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Patrick Garrow
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Profile summary of Patrick Garrow
  • Name: Patrick Garrow
  • Place of birth: Canada
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Occupation: Acting
  • Years active: 1996 to date
  • Net worth: $2.5 million
  • Twitter: @patrickgarrow

Patrick Garrow is a movie and television actor of Canadian origin best known for the roles he depicted in productions like 16 Blocks in 2006, RoboCop in 2014, and Poltergeist in 2015. The movie star has appeared in 93 productions so far and is still going strong in his career in the movie industry.

Patrick Garrow was born in Canada

Patrick Garrow has never brought his birth and family background details to public attention, thus, his age, date of birth, and the identities of his parents and siblings have remained under the shade. He is however presumed to be over 50 years of age.

The only info that is known about his background is that he was born in his home country, Canada, and loves sitting in front of the television for endless hours watching movies.

His acting career started in commercials and cameos

Patrick Garrow started his acting career from TV ads and cameo roles before he started scoring major roles in productions like Robocop – the American cyberpunk superhero movie where he breathed life into the character of Antoine Vallon in 2014. To date, Robocop has remained Patrick’s best-known role, though the actor is also recognized for the roles he played on the sets of 16 Blocks 2006 and Poltergeist 2015.

He was also seen portraying the character of Turin in the CTV Sci-Fi Channel’s space adventure drama series entitled Killjoys. He recorded appearances in all the seasons of Killjoys which lasted for four long years. This has remained his longest-running series on TV. The role of Turin was that of a high-ranking RAC officer secretly investigating the activities of Hannah John-Kamen’s (Dutch) character, and her team.

The movie star also played a handful of voice roles in 2004, including in The Black Mirror where he voiced, Ralph/Uncle Robert, he was the voice behind the Co-Pilot in Splinter Cell: Blacklist and his voice was also heard in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Presently, the Canadian actor is credited with a total of 93 movies and TV shows since he made his debut in 1996.

Patrick Garrow’s movies and TV shows


  • 1997 – Sonata as Mark
  • 1997 – Hot Sauce as Angus
  • 1997 – Panic as Jack
  • 1997 – Strictly Spanking as Liam
  • 1999 -The Passion of Ayn Rand as Student #2
  • 2000 – Bone as Joe
  • 2002 – All Around The Town
  • 2002 – Time of the Wolf as Mr. McGuire
  • 2002 – Dying Fall as Ben
  • 2003 – Threshold as Henry Pynchon
  • 2004 – Childstar as P.R. Agent
  • 2005 – Code Breakers as Instructor Jones
  • 2006 – 16 Blocks as Touhey
  • 2006 – A Dad for Christmas as Officer
  • 2008 – Blindness as Hotel Assistant Manager
  • 2009 – Unstable as Jessie MacAllister
  • 2009 – The Good Friday as Gunther
  • 2010 – The 19th Wife as The Prophet
  • 2011 – Change of Plans as Coach Tamblyn
  • 2011 – High Chicago as Terrance
  • 2011 – Desperately Seeking Santa as Edgar Hillridge
  • 2012 – Faker Chaser as Reggie McIntyre
  • 2013 – If I Were You as Edmund
  • 2013 – An Amish Murder as Lieutenant Anderson
  • 2014 – RoboCop as Antoine Vallon
  • 2015 – Poltergeist as Mr. Stoller
  • 2015 – Regression as TV Presenter
  • 2015 – Stonewall as Bob Kohler
  • 2015 – Zoom as Norman
  • 2016 – Edge of Winter as Gas Station Clerk
  • 2017 – The Curse of Buckout Road as Councilor Jonathan Black
  • 2018 – Crossmaglen as Jacob
  • 2020 – The Silencing as Jim Needles
  • 2021 – Awake as Neck Tattoo
  • 2021 – The Retreat as Huck
  • 2021 – Dark Web: Cicada 3301 as Connor’s Dad
  • 2021 – Chaos Walking as Ivan
  • 2022 – Bones of Crows as Archbishop Thomas Miller
  • 2022 – The Man from Toronto as Brennan
  • 2022 – Don’t Hang Up as The American

