How Old Is Marissa Hermer and Who Is Her Husband?

Marissa Hermer
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Marissa Hermer – born December 30, 1981, is 42 years old.

The entrepreneur and reality TV star is also a married woman who has been married to self-made millionaire and nightclub proprietor Matt Hermer for over a decade now. In addition to her thriving restaurant business, Marissa Hermer is also a cookbook author and a reality television series star most notable for her appearance on Ladies of London, a reality TV series that premiered on Bravo TV on June 2, 2014. Marissa’s participation in the series is what thrust her and the members of her family into the spotlight, and invariably exposed most unknown facts about them. Read on to learn more about the middle-aged businesswoman and her family.

Profile summary of Marissa Hermer
  • Name: Marissa Hermer
  • Date of birth: December 30, 1981
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Place of birth: Laguna Beach, California, United States
  • Nationality: American/British
  • Education: Santa Catalina School, California, Middlebury College, Vermont
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Matt Hermer
  • Children: 3, Max Hermer (son), Jake Hermer (son), and Sadie Hermer (daughter)
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm or 1.63 m)
  • Weight: 57 kg (123 lbs)
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Reality TV star, Author, Public Relations Expert
  • Years active: 2000s – present
  • Net worth: Est. $20 million
  • Instagram: @marissahe4mer
  • Twitter: @marissahermer
  • Facebook: Marissa Hermer

What is Marissa Hermer’s age?

Marissa Hermer is currently 42 years old. She was born on December 30, 1981, in Laguna Beach, California. Her birth sign is Capricorn, and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Marissa Hermer holds dual citizenship status. First of all, she is American, as a result of her birth in the United States, but she is also a British citizen through her marriage to a British citizen.

Not much is known about Marissa Hermer’s birth family members, including the identities of her parents and those of any siblings she might have had. Several reports indicate that the restaurant owner spent her formative years in Monterrey, California, where she attended the Roman Catholic-affiliated, high school Santa Catalina School.

Afterward, she proceeded to attend Middlebury College in Vermont where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology.

Marissa Hermer began her career in public relations

Shortly after leaving college, Marissa Hermer moved to London, United Kingdom, to launch a career in public relations. After gaining the requisite technical know-how she needed for her public relations career, she returned to the United States where she began working as an accountant executive for New York-based fashion and luxury brand Nadine Johnson & Associates.

She worked with Nadine for a couple of years, and during that time she learned a lot from the fashion icon. Marissa particularly credits Nadine with being one of the biggest influences in her career. She then moved to Syndicate Media Group where she held the position of Director of Public Relations & Brand Management.

In that position, and alongside Ian Schrager, she contributed massively to the launch of several fashion brands, nightclubs, and luxury restaurant brands. Hermer’s life and career trajectory would change after she got married and returned to London. She took on the responsibility of managing the public relations division of her husband’s family business, Ignite Group, a food, beverage, and entertainment business based in London.

Marissa Hermer’s resume also indicates that she is the co-founder of The Draycott, a family restaurant. Before all the exploits she has done on The Draycott, Marissa realized her dream of owning her restaurant when she launched The Top Dog in 2015.

She is also an author and a reality TV star

Marissa Hermer has other streams of income aside from her primary income source as a public relations expert. She is also an author notable for the release of her cookbook An American Girl In London: 120 Nourishing Recipes For Your Family From A Californian Expat. She announced the release of the book in 2016.

She is also a reality TV star notable for her participation in the Bravo series Ladies of London. The series premiered on June 2, 2014, and initially followed the lives of six women – Annabelle Neilson, Noelle Reno, Caroline Stanbury, Marissa Hermer, Juliet Angus, and Caprice Bourret, as they balanced their work, social, and family lives. The cast later expanded to include Julie Montagu, Sophie Stanbury, and Caroline Fleming.

Aside from her most notable appearance on Ladies of London, Hermer has also been a guest on other TV shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, Home and Family, This Morning, Watch What Happens: Live, and several others.

What is Marissa Hermer’s net worth?

According to several reports, Marissa Hermer has grown her net worth to an estimated $20 million. Judging from the multiple streams of income she has, including her public relations job, her cookbook, and other entrepreneurial endeavors such as the restaurant, that figure does not come as a surprise to several people.

Marissa Hermer met her husband, Matt Hermer in London

After she moved to London to build a public relations career right after school, the farthest thing on Marissa Hermer’s mind at the time of the move was finding love. Fate, however, had her own ideas, and the path of the now-married couple would cross soon after.

Their first meeting was at a dinner party at the London Hotel sometime in the mid-2000s. They were reportedly seated next to each other at the party and a conversation invariably broke out. During the conversation, he learned that she may be in the country for a little while before returning to the States to continue her career.

While the sparks between them were flying recklessly, both of them chose to go with their heads instead of their hearts as neither was interested in a long-distance relationship. They reportedly remained in touch as friends but their relationship did not progress beyond that level until several years later.

The power couple got married in 2010

The dynamics of the relationship between Marissa Hermer and her husband Matt changed from friendship to an exclusive romantic relationship when she returned to the United Kingdom in 2008. Obviously being aware that her stay in the country would be indefinite this time, the once close acquaintances decided to explore the residual romantic feelings they had for each other.

They dated for around a year from 2008 before Matt popped the question. According to the Ignite Group CEO, his proposal may not have met the approval of hardcore romantics but he chose not to adhere to those standards which include a restaurant setting complete with violin and a Maitre D’.

Instead, he chose the most inopportune moment to ask the reality TV star to become his wife. Several accounts of the proposal reveal that he had just returned from the gym and Marissa was still in her pajamas lounging on the couch. He had gotten down on one knee, in tears no less, to tell her that he would love nothing more than for her to become his legally married wife.

The wedding took place a year later, but we have yet to uncover the details of the event that took place in the UK in 2010, including the exact date and venue of the event. That lack of information notwithstanding, Marissa and Matt Hermer have been a married couple for over a decade now.

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Marissa Hermer has 3 children with her husband

The more than a decade of marriage between the public relations expert and her husband Matt has been blessed with 3 lovely children. The couple reportedly welcomed their oldest child, a son whom they named Max Hermer in 2012, just a couple of years after their wedding. Max’s exact date of birth is yet to be revealed to the public.

On March 23, 2014, another son in the person of Jake followed his older brother, and the Hermers essentially became a family of 4. Years after the birth of the couple’s only daughter Sadie Hermer on April 20, 2016, Marissa revealed that she had hoped to have four children with her husband even though he had declared his intention to have only 3.

Her dreams were scuppered by the hysterectomy she was forced to have after Sadie’s birth. The reality TV star had to undergo the procedure due to the discovery that she was developing a condition called placenta accrete.

Marissa further revealed that she went through a phase of being depressed after she underwent a procedure that meant she could no longer have children. She also credits the love and support she received from her husband for getting out of that phase. Armed with the realization that some folks have it worse, the Ladies of London alum has since learned to appreciate the life she has with her family at present.

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