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Ryan Carnes
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Profile summary of Ryan Carnes
  • Name: Ryan Gregg Carnes
  • Date of birth: November 21, 1982
  • Age: 41
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Duke University
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 2004 to date
  • Net worth: $5.6 million

Ryan Carnes is an American actor and movie producer who came onto the acting scene in 2004, portraying Lucas Jones in General Hospital – a popular soap opera from ABC and this has been his best-known role. The actor soon recorded other remarkable roles in Desperate Housewives in 2004, Doctor Who in 2005, and Letters from Iwo Jima in 2009. The entertainer is fast becoming prolific in the industry and has so far recorded over 40 credits. Carnes also has several projects in post-production that may likely hit the screen anytime soon.

Though the General Hospital alum was rumored to be gay, Carnes wasted no time in setting the records straight, making it clear to fans and the general public that he is not homosexual. However, the actor is yet to reveal the identity of the woman in his life.

Ryan Carnes was born in the early ‘80s

Ryan Carnes’ given name at birth is Ryan Gregg Carnes. The movie and television actor was born on the 21st of November 1982 and his place of birth is Pittsfield, Illinois, in the United States of America. Being born in the US is an indication of the actor’s American nationality. Carnes is one actor who is known to be taciturn with his personal information, thus, the names of his parents have never been mentioned in the public arena. It is also not known if he is an only child or grew up with siblings.

Another aspect of Ryan Carnes’ life that is shut away from the public is his early academic history. The names of his primary and high school are not known but when he was ready for tertiary education, the movie star joined Duke University. His days at Duke were quite eventful as Ryan became part of the Marching Band of Duke University known as DUMB (Duke University Marching Band). Ryan completed his studies at the citadel of learning but his course of study is not known. Also, his year of graduation has never been mentioned.

Ryan is a lover of nature and has always been spotted enjoying the pecks that mother nature has to offer.

His debut acting role was in General Hospital

Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes on the set of General Hospital image source

Ryan Carnes joined a nationwide campaign for Nintendo in 2003 and in 2004, the up-and-coming movie and television star bagged his debut acting role on the set of General Hospital – the popular ABC soap opera where he breathed life into the character of grown-up Lucas Jones. Joining the soap made Ryan the ninth person to play that particular role and General Hospital soon became the actor’s best-known project. He lasted barely one year from July 2004 to September 2005 before his replacement, Ben Hogestyn took over as Lucas Jones’s number 10.

Another of Ryan Carnes’ remarkable roles is as Justin in a recurring role in Desperate Housewives. Justin was the love interest of Shawn Pyfrom’s character, Andrew Van de Kamp. His early starring roles were recorded in the 2004 movie entitled, Eating Out, and another movie, Surf School released a couple of years later in 2006.

He appeared in a couple of episodes of Doctor Who – a British science-fiction drama series where he was featured as Laszlo – a man turned into a half-pig, half-human slave. He depicted the role of a haughty teen called Alex in Trailer Park of Terror – a 2008 horror movie based on the Imperium comedy series of the same name. In the Syfy miniseries, The Phantom he was cast as the title character.

Long after he left General Hospital, reports came that Ryan Carnes was set to do a reprisal of Lucas on the 11th of December 2013, he returned on the 17th of January 2014 and was seen for brief periods in 2017. From 2018 onward, Ryan started recurring on the soap opera. In March 2020, he exited from General Hospital but they recast the role in November.

Carnes has also proved his competence behind the camera as a movie producer. So far, his production portfolio reads four credits and still counting.

Ryan Carnes movies and TV shows

TV series

  • CSI: NY as Nigel Ballantyne 2005
  • The Closer as Austin Phillips – 2005
  • Desperate Housewives as Justin – 2004-2006
  • Doctor Who as Laszlo -2007
  • CSI: Miami as Ross Miller – 2007
  • Samantha Who? As Brent – 2008
  • Saving Grace as Joe Nathan – 2008
  • The Phantom as Chris Moore / Kit Walker / The Phantom – 2009
  • Bones as Brody Mannings – 2011
  • NCIS as Bryce Leitner – 2011
  • Blackout as Dr. Trevor Westen – 2012
  • Rizzoli & Isles as Dan MacKenzie – 2012
  • Suburgatory as Bart – 2014
  • Keeping It 100 as Dr. Sean – 2017-2018
  • Tuning In as Carl – 2019
  • General Hospital as Dr. Lucas Jones / Lucas Jones / Dr. Phil Brewer 2004-2020


  • Thicker Than Water as Tim ‘Ray’ Markus – 2005
  • Eating Out as Marc Everhard – 2004/I
  • Grand Union as Ricky -2006
  • Letters from Iwo Jima as Marine at Clearing – 2006
  • Surf School as Tyler – 2006
  • Leaving Barstow as Cody – 2008
  • Trailer Park of Terror as – Alex – 2008
  • The Sno Cone Stand Inc as Sonny O’Day – 2008
  • Class as Alex Bianco -2010
  • Suicide Dolls as Tyler -2010
  • Anderson’s Cross as David West – 2010
  • Stupid Questions as Memphis – 2011
  • For the Record as Joel Stetson -2014/VI
  • The Pinhole Affect as Josh Miller – 2015
  • The Pinhole Affect as Josh Miller – 2015
  • My American Dream as Nate -2016
  • The Golden Year as Red – 2016
  • Beyond the Sky as Chris Norton – 2018
  • Inspector Bros as Inspector Ryan – 2018
  • The Neighborhood Nightmare as Brody- 2018
  • La boda de Valentina as Jason Tate – 2018
  • The Perfect One as Ryan – 2018
  • Acceleration as David – 2019
  • Red Handed as Gus – 2019/I
  • Lullaby as Him – 2019/IV
  • Psycho Sister-In-Law as Reid – 2020
  • Cupid for Christmas (completed) as Charlie – 2021
  • Elisa’s Almost Thirty (Video short) (post-production) as Sean – 2022
  • Valentino (post-production) as Steve – 2022
  • Darlings (pre-production)

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He has been featured in a couple of music videos

Apart from his stint as a member of DUMB, Ryan Carnes has always been an adept hand with the drums. In fact, 15 years of experience has earned him drumming roles in quite a few music videos. The Australian singer cum actress, Stephanie McIntosh featured him in a starring role in her 2006 song entitled Mistake. He appeared as the Unfaithful Husband in Gloria Trevi’s 2018 track, Me Lloras.

Why Ryan Carnes was rumored to be gay

Perhaps because Carnes has never been married and we have never heard an inkling of his past relationship, fans started suspecting he could be gay. These speculations were compounded by the gay roles he played in productions like General Hospital, Desperate Housewives, and Eating Out.

In an interview session, Ryan made it clear to all that he is not gay and has never been involved in a same-sex relationship. Though he has no children yet, the actor is quite good with kids.

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