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Sherra Wright Robinson: Truths About Lorenzen Wright’s Widow

Sherra Wright Robinson
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Profile summary of Sherra Wright Robinson
  • Name: Sherra Wright Robinson
  • Date of birth: 1971
  • Age: 53
  • Place of birth: Tennessee
  • Siblings: Katrina Robinson
  • Spouse: Lorenzen Wright (m.?–2010)
  • Children: Lorenzen Wright Jr., Loren Wright, Shamar Wright, Sierra Wright, Sofia Wright, Lamar Wright, Lawson Wright
  • Books: Mr. Tell Me Anything

Sherra Wright Robinson is an American author with the book, Mr. Tell Me Anything under her belt. However, the writer is best known as Lorenzen Wright’s ex-spouse. Lorenzen was the murdered basketball player whose remains were discovered in Mississippi. The ensuing murder case remained a hard nut for the authorities to crack until Sherra decided to plead guilty to the murder. She came off with a 30-year sentence but there was the possibility of parole.

Sherra Wright Robinson’s place of birth is Tennessee

Born in 1971, Sherra Wright Robinson’s place of birth is captured as Tennessee, in the United States of America. Though her mum has never been mentioned in the public space, the African-American novelist’s dad has been identified as Julius Robinson. Sadly, every other info about Sherra’s early life and growing up years is shrouded in secrecy.

Sherra Wright Robinson has authored a book

Sherra is an author and her writing credit to date is just a single publication. She wrote Mr. Tell Me Anything which people believed was fiction, but according to her, the content of the book is 99.99% reality and is all about her life experience.

With this revelation, readers started seeing the real philandering and deceitful NBA player as Lorenzen Wright and the older woman he married following his move to Memphis as Sherra. According to Sherra, she has in mind to release a sequel of Mr. Tell Me Anything; the sequel she said would journey readers on the killing of Lorenzen Wright.

Sherra and Lorenzen Wright started as high school sweethearts

Lorenzen met Sherra Wright Robinson in high school during his junior year. Sherra’s dad was his coach then; they wasted no time in becoming an item following which Lorenzen Jr., their first child was born. The couple then went on to tie the nuptials.

Lorenzen Jr. later became a big brother to six siblings namely Loren (sister), Lamar and Shamar (twin boys), Sofia (sister), Lawson (brother), and Sierra the last child of the Wright family that died in 2003 as an infant.

Infidelity was what led to the couple’s divorce

After 13 long years as husband and wife, Lorenzen and Sherra started accusing themselves of having extramarital affairs. This led to their divorce which was finalized in February 2010. Going by what the late NBA star said, the trust had already died in their marriage but they must try their best to co-parent their kids.

It later came to the fore that Lorenzen was an abusive husband and constantly battered Sherra and the kids; this played a big role in their separation and divorce.

What happened between Lorenzen and Sherra?

Sherra Wright Robinson

Lorenzen and Sherra image source

Lorenzen was already a divorced man in 2010 when he went to live in Atlanta, leaving Sherra Wright Robinson with their children in Memphis. On a fateful weekend, the NBA star had reasons to travel to Memphis – his sister was having a baby shower and his daughter a dance recital.

One evening, he was out with Dotson his longtime friend when his ex called, demanding he brings home their son immediately. Agreeing with his ex, they drove to Sherra’s home but Lorenzen promised to call his friend up for another date. This happened on the 18th of July 2010 and marked the last time Dotson would see his old friend alive.

Tales from a dispatcher of Germantown, Tennessee, said a clear voice shouting “God” was heard after midnight in an incoming call. The 911 operator also heard loud gunshots but nobody responded to his shouts of hello.

Following her son’s disappearance, the NBA star’s mum, Marion went to file a missing person report, mentioning Sherra Wright Robinson as a suspect as his son’s ex-wife already told her Lorenzen has gone to be with “some women.”

Eventually, the Memphis police came across the distress 911 call; this happened nine days later and eventually led them to Lorenzen’s gunshot battered body in the woods on an isolated route that the NBA player used to take whenever he was going to visit his mother at her house; this occurred on July 28.

Lorenzen’s case proved rather too difficult to solve

Lorenzen’s celebrity status made the police conclude that his case would be solved in no time at all but that was far from it. For seven long years, the authorities worked on the case without any useful results. It was while going over the loopholes seven years later that they started making headways.

Though Sherra Wright Robinson was never implicated in all this, reports from the woman’s close associates said they noticed her display of unusual behavior such as lavishing the $1 million life insurance for her children which was set up by Lorenzen as one of the prerequisites for their divorce.

There was also Sherra’s book Mr. Tell Me Anything, which hit the book stand five years after the murder. Hearing that the abusive and unfaithful NBA player and his abused wife who were the main characters in the publication reflected on her life with Lorenzen was another pointer.

While investigations went on, the mother of seven moved on, hooking up with a journalist, Cowan who she followed to Houston with the kids. After calling it quits with Cowan, she relocated to California. Life was going normally for the woman until a huge breakthrough in the murder case surfaced in November 2017.

The case was finally cracked after the murder weapon was discovered

Sherra Wright Robinson’s former house is just 45 minutes away from a Walnut, Mississippi Lake, where the murder weapon surfaced. According to the prosecutor, they have Jimmie Martin, Sherra’s cousin to thank for the breakthrough. Three years before Lorenzen’s gruesome murder, Jimmie went to jail for second-degree murder (the cases were unrelated).

It was Jimmie who told the police about his involvement in a prior failed attempt to eliminate the NBA star with Sherra as the mastermind. She had help from a man called Billy Ray Turner – a deacon in a small church where the mother of seven worshiped. Turner worked as a landscaper cum yardman.

Following Lorenzen’s disappearance, Turner and Sherra brought Jimmie in on the murder after which he lent a hand in cleaning the crime scene up. Jimmie also let on how the murder weapon was disposed of at the lake in Mississippi. This lead was enough for the police to put a trail on both Sherra Wright Robinson’s phone and that of her accomplice Turner. The duo was brought in after the authorities obtained incriminating information and were charged in December 2017.

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Initially, Lorenzen’s ex pleaded not guilty but things took a different turn on July 25th, 2019, when she decided to finally plead guilty; she was enticed with a plea deal to own up to her crime. The deal which was considered to be a wise choice reduced her sentence to 30 years plus parole eligibility; she got a possibility of release in 2026. Going to trial would have left her with a possible life imprisonment sentence.

On her own part, Sherra’s ex-mother-in-law was very happy with the arrest, saying Lorenzen can now rest in peace

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