How Old Is Jeff Osterhage? Facts About The Actor Who Played Tyrell Sackett

Profile summary of Jeffrey Osterhage
  • Name: Jeffrey Osterhage
  • Date of birth: March 12, 1953
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Columbus, Indiana
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: North Farmington High School, Farmington Hills, Michigan, Western Michigan University
  • Parents: Bruce Henry (father), Ruth Anna Thomas (mother)
  • Height: 6′ 1″
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 1978-2008
  • Net worth: $8 million

He may be scarce from the screen these days but Jeff Osterhage has done enough to earn a veteran status in the American film industry. The American actor played Tyrell Sackett in The Sacketts and Jesse Traven in The Show Riders. These film adaptations of novels by western novelist Louis L’Amour are what brought him to mainstream fame and to date, they always pop up when the name of Jeff Osterhage is mentioned. Jeff has shared the screen with industry greats like Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot but for a while, he has not been seen in any screen role and we wonder what happened to Osterhage?

How old is Jeff Osterhage?

Born on March 12, 1953, Jeff Osterhage is 71 years old now. His place of birth is recorded as Columbus, Indiana, in the United States. The actor didn’t get to be raised by parents who are involved in the entertainment industry which may explain why his career took off when he was well into his twenties. Jeff’s father has been identified as Bruce Henry, a former sales manager while his mother’s name is given as Ruth Anna Thomas. We can’t confirm the existence of any sibling or other family members he may have shared his childhood with but he appears to have been raised in a supportive home. The actor has both British and Irish backgrounds.

He may have been born in Indiana but Jeff spent most of his school years in Michigan. From North Farmington High School, Farmington Hills, Michigan, he furthered his education at Western Michigan University, graduating with a BBA Degree in 1976. It was after his university education that he considered pursuing acting as a career. There is no proof that he fancied the profession from childhood but he still did a good with the roles he has interpreted so far.

Jeff Osterhage started acting in 1978

His debut role as an actor is as Christopher Sumner in True Grit: A Further Adventure. This marked the beginning of an illustrious career and though he didn’t appear in any role that year, the next year, 1979, saw him make two appearances in The Legend of the Golden Gun and The Sacketts. The ’80s ushered in more roles for the American actor and in 1984, he made his television debut in one episode of Knight Rider as John Stanton. He also appeared in one episode each of The Dukes of Hazzard and Scarecrow and Mrs. King the same year.

Jeff Osterhage

In his role in The Shadow Riders (1982) and The Sackets (1979), Jeff shared the screen with the likes of Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck, Glen Ford, and Ben Johnson. Jeff has more than twenty acting credits in his resume and though he hasn’t officially drawn the curtain on his career, his last known role came in 2010 Taken by Force. Aside from movies and TV shows, Jeff has also played roles in video games. His first video game appearance was in 1997 when he played Marshal James Anderson in Outlaws. In 2000, he appeared in another video game as Valygar Corthala in Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

Jeff Osterhage’s net worth

Though he has not been active as an actor for more than a decade, Jeff made a name for himself in the industry before his hiatus. In addition to building a revered reputation, he also built a fortune with his net worth estimated at $8 million. Acting is the major career he’s known for but he must have ventured into other fields to maintain his wealth.

Jeff Osterhage’s movies and TV shows


  • True Grit: A Further Adventure – as Christopher Sumner (1978)
  • The Sacketts – as Tyrel Sackett 1979
  • The Legend of the Golden Gun as John Golden (1979)
  • The Texas Rangers as (1981)
  • The Shadow Riders as Jesse Traven (1982)
  • Sky Bandits as Luke (1986)
  • Buckeye and Blue as Blue Duck Harris (1988)
  • South of Reno as Martin Clark (1988)
  • Masque of the Red Death as Claudio (1989)
  • Big Bad John as Alvin Mahoney (1990)
  • Sex Crimes as Rick Massey (1992)
  • The Sacketts Go West – Video Documentary Short as Himself (2006)
  • Angie’s Delight as Noah Levine (2006)
  • Expiration Date (Video short) as Stuntman Bob (2007)
  • Taken by Force as Ty Nelson (2010)

TV series

  • Knight Rider as John Stanton (1984)
  • The Dukes of Hazzard as Eddie Lee Memphis (1984)
  • Scarecrow and Mrs. King as Garrison (1984)
  • Murder, She Wrote as Art Merrick (1985)
  • T.J. Hooker as Dale Hunter (1985)
  • Murder, She Wrote as Ed Bonner (1986)
  • Moonlighting as Mr. Goodbar (1987)
  • Simon & Simon as Lance Van Alde (1988)
  • The New Dragnet as Vic Daniels (1989–91)
  • Matlock as Matt Greenwood (1992)

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What is he up to these days?

He currently lives in Burbank, California, and has not resurfaced on the screen since his last role in 2010. Perhaps he has started his retirement or maybe there are still plans to make a comeback. Most importantly, Jeff Osterhage is still alive and he is not entirely idle. Osterhage is now a published writer, he published his novel Parker Strip in 2015 and has been using his Instagram handle to make it go viral. Reactions to the book are quite positive. Perhaps this is the new career path he is exploring right now and though he may not come back to acting, he is still building up his legacy with this new venture as a writer.

Is Jeff Osterhage married?

Now 71 years of age, Jeff Osterhage is expected to be married and possibly have kids but none of that can be confirmed at this time. The actor is not the type to flaunt his private life for public scrutiny, thus, nothing is known about his marital status or if he has children. His past relationships are also hidden from media attention. Nonetheless, his Instagram page shows pictures of what appears to be with family and there is a woman named Gloria in his life.

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