How Old is Jaeda Lily Miller? Insights Into Her Net Worth and Movie Credits

Jaeda Lily Miller