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Luisa Rubino
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Profile summary of Luisa Rubino
  • Name: Luisa Rubino
  • Date of birth: September 23, 1998
  • Age: 25 Years Old
  • Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Ethnicity: Latin
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Parents: Lourdes Ramírez (mother)
  • Siblings: Juan Diego Rubino Ramírez (brother)
  • Marital status: Single
  • Boyfriend: Cacha
  • Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches (178 cm)
  • Occupation: Actress and model
  • Years active: 2010 – present
  • Net worth: $1.5 million
  • Luisa Rubino’s Instagram: @luisarubino
  • TikTok: @luisarubino

Luisa Rubino is a 25-year-old Mexican actress who famously played Andrea Nuez in the Mexican telenovela, ‘Narcos: Mexico’. Just as it happens in Hollywood and other movie industries, every other year a crop of young, talented, and fresh-faced actresses hit the big screens and quickly become fan favorites. Most times, this happens after such actors have excellently nailed their characters, thus, becoming the breakout star of that season.

Rubino is one of such actresses who is making a lot of waves in the Mexican movie world at the moment. She gained so much fame after appearing in the 4th season of the Netflix crime drama ‘Narcos’, as a truth-seeking journalist who wanted a good story at all costs. Her performance was lauded as one of the season’s best, catapulting her from an unknown rookie actress to a profitable starlet in less than one year. Want to find out more about how she achieved this? Read on for all the info on Luisa Rubino’s life and career.

How old is Luisa Rubino now?

Luisa Rubino was born on September 23, 1998, in Mexico City, Mexico to her television producer mother, Lourdes Ramírez. This makes the actress 25 years old. There are no records on her father, including his name. However, there are indications that suggest that he left his family shortly after his daughter was born.

As a young child, she traveled with her mother frequently and shuttled a lot between her home country Mexico, and Argentina. Clearly, Luisa is of Latin ethnicity, however, she is bilingual and speaks both Spanish and English. Luisa belongs to the Libra zodiac by reason of her birth date.

The young actress isn’t the only child of her mother – she has an older brother named Juan Diego Rubino Ramírez. We already know that the [23 dob=”19980923″]-year-old thespian had her high school education in her Mexican home country, but not much else concerning her educational background exists in the public domain.

It is unlikely that Luisa attended college; this is because her acting career began when she was still very young. However a college degree can be acquired at any time, and Luisa Rubino might just be waiting for the right time, especially not now that her career and popularity seem to be skyrocketing.

Her movies and TV shows

Luisa Rubino

Luisa on movie set image source

Young Luisa grew up with a strong affinity to show business, mainly because of the family she was born into. Her mother managed artists for a living and also doubled as a television producer in Mexico. Lourdes encouraged her daughter to try out her passions without placing any age restrictions on her.

Although Luisa wanted to become an actress, she decided to start out as a model so as to test the waters. When she was only 5 years old, Luisa Rubino landed a contract with one of the top modeling agencies in the country, Class Modelos — an amazing feat for a young child.

When she was about 10 years old, she fully began her acting career. She made her debut in the telenovela series, ‘Juro que Te Amo’ as Alumna in the episode, ‘Odio a Violeta’. Next, she was cast as Gina in the 2009 romance movie, ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’. Her performance completely dazzled the viewers; she was only 11 years old at this time.

Soon, the pace of her career began picking up and she was cast in yet another role in 2011. This time she briefly played a character named Dulce in the anthology drama series titled, ‘Como Dice el Dicho’. She made a return appearance as Amalia & Judy in the same series and portrayed them until 2017.

This talented actress was 19 years old when she was cast by movie directors Juan Pablo Blanco and Eric Morales as Patricia Vargasn in the 2017 telenovela, ‘Caer en Tentación’. Below is a complete list of Luisa Rubino’s filmography:

  • Juro que Te Amo (2008) as Alumn
  • The One Who Couldn’t Love (2012)
  • Por Ella Soy Eva (2012) as Ana
  • Simply Maria (2015-2016)
  • La Rosa de Guadalupe (2009-2016) as Gina/Lucía/Teté/Miriam/Iris/Belinda/Valeri
  • ‘Como Dice el Dicho (2011-2017) as Amalia/Judy/Dulce
  • Caer en Tentación (2017-2018) as Patricia Vargas
  • Fugitiva (2018) as Claudia
  • Narcos: Mexico (2021) as Andrea Nunez

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Luisa Rubino’s most famous role so far is in Narcos: Mexico as Andrea Nunez

According to IMDb, Luisa has acted in popular shows such as ‘Fugitiva‘ and ‘Narcos Mexico‘. On ‘Fugitiva’, she appeared as a guest character named Claudia in season 9. Rubino revealed that that particular role made her more confident, such that she was able to cast her inhibitions aside and audition for ‘Narcos’. She famously appeared in the fourth and final season of the popular Netflix crime thriller in 2021.

Her role was very significant because it was the first time a woman had been cast as the show’s narrator since it first premiered in 2015. Directed by Andrés Baiz, the series featured Rubino as an eager-to-please journalist, who worked for the gossip newspaper, La Voz. In the series, Andrea can be seen braving impossible odds, just to impress her cutthroat boss that she was capable of seeking out the most sensational breaking stories.

Luisa Rubino called it her most challenging onscreen role yet, saying that in order to prepare for her character, she listened to a lot of Ted Talks and also watched videos of some popular Latina journalists to learn their mannerisms. With her Andrea Nunez persona, Rubino finally proved herself to be a master of her craft. She is yet to be nominated for an award for her role in the series, or any of her other roles, although she is expected to clinch a few as she continues to move up in her career.

How tall is Luisa Rubino?

The model-turned-actress stands at an intimidating height of 5′ 10″ (178 cm). Although the success of her modeling career cannot be attributed to her height since she started as a child, her tall frame has definitely been helpful in her acting career as the average Mexican actress is around 5′ 7″ tall.

She is also a fitness enthusiast who watches her weight judiciously: Luisa weighs only about 50 kg (110 pounds). Her body measurements of 34-22-35 inches immediately categorize her as having an hourglass figure, which is regarded as the perfect modeling figure. Luisa has brown hair and hazel eyes, with a couple of body tattoos on her arm, including one dedicated to her mom’s name Lourdes.

Rubino is dating Cacha

Luisa Rubino is in a relationship with an Argentinian rapper known as Cacha. The popular singer whose real name is Eduardo Ignacio Cachavilano was born on September 13, 1998, in his home country of Argentina. Cacha is known for his freestyling skills on social media where he has millions of fans, over 2.3 million on Instagram alone.

We can’t say when Rubino and her boyfriend Cacha began dating but their relationship is Instagram official. The lovey-dovey duo has never hesitated in sharing endearing pictures of each other on their social media pages.

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