Hammer who works as a two-fisted private eye. The plot follows Mike’s exploits as the tough guy unravels a variety of crimes, including a murder case. In the series, Littleton appeared in one episode as Madeline alongside other entertainers like Stacy Keach, Don Stroud, Lindsay Bloom, and Kent Williams. The directors include Ray Danton, James Frawley, Michael Preece, and Bruce Kessler.

The next year, 1985, she became part of Michael Nesmith in Television Parts, breathing life into the character of Miss Maryland. The production which was the directorial credit of William Dear and Alan Myerson, featured Oliver Dear, Twyla Littleton, John Hobbs, and Bill Martin in the leading roles.

The adventure, comedy, and Sci-Fi series Misfits of Science which had been on TV since 1985 had the actress on set the next year, playing Wendy in one episode. There, she shared the screen with Dean Paul Martin, Mark Thomas Miller, Kevin Peter Hall, and Courteney Cox. These main cast members had superpowers like telekinesis, shrinking to a size of eight inches, and firing lightning bolts from bare hands.

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Twyla Littleton recorded three more acting credits towards the later part of the 1980s

Matlock, which started airing in 1986, cast her as a lingerie customer in 1989, where she acted alongside Andy Griffith, Julie Sommars, Nancy Stafford, and Clarence Gilyard Jr. She was a model in the 1986 comedy crime Ruthless People written by Dale Launer and O. Henry and directed by Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, and David Zucker. In the starring roles were Danny DeVito, Helen Slater, Bette Midler, and Judge Reinhold.

Twyla Littleton’s last onscreen appearance was in the 1988 horror, thriller movie Perfect Victims where she was featured as a hooker. Taking the directorial credit for the production, Shuki Levy had the likes of Deborah Shelton, Tom Dugan, Lyman Ward, and Clarence Williams III on set. Twyla has just one writing credit in the 2003 story Newton’s Law.

Highlights of Twyla Littleton’s movies & TV shows

  • Matlock (TV Series) as Lingerie Customer – 1989
  • Perfect Victims as Hooker – 1988
  • The Facts of Life (TV Series) as Wanda – 1988
  • Ruthless People, Model (as Twyla S. Littleton) – 1986
  • Misfits of Science (TV Series) as Wendy – 1986
  • Michael Nesmith in Television Parts (TV Series) as Miss Maryland – 1985
  • The New Mike Hammer (TV Series) as Madeline – 1984
  • It’s Your Move (TV Series) as Doreen – 1984
  • Gone Are the Dayes (TV Movie) as Girl #1 – 1984
  • Three’s Company (TV Series) as Ann – 1984
  • Making of a Male Model (TV Movie) as Amanda – 1983
  • Secrets of a Mother and Daughter (TV Movie) as Model – 1983
  • The Other Woman (TV Movie) as Daphne – 1983
  • Frightmare as Actress in Commercial – 1983
  • The Rules of Marriage (TV Movie) as Dolores – 1982
  • The Fall Guy (TV Series) as Bambi – 1982
  • Death Wish II as Diner – 1982
  • Knots Landing (TV Series) as Carol – 1981
  • Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story (TV Movie) as Twyla – 1981
  • Bosom Buddies (TV Series) as Cheryl – 1980
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