What Happened To Jeniffer Tarazona and Timothy Malcolm on 90 Day Fiance

Jeniffer Tarazona and Timothy Malcolm
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Jeniffer Tarazona and Timothy Malcolm have had reality TV stars wondering what became of them since they left 90 Day Fiance – one of the reality television shows that got millions of tongues wagging right from its inception. The show is centered on couples who are given k-1 visas to travel to go spend quality time with their US fiancés. It is quite an impressive show and has garnered millions in viewership, all the seasons aired so far were super interesting but the one that is more catchy is the third installment with casts like the Colombian single mother of one Jeniffer Tarazona and her then-fiancée, Timothy Malcolm – the engraving firearms and custom gold-plating business owner.

The relationship that ensued between the duo was quite dramatic and fraught with several anomalies. Watching them as the show progressed, it gradually became glaring that they were not going to make it into matrimony and true to predictions, the Jeniffer-Timothy relationship came to an end before long. Now, let’s dig into what happened between the former couple, why did they split?

Jennifer accused Tim of being girly

Jeniffer Tarazona

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Yes, Jeniffer Tarazona did accuse Tim Malcolm of being girly, claiming he is often moody and far from the adventurous image he presents to the public. Tim’s passivity in the dalliance always frustrated Jennifer as they didn’t even go as far as consummating their union before Timothy went to her home to spend some time with her. The reality star’s accusations elicited anger from fans who expressed doubts over the legitimacy of their union. Besides, the duo never did a good job of creating a facade of being intimate. There was this blatant lack of chemistry perceived between them and fans never minced words in asking why there was reluctance on the part of Tim to get intimate with Jennifer.

In his own defense, Timothy explained that the lack of intimacy between them stems from the fact that his priority has always been to build a strong relationship. Talking to Entertainment Tonight, he described himself as a 40-year-old-man who is looking for love. Sex, he said is a vital part of love, though it is not everything as it was in the past. Going further, he talked about his biggest goal which is to build a solid foundation that would be enduring since he doesn’t want to be involved in any divorce. This is why he is taking his time to enter into the forever commitment and has never been into any marriage.

Tim called out the society for the double standards in dealing with both sexes. According to him, it is okay for a woman to say no to sex but when a man does the same thing, he is tagged, gay. Jeniffer Tarazona’s ex described it as strange and laughable. Admitting that he does have feminine traits, Tim maintains that he is far from gay.

The tumultuous duo also argued about money

After Timothy traveled to Columbia to see Jeniffer Tarazona, the ball was in her court to return the visit and she had plans of possibly relocating to America, however, money issues thwarted the plans. According to Timothy, the visa application process was an expensive one, thus, he had to beg his fiancée to give him time to raise the needed funds. He also narrated how he just bought expensive equipment for his business and has been working seven days per week and sometimes would go on for 15 to 18 hours daily.

From what Timothy narrated, Jeniffer was far from pleased with his new purchase and wasted no time in registering her displeasure on the fact that he was quick to invest a huge sum in his business rather than spend on her proposed trip to the United States. Apart from the bedroom episode, the financial issue was the last straw that broke the camel’s back as a serious fight ensued between them.

We must also acknowledge the damage done by the promise ring

Timothy’s long-time ex Veronica featured as an interesting sub-plot in the couple’s relationship. According to reports, it was the same ring Tim used in proposing to Veronica that he presented to Jennifer when he popped the big question. Using the same promise ring with two women didn’t sit well with the viewers who felt Jennifer was put in a rather awkward situation. Many actually sympathized with the reality television star for her pains.

Their relationship finally hit the rocks

In his narration, Tim said their fight got to a crescendo and at the end of the day, they didn’t feel like continuing with the relationship anymore. Tim said Jeniffer Tarazona pushed him to lend voice to his feelings as he categorically told the mother of one to stay back as he no longer wants her to come over. On her own part, Jeniffer confessed that she already changed her mind about the trip, thus, communication ceased between them and they were done.

Later on, Tim confessed to missing his usual conversations with the mother of one even though it was clear that their split was for the best. According to the US native, he might miss his ex, but the drama brought on by their dalliance was too much and he sure doesn’t miss that. Tim who has already moved on with another Columbian woman (name withheld) was seen alongside his close friend and longtime ex, Veronica Rodriguez on 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk. When quizzed about how his new relationship was going, the reality TV star said it was hard to tell at this stage.

Fun facts about Jeniffer Tarazona

Jeniffer is not a popular figure, but there are a few known facts about the mother of one:

1. Her life away from the show

Nothing much is known about Jennifer’s background except for the fact that she is Columbian by nationality, precisely from Bucaramanga. We once saw her parents on the reality show as Timoty paid them a visit but apart from that, nothing is known about them. Jeniffer is also known to be a mother of one and her daughter’s name is Violet.

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2. Jennifer is a professional model

With the dashing looks Jennifer sports, we are not so surprised to learn that she earns a living on the runway working and walking for different fashion and cosmetics brands, However, she is yet to attain fame in her field as she seems to be only known in her country Colombia.

3. She was involved in an accident

Sad news surfaced in 2019, claiming that the reality TV star was involved in an accident. Jeniffer Tarazona, after dropping her daughter at school, had a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle. She was lucky to get off with just burns and bruises.

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