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Kristine Saryan
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Kristine Saryan – born April 1984 is 40 years old.

Kristine Saryan is a former American actress best known for being the second wife of the movie icon, Scott Patterson. Kristine and Scott tied the knot in 2014 after dating for a long while. The couple has been married for almost two decades and their relationship is still going strong. They are parents to one child, Nicholas Patterson whom they are raising in Los Angeles California.

Profile summary of Kristine Saryan
  • Name: Kristine Saryan
  • Date of birth: April 1984
  • Kristine Saryan’s age: 40 years old
  • Place of birth: California in the United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Haddon Field Memorial High School, Joane Baron DW Brown’s studio of Drama and Theater, and Meisner Program.
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Scott Patterson
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2004 to date
  • Net worth: $3 million
  • Twitter: @kristine18

When was Kristine Saryan born?

Kristine Saryan was born sometime in April 1984, though her exact birthday is not known. Kristine’s place of birth is said to be Los Angele California where she spent her early years. With that said, it is glaring that the LA native is an American by nationality but her ancestry can be traced to Native American and European; she is White by ethnicity.

Kristine is yet to mention her parents in the public space but they are said to be Christians. She shared her childhood alongside two siblings, Michael Saryan and Diane Saryan – while Diane works as a cosmetologist, Michael earns his living as a business lawyer and they both reside in the United States.

Kristine Saryan went to high school in New Jersey at the Haddonfield Memorial High School. To hone her acting skills in drama and comedy, the thespian joined Joane Baron DW Brown’s studio of Drama and Theater where she spent a couple of years. She also attended Meisner Program, graduating in 2006 with a BA.

Kristine Saryan’s movies and TV shows

Kristine commenced her acting career on the set of Gilmore Girls – a most-watched TV series where she depicted the character of Chrissy in 2004; she appeared in the episode Last Week Wrestling, This Week Tights. Gilmore Girls eventually wrapped up in 2007 but in 2016, the producers started airing its sequel miniseries named Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life where Kristine appeared as a 38-year-old lady waiting to be interviewed in 2016.

Prior to the miniseries of Gilmore Girls in 2015, Kristine Saryan scored a role as Nicole McKinnon in Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story; she played the wife of the detective in charge of the case.

Though Kristine has made a name for herself in the movie world, she is best known as the wife of Scott Patterson.


  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life as a 38-year-old woman (2016)
  • Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story as Nicole McKinnon (2015)
  • Gilmore Girls as Chrissy (2004)

How did Kristine Saryan meet Scott Patterson?

We have two different accounts of when and how Kristine Saryan met her spouse, actor, Scott Patterson. While many believe that they first crossed paths in Gilmore Girls in 2004, others say the couple knew each other way before joining the cast of the TV show. Whichever may be the case, we know that their meeting happened in the early 2000s and they commenced dating within a short while.

Scott and Kristine have a generational age gap which sparked a lot of speculations about their relationship. According to the grapevine, the Hollywood actor is over two decades older than his spouse who they claimed was still underage at 17 while Scott was around forty when they began dating.

Patterson who claimed that the speculations usually upset Kristine came open in April 2021 to throw light on the issue. According to the movie star, he was 41 and Kristine was 21 when they first met during a friend’s intermission while attending a performance.

He also cleared the air about speculations that he was the one who assisted Kristine Saryan in scoring her role in Gilmore Girls. Scott claimed that his spouse’s role in the TV series was already booked before they met, though she was yet to appear in it. Elucidating further, the actor said it was Amy Sherman Palladino (creator of Gilmore Girls) who contracted Kristine, having met her severally at industry and television series events.

After meeting Kristine, Palladino was convinced she would do justice to the role of  Chrissy and invited her for an audition which she won.

They wedded in 2014

The couple dated for over a decade and in 2014, they tied the nuptial knot in the presence of family and friends. By the time they wedded, Kristine was already in her 30s, making her age more acceptable by societal standards.

Despite their generational age gap, Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan have been quite successful at making their union work. The couple has celebrated several wedding anniversaries together and as of 2023, they have been married for almost a decade.

The couple wasted no time in becoming parents as the only child of their union, Nicholas Patterson joined the family on July 3rd, 2014.
Scott who became a first-time father in his middle age was overjoyed as the American actor took to his social media handle to update fans about his new status as a dad. Since then, the proud papa has been bringing tidbits about his son to the internet space. Kristine and Scott are currently residing in Beverly Hills LA where they are raising their son.

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Kristine’s husband, Scott Patterson is a movie icon

A Rutgers University alum, Scott Patterson is a renowned Hollywood icon known for playing lead roles in productions like Little Big League (1994), Her Best Move (2007), The Frankenstein Brothers (2012), Outlaw (2016), Batman: Gotham by Gaslight in 2018, and CSI: Miami, Conman.

Scott’s other stellar roles can be seen in Aliens in America (2007-2008), Concrete Canyons (2010), The Event (2010-11), Love at the Christmas Table (2012), Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story (2015), and many more. However, his best-known role is in Gilmore Girls where the movie icon depicted the character of Luke Danes.

Apart from his acting career, Kristine Saryan’s spouse also has a flourishing career as a musician but he has made more impact as an actor.

Kristine is not Scott’s first wife as the Hollywood star was first married to Vera Davish before Saryan came along. They wedded in 1983 but sadly, their union didn’t last beyond two years before it collapsed.

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