Julia Butters Movies and TV Shows, How Old Is The Actress?

Julia Butters

Julia Butters – born April 15, 2009, is 15 years old. Butters is an American actress best known for portraying the character of Trudi Fraser in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Butters has also scored other notable roles like essaying the character of Reggie Fabelman on the set of the Steven Spielberg-directed film, The Fabelmans in 2022. Another movie that earned her critical acclaim is ABC’s sitcom American Housewife where the young actress brought the character of Anna-Kat Otto to life. Julia has some unfinished projects lined up for the future and from what is perceivable, she may well end up as a prolific actress in Hollywood.

Profile summary of Julia Butters
  • Name: Julia Butters
  • Date of birth: April 15, 2009
  • Julia Butters age: 15 years old
  • Place of birth: Los Angels California in the US
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: High school level
  • Parents: Darrin and Lorelei Butters
  • Marital status: Single
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2011 to date
  • Net worth: $500k
  • Instagram: @julia_butters

When was Julia Butters born?

Julia Butters was born on the 15th of April 2009 in Los Angeles California. Julia’s place of birth is obviously an indication of her American nationality. However, the young lady’s ethnicity is said to be White.

Her dad has been identified as Darrin Butters – a Kearney, Nebraska native who works and earns a living in the movie world as an animator. Darrin has worked on movies such as Tangled (2010), Zootopia (Zootropolis) (2016), Frozen (2013), Ralph Breaks the Internet, Moana (2016), and more. Julia’s mom on the other hand is Lorelei Butters (née Hill) Lorelei hails from LA in California and is listed as a homemaker.

The actress is still growing up under the watch of her parents and going by her current age as of the time of writing, Julia is in the process of acquiring basic academic qualifications but the name of the academic institution she favors has never earned a mention in public. Her past-time hobbies include drawing and painting and Butters is an animal lover – she has two cats, Selleck and Patrick.

She is also sports inclined and learned jujitsu under the watch of Professor Orlando.

Julia Butters started her career in commercials

Julia Butters’s entertainment career commenced as early as age two when the up-and-coming movie and television actress started making appearances in TV commercials. So far, she has been featured in successful ads for top-notch brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Nissan, California Almond’s commercials, and many more.

Her debut acting role was on television

Julia Butters was first seen on the small screen in 2014 depicting the character of Gabby Hoffer on the “Gaby” episode of the most-watched CBS police procedural crime drama entitled, Criminal Minds. Her portrayal of the titular character, Gabby was seen during the series’ ninth season as the four-year-old whose disappearance set off the storyline of the episode.

From 2015 to 2016, we saw Julia giving expression to the role of 5-year-old Cyd on the set of the Disney Channel comedy series Best Friends Whenever, within the same period, the juvenile actress appeared as Ella in Transparent.

She was the Ashley we saw in a single episode of The Kicks in 2016 and before the year ran out, she appeared in the TV film, Pals as Julia. Between 2016 and 2020, Julia Butters was seen in seasons one to four of the series, American Housewife as Anna-Kat Otto.

Her most recent TV appearances include playing a voice role in a single episode of Short Circuit as Little Girl and in I Think You Should Leave as Little Girl in one episode.

Julia Butters debuted on TV in 2016

The juvenile actress was already acting on TV for a couple of years before she made her debut on the big screen. In 2016, she appeared in the Michael Bay-directed movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi as Beverly Silva. The year turned out to be a prolific one for the juvenile actress as she recorded two additional appearances in Term Life where she played the role of seven-year-old Cate and the Mark Williams-directed film, A Family Man.

As an actress, Julia is best known for depicting the character of a precocious child, Trudi Fraser in the 2019 movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The film which falls under the directorial portfolio of Quentin Tarantino has a stellar cast, including the multi-award-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to reports, Julia Butters didn’t even need an audition to score her role as Trudi as Quentin Tarantino spotted her on TV while writing the script and decided she would fit the role perfectly. After Julia surpassed Quentin’s expectations, the movie director started pursuing similar opportunities for the youngster; this was the reason behind her exit from American Housewife after its fourth season.

Butters showed up in two movies in 2022 – the Russo brothers–directed film, The Gray Man as Claire, and The Fabelmans – a Steven Spielberg-directed movie where she breathed life into the character of Reggie Fabelman. She has been interviewed by publications such as Bloom Magazine and is currently represented by the talent company, Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty.

Julia Butters movies and TV shows

  • 2014 Criminal Minds as Gabby Hoffer
  • 2015–2016 Best Friends Whenever as 5-Year-Old Cyd
  • 2015–2016 Transparent as Ella
  • 2016 The Kicks as Ashley
  • 2016 Pals as Julia
  • 2016 to 2020 American Housewife as Anna-Kat Otto
  • 2020 Short Circuit as Little Girl
  • 2021 I Think You Should Leave as Little Girl
  • 2016 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi as Beverly Silva
  • 2016 Term Life as Seven-year-old Cate
  • 2016 A Family Man as Lauren Jensen
  • 2019 as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as Trudi Fraser
  • 2022 The Gray Man as Claire
  • 2022 The Fabelmans as Reggie Fabelman
  • Queen of Bones as Lily

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Butters Awards and Accolades

Though Julia Butters is still a young girl of 15, the juvenile actor is fast becoming a household name in the movie world. The ABC sitcom, American Housewife earned her critical acclaim for the perfect depiction of the Anna-Kat Otto character. Playing Trudi Fraser in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood did not just earn critical acclaim for Julia, it also made her a multiple-award winner.

In 2019, she was nominated for Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards in the female category of the Sierra Award in the Youth in Film which she won. The movie also made her a nominee for the 2020 Critics’ Choice Award in the category of Best Young Actor/Actress. She has also been a recipient of The Vanguard Award.

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