TV series

  • 1996 – FX: The Series as Waiter
  • 1996 – Traders
  • 1997 – Earth: Final Conflict as Bridge Hybird
  • 1999 – Total Recall 2070 as Operative
  • 1999 – Twice in a Lifetime as Jimmy
  • 2000 – Witchblade as Dick Arness
  • 2001 – Mutant X – as Dr. Francis Gallant
  • 2001 Tracker
  • 2002 – Adventure Inc. as Steve Aronson
  • 2002 – Monk as Todd Katterskill
  • 2003 – Mayday as DC Controller
  • 2003 – Missing as Cicero Creed
  • 2004 – This Is Wonderland as Paul Carson
  • 2004 – ReGenesis as Robbie McCaine
  • 2004 – Kevin Hill as Robert Phillips
  • 2005 – Life with Derek as Fergus
  • 2005 – Tilt as Neal
  • 2006 – The State Within as Brad Godovsky
  • 2006 – Angela’s Eyes as Vic Perretti
  • 2008 – Murdoch Mysteries as Helmut Lindermann and Allen Fawkes
  • 2008 – Celine as Sam and as Allen Fawkes
  • 2008 – The Summit as US Kentucky Private
  • 2009 – The Listener as Donald
  • 2010 – Nikita as Doctor Hanson
  • 2010 – Haven as Conrad Brauer
  • 2010 – Republic of Doyle as Ian / Big Guy
  • 2010 – Call Me Fitz as Chief Dwayne
  • 2011 – Alphas as Dr. Harrison
  • 2011 – XIII: The Series as Finnegan
  • 2011 – Breakout Kings as Muncy Guard
  • 2013 – Reign as Senneck
  • 2013 – Played as Martin
  • 2013 – Hemlock Grove as Theodore Gibson
  • 2013 – Hannibal as James Gray
  • 2014 – Bitten as Victor Olson
  • 2015 -Gangland Undercover as The Rep
  • 2015 – 12 Monkeys as Matthew Cole
  • 2015 – Killjoys (31 episodes) as Turin
  • 2016 – Slasher as Reycraft and as Tom Winston
  • 2017 – Damnation as Eddie Heffernan
  • 2017 – Frankie Drake Mysteries as Harvey Lyle
  • 2017 – Pure as Gerry Epp
  • 2018 – Titans as MC
  • 2019 – Departure as Walter Mack
  • 2019 – Hudson & Rex as John Harper
  • 2019 – The Umbrella Academy as Buck
  • 2020 – Most Dangerous Game – as LBJ and as Construction Worker (LBJ)
  • 2022 – Reacher as Spivey

Patrick Garrow’s fortune is calculated in excess of $2.5 million

Earning a fortune is one of the perks of being successful in the movie industry and Garrow is well on the way to becoming a multi-millionaire. However, his exact net worth is yet to be determined. Sources have gone ahead to peg Patrick Garrow’s total net worth at $2.5 million, even though it has been speculated to be under review. According to reports, he charges between $15000 to $25000 per episode when he agrees to appear in a TV production.

Patrick has recorded some high-profile movies that did very well at the box office, the highest grossing among them is Robocop, which went on to amass over, $242 million against a budget of $13 million. In the same vein, Poltergeist earned $95 million but was produced with $35 million. The actor has recorded a lot of successful movies and TV shows under his bet and it doesn’t come as a surprise that he is earning big as well.

Who is Patrick Garrow’s wife?

So far, there is no traceable history of Patrick Garrow’s love life. It is not on record if he was ever married and there is no wife in the picture either. Garrow is presumed to be single at the moment or keeping details about his love life guarded against public scrutiny.

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Patrick’s body statistics

The height of Patrick Garrow is pegged at 5 feet 9 inches but the Canadian actor’s weight is not known. He is a natural blond with brown eyes. Patrick said he does not have any inscriptions or drawings in the form of a tattoo on any part of his body.

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