Shari Solanis Age, Educational Background And How It Helped Her Career

Shari Solanis
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Shari Solanis – born December 13, 1977, is 46 years old.

It is an established fact that Hollywood has produced a majority of the most famous and successful celebrities on a global scale. However, there are still quite a good number of lesser-known actors and actresses who are part of the American movie industry. A very good example of this category of entertainers is Shari Solanis, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native who has made appearances in a couple of movies. In fact, the American can be best described as a late bloomer as Shari made her on-screen debut when she was already past 30 years of age. Perhaps she was waiting to conclude her academic pursuits before embarking on her chosen career path.

However, when the American actress eventually came into the world of showbiz in 2009, things didn’t seem to work out as planned as she only ever made a couple of appearances. After her two onscreen roles, the American native disappeared from the entertainment scene. Perhaps she opted for the more quiet life away from the entertainment world. Where she is now or what she presently does for a living remains a secret. But then, there is still a whole lot more to know about Shari’s biography.

Profile summary of Shari Solanis
  • Name: Shari Solanis
  • Date of birth: December 13, 1977
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 1.57 m
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA

Shari Solanis is a Philadelphia native

The actress has her date of birth recorded as the 13th of December 1977 under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States, where she also spent a greater part of her growing-up years. The fact that the actress was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, makes her an American citizen, though her actual ethnicity is not known.

Shari is one actress who has managed to keep details about her family life away from the public, thus, information about her parents has remained shrouded in mystery to date. In the same vein, nothing has been said about the actress having any siblings, making it impossible to tell whether she is an only child or raised in a large family.

Her educational background prepped her for the performing arts

On her educational background and institutions attended, we have discovered that the Pennsylvanian is well educated, however, her earliest academic records are not known, we were only able to sieve out the fact that she attended school in her locality, graduating from Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Attending such a specialized school from an early stage is a testament to the fact that Shari always wanted to forge a career in the world of the creative arts. The blossoming actress’s quest for further academic qualifications took her to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC where she went to hone her skills in acting. Armed with the right educational qualifications, Shari Solanis stormed audition locations to launch her career.

She achieved her debut on-screen appearance in 2009 on the set of Now & Later

Shari Solanis

Shari on the set of Now & Later image source

Unlike several other known entertainers who started their exploits in the movie world from an early stage, Shari Solanis is somewhat of a late bloomer. The 5 feet 2-inch tall actress already hit her thirties in 2009 when she scored her first gig. However, she was already active in modeling before venturing into the evolving movie world. Shari is equally well known in the cinemas.

She joined the cast of the feature film Now & Later in the role of Angela. The movie which was released in 2009 is the directorial credit of Philippe Diaz who also served as the movie’s writer. The production saw Solanis share the screen with the likes of Keller Wortham, Luis Fernandez-Gil, Adrian Quinonez, and Marcellina Walker.

The plot opens with the central character Bill (Keller Wortham) who earns a living as a banker and was regarded as the banking industry’s golden boy. Bill had a nice and comfortable life in LA, a good house, and a wonderful job, but that was before greed set in, earning him an eight-year jail term. Rather than lose his freedom, Bill jumped bail and went into hiding where he eventually met Shari Solanis’ character, Angela. The duo crossed paths when Bill’s former driver Luis took the fugitive to downtown LA where he must hole up until the truck that will take him out of town is ready to move.

Angela, who is portrayed as a free-spirited Latina offered to accommodate him upon discovering that he was stranded and having been a fugitive for weeks, Bill faced depression and was tending towards suicide. When someone who has always been successful with viable plans for the future like the next big sale, acquiring a bigger home, and bigger automobile finds himself in Bill’s situation, the effects can be fatal. This is the tale of the former banker as he found himself at a loose end with his condition. Now & Later has been the American actress’s best-known movie to date.

Shari’s second movie Action Reaction was also released in 2009

Action Reaction is a movie written by Mo Hines and directed by Dominic Boubert. Based in Loss Angeles California, the film starred entertainers like Joe Chacon as Pablo, Mahari Crown, and Chris, Alex Cruz as the father of Pablo, and of course, Shari who made a cameo appearance.

The story is centered on the lives of five youths whose lives were intertwined, a fact that was initially unknown to them. As the movie unfolds, it portrays the pressures and realities that often happen in a diverse place like Los Angeles. Two couples wake up to their everyday routines just to discover that the day has something of a monumental difference in store for them.

All of Shari Solanis’s movies

  • Now & Later – 2009
  • Action Reaction – 2009

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Where is Shari Solanis now?

Action Reaction was Shari’s second on-screen appearance and is beginning to look like it’s going to be her last. Perhaps she realized that the showbiz industry is not her forte after all but the beautiful actress has been missing from movie scenes for over a decade. Apart from a few social media appearances, nobody really knows what she’s up to at this time.

From what is obvious, Shari Solanis made her first and last on-screen appearance in 2009. Since then, the actress is yet to grace the screens on any other known project. What she currently does for a living has not been made known to the public but she has not surfaced again since Action and reaction. All efforts to dig up her present whereabouts and current career endeavors have proved abortive to date. Perhaps we may still hear from Shari Solanis again, but only time will tell.

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