Jillian Sipkins: 9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Justin Williman’s Wife

Jillian Sipkins
Profile summary of Jillian Sipkins
  • Name: Jillian Sipkins
  • Date of birth: November 27, 1985
  • Age: 38
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of birth: Chicago
  • Parents: Not known
  • Siblings: Not known
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Justin Williman
  • Education: the University of Wisconsin-Madison, The American International University
  • Profession: Actress, writer, photographer, designer
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Zodiac sign: Sagitarius
  • Instagram: @jilliansipkings
  • Twitter: @jilliansipkings

Jillian Sipkins is one female celebrity who is gifted with different abilities. She is a writer, photographer, actress, and different things that are still awesome. She has achieved a ton of feats for herself through hard work; her role in the TV series Magic for Humans which she featured alongside her husband Justin Williman was what brought her to the spotlight. Likewise, she is also popular for being the spouse of Justin Williman. The actress is someone who has endeavored to make meaning out of her life and career. There are more subtleties you will learn about her as you read on.

Jillian was born and raised in Chicago

Jillian Sipkins was born on November 27, 1985, in Chicago. There is no information on her parents or family background and if she has any siblings. The actress hails from Evanston, Illinois, and according to available information, she was also raised in Chicago prior to her decision to relocate to the city of Los Angeles in other to pursue her dreams professionally and personally. In the end, her decision to relocate was actually a good call as it assisted her in actualizing her goals.

Fascinating facts you didn’t know about Jillian Sipkins

Below are 9 facts you probably did not know about this multi-talented personality

1. Jillian studied photography at Richmond

Jillian did not just focus on a particular career path. Information on her educational background shows that after the actress had graduated from high school in Illinois, she went ahead to study photography at Richmond University, The American International University located in London, and today, she takes a wide range of creative shoots. Photography has always been her passion and turning it into a career is the best decision.

2. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism

She did not just stop at photography; with the interest of being a writer at heart, Jillian went further to get a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008. She began her career as a photographer and a freelance writer in 2008 which led her into teaching budding photographers at the Picture Perfect School of Photography and likewise the creative copywriter at Fidel Films.

3. She is into interior designing

Among her numerous talents, Jillian is exceptionally imaginative and it’s no surprise to many that the actress made her way into interior design, perceiving how creative she can be with her photoshoots. The photographer derives joy in showcasing her talent of making places beautiful and comfortable for people.

4. Sipkins is a blogger

Judging from the actress’s experience in writing, it is not much of a surprise that she is good at blogging because to be an excellent blogger entails you being good at writing. One of her blogs named Hollywood Cyborg was all about her life and how she has been able to stay alive and healthy despite being a type 1 diabetic patient.

5. She runs a podcast

Jillian, asides from publishing content on her blog, also runs a podcast with Eden Dranger under the name Snacks & Hacks. The project is a weekly podcast that is aimed at feeding not only the belly but the inner mind also. Lately, it appears the website has not been updated for quite a long while now.

6. Jillian Sipkins was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 19

The actress, while she was a college freshman at 19 years of age, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This made her wear an insulin pump that was connected to her by means of tubing and a port of which she would change the location every three days. She was made to wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) in other for her to be able to monitor her blood sugar so as to know when it’s low or high and if it went high, she would give herself an insulin shot.

Jillian, during pregnancy, suffered some unspecified complications due to the ailment. The actress has since learned to manage this ailment and does her best to live her life as healthy as possible to avoid getting into any health complications as a result of her carelessness.

The writer and her husband work together to raise funds for research on diabetes so as to provide people who have this condition with the necessary information on how to live healthy with the ailment.

7. Jillian Sipkins met her better half Justin Williman at a fundraiser event

Jillian and Williman, her magician husband, saw each other for the first time at Seth Rogen’s first “Hilarity for Charity” fundraiser event. At that event, Sipkins was a photographer who was there to take photos while Williman was performing at the party. Six months later, they met at the launch party for the Nerdist podcast and recognized each other, they exchanged pleasantries.

The next time they met each other was April 2013 when Williman found Sipkins on Instagram and made a comment on one of her photos and that was how they started talking. The next thing they were going on sushi dates and hanging out, it was during this period that Justin got the conviction that Jillian Sipkins was going to be his wife. Finally, they ended up getting married in 2015 in Malibu, California.

8. Jillian loves to have family time

Regardless of her busy schedule, the multi-talented actress makes an honest effort to ensure that she creates time for her family. She appreciates hanging out with her son named Jackson. Jillian says watching him grow brings her so much joy and satisfaction as a mother.

9. She enjoys coffee

Very much like the idiom that says it’s good to start your day with a hot cup of coffee, Jillian is one person who loves to start her day with a cup of coffee. The ritual probably helps her to be mentally alert and function properly for the day.

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