How Old is Sharron Corley? His Role On New Jersey Drive, Net Worth, Wife

Sharron Corley
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Sharron Corley – born May 26, 1973, is 50 years old.

Sharron Corley is a New York-born actor who is best recognized for playing the role of Jason on the set of the low-budget film New Jersey Drive in 1995. Before the limelight came calling, Corley was a juvenile delinquent who specialized in shoplifting and had to go in for six months jail term at Rikers Island. He managed to get his life back on the straight and narrow with the aid of a teacher in his former high school and since then, he has appeared in quite a few productions like The Substitute (1996), The Big Confession (1999), The Remedy (2010), and Shadow Feather (2016). His only television work in the New York Undercover came in 1996.

Profile summary of Sharron Corley
  • Name: Shar-Ron Corley
  • Date of birth: May 26, 1973
  • Age: 50 years old
  • Place of birth: Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Thomas Jefferson High
  • Spouse: Kali Corley
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 1995-present
  • Net worth: NA

Sharron Corley was raised by an alcoholic mother and addict step-father

While we don’t have much to go by on Sharron Corley’s early life and family background, it is common knowledge that the New Jersey Drive alum was born on the 26th of May 1973. The records captured his place of birth as Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York United States where he spent a better part of his growing up years.

A further perusal of his background shows that he grew up under the watch of an alcoholic mother who raised him alongside an addict stepdad; the identity of his biological father is not known. With the kind of parents he had, one would easily surmise that life was far from easy for the youngster who exclusively wore Ralph Lauren’s Polo gear. Growing up, Corley got into a plethora of criminal activities, he got busted for shoplifting, earning a lot of respect from his ilk on the street which he calls “props”. The actor was known for ripping off clothes and going for only the finest. At age 17, he went in for his crimes, serving a half-year sentence at Rikers Island.

He was saved by a teacher at Thomas Jefferson High

As Sharron Corley continued to wallow in his world of juvenile delinquency, he got the attention of Sharon King – one of his teachers at Thomas Jefferson High who takes the credit for putting his life on the right path. While his school was preparing for the drama entitled Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, King cast Corley in the leading role.

To date, the actor sees King as someone who was there for him when he needed help. She gave him a purpose in life and according to the entertainer, the dream of ending up as a star in the movie world was the only thing that kept him on the straight and narrow. Corley revealed that without that dream, he didn’t know what his life would have become.

A peek at his life as a high school student

Sharron Corley’s life in high school is best described as tumultuous. At the time, the aspiring actor fell into the circle of a notorious gang known as the Lo-Lifes. The entertainer’s experience on the street was chronicled in Greg Donaldson’s award-winning publication “The Ville”, centered on gangs and hooligans in urban New York.

Talking about his early life, Corley said he didn’t get much promise for either hope or achievement growing up in his home Brownsville (Brooklyn) as they just take a day as it comes. Any one of their friends who were unfortunate to get shot would be regarded as having met his fate. According to the New Yorker, he felt he was not meant to live long anyway and this was not just his mindset but that of the entire inner city.

It took the young Corley a while to break into the movie scene and while he was waiting, the rising entertainer took up menial jobs in restaurants. He was also employed at the Gap and worked at law firms.

How he landed his role in New Jersey Drive

Sharron Corley

Corley on New Jersey Drive – image source

Sharron Corley’s role in New Jersey Drive came by chance when one of the movie’s casting directors came across his picture on the cover page of the Village Voice. This led the emerging actor to audition for the director a couple of times. He later scored the leading role after auditioning for the executive producer, Spike Lee, and also Nick Gomez.

Corley later narrated how Spike came to his trailer on the set of New Jersey Drive to tell him how he admired his character while reading The Ville. Spike also let on that the film would be a good opportunity for Corley to change his life and according to the youngster, it was at that point that he became completely humbled. His other acting credits include The Substitute (1996), The Big Confession (1999), The Remedy (2010), Shadow Feather (2016), and the TV series New York Undercover (1996).

Eager to talk about how his life went from being a member of a gang dreaming of the spotlight to becoming the starring character of “New Jersey Drive, the struggling actor, then 20, described himself as someone who is living a dream, he said there is no joking around with that as he was set to put his all into the production.

New Jersey Drive is a low-budget movie about carjacking, boasting a soundtrack by music greats like Queen Latifah, Redman, Naughty By Nature, as well as Heavy D. In the movie, Sharron Corley essayed the role of Jason, a teenage boy who spends nights joyriding all through Newark in stolen vehicles. Corley later compared his life to Jason, stating some similarities between the two, including the part about Jason’s family and peers, the only difference was that he carted away clothes in his delinquency days and not cars. Away from acting, Corley is talented in music and rehearses with his R&B; band Public Figure through which he has had stints at universities.

The actor has made quite a fortune from acting

Since he made his debut on the acting scene, Sharron Corley has gathered his major income from movies. However, his stint in music will account for part of his total net worth. The total amount of the New Yorker’s fortune is uncertain as different sources have different figures under his name. One of the sources estimated his wealth at a handsome $14 million, which is unlikely. His net worth is said to be under review.

A complete list of his movies and TV shows

  • New Jersey Drive (1995)
  • The Substitute (1996)
  • The Big Confession (1999)
  • The Remedy (2010)
  • Shadow Feather (2016)
  • New York Undercover – TV series (1996)

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Sharron Corley has been married since 2010

From what is perceivable, New Jersey Drive actor seems to be the type of man who commits to one woman. This rings true when you consider the fact that he has been married to his long-time spouse Kali Corley since 2010. Unfortunately, we don’t have further details on the couple’s relationship, how they met, and the details about their wedding. Kali seemed to be a part of the entertainment industry and from what is obvious, she prefers a quiet life away from the limelight

On the part of children, nothing much is known about the actor, we just know that his marriage to Kali resulted in four children. However, their dates of birth were never revealed, besides, there is no inkling of the career path any of them has chosen. Thus, we cannot say whether they followed in their dad’s footsteps or not. According to the actor, he is no longer residing in Brownsville but favors the more upscale Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene.

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