Janet Quist Stint As An Actress and Playboy Playmate

Janet Quist
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Profile summary of Janet Quist
  • Name: Janet Lyn Quist
  • Date of birth: August 17, 1955
  • Age: 68
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: College level
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Height: 5′ 7½” (1.71 m)
  • Occupation: Model, actress, nurse
  • Years active: 1976
  • Net worth: unknown

Janet Quist is an American actress and former Playboy Playmate. Since the Playboy Magazine was established, many models and actresses who would have otherwise remained unknown have used the publication to climb to the limelight. American model, Janet Quist had a go at the Playboy photo contest during the latter part of the 1970s and eventually emerged as the Playboy Playmate for December 1978. Prior to that, the model showed up in a few onscreen roles but seemed to prefer a more quiet life in recent times, working nine to five jobs and studying to become a nurse. But, there is still a whole lot more to learn about the Texan blonde bombshell in this article.

Janet Quist is an American farm girl

Born in Austin Texas, in the United States, Janet Quist’s date of birth is August 17, 1955. The lovely and shapely blonde bombshell was named Janet Lyn Quist at birth. Being born in Texas makes her an American citizen and the ex-model is from a Caucasian background. Going by what she revealed in an interview session many years ago, she comes from a simple family of farmers. According to the busty model, her home is surrounded by three acres of fertile land where they cultivate corn, green beans, squash, okra, and black-eyed peas.

She achieved her early educational qualifications in her state of birth at Travis High School, Austin, and the quest to further her education led the Texan to pursue a degree in Cosmetology. Janet spent 28 years as a resident of San Diego, CA, before going back to her place of birth Texas.

Her gig as Playboy Playmate

When Playboy made an announcement for its Playmate Photo Contest in 1976, Janet Quist’s name appeared among the 11 winning entries, and in December 1978, she became the Playmate of the Month in a pictorial titled Texas Drifter. Following this feat, she spent six months in the Playboy Mansion West, Janet eventually did a centerfold job for Playboy and spent a couple of years touring the country for the publication. Below are some of her pictorials;

  • “Playboy” (US) May 1979, “Photo by: Ken Marcus”
  • “Playboy” (US) January 1979, “Playboy Playmate Review”
  • “Playboy” (US) December 1978, Playmate of The Month entitled Texas Drifter”
  • “Playboy” (US) August 1977, “Playboy Playmate Photo Contest”

Janet Quist’s movie credits and other career endeavors

Before her emergence as the Playboy Playmate in 1978, Janet was working as an actress. In 1977 alone, she recorded three uncredited appearances in Semi-Tough, Rolling Thunder, and Outlaw Blues. Before then in 1976, she scored an uncredited role on the set of A Small Town in Texas. In 1992, she appeared in the video documentary Playboy Playmates: The Early Years as herself. The television show King of the Hill gave her a mention in one of its episodes.

Furthermore, she has a membership of American actor-model stubs, Playboy Playmate from 1970 to 1979, she is also a member of the US actor-model stubs.

More recently in 2016, Janet Quist was traced to a small Texas town where she earns a living in a jewelry company located in South Austin, the Austin Statesman said. The publication also revealed that the former Playboy Playmate was attending Austin Community College where she was taking nursing classes. Previously, she was an employee of MD Anderson Cancer Center; her work description there entailed caring for monkeys used in research work.

Highlights of Janet Quist’s movies and TV shows

  • Semi-Tough (uncredited) – 1977
  • Rolling Thunder (uncredited) – 1977
  • Outlaw Blues (uncredited) – 1977
  • A Small Town in Texas (uncredited) – 1976
  • Playboy Playmates: The Early Years as Self (Video documentary) – 1992

What is Janet Quist’s net worth?

According to sources, the major income spinner for the blonde bombshell was her stint in the modeling world, especially her centerfold job and tours for Playboy. Reports from Austin Statesman newspaper also revealed that doing the centerfold job alone fetched her the sum of $10,000 in the late 1970s while touring the country with them for two years saw her earning $500 daily as travel expenses.

Janet Quist’s current worth may not be known, but according to some sources, she accumulated quite a tidy sum during the heydays of her career as a model. Besides, her acting gig, though short, would account for a few digits in her bottom line.

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Janet Quist’s view on love

Janet Quist is one model who has her personal notion about what love should be. According to the Texan beauty, she has been through a lot of possessive boyfriends which made her wary of the domineering type. Janet said her preference in men runs to the independent type; as independent as she is. Going further, she stressed the importance of honesty in a man, and that, she said, is usually the first thing she would look out for.

The former Playboy model’s man according to her must be straightforward for one and make her a priority in his life. For someone who is a past Playboy Playmate, the model shocked fans when she condemned casual sex. Her exact words were “I’m really not very fond of casual sex” Quist believes sex should be a whole lot better when love is involved.

The Texan model is a wife and a mother of four

Going by what we can sieve from the available records, Janet Quist has recorded two marriages and one divorce. She first hooked up with Steven Stackable, and after exchanging the forever commitment in 1982, their union was only able to endure for three years before they called it quits. The duo became officially divorced in 1985.

Perhaps it was a case of once bitten twice shy, but the truth is that Janet stayed away from the matrimonial scene for 12 long years after her first attempt. However, she was ready to taste the waters of connubial life for the second time in 1997 with her longtime boyfriend who has been simply identified as Scott. The lovebirds tied the knot on the 24th of October 1997 and they are still together almost 24 years later.

Talking about children, Janet Quist is a mother of four, though there is no available info on them, one her of kids, probably the last, is a product of her union with Scott. The father of the remaining three was never disclosed but speculations suggest that they came from her first marriage to Steven Stackable.

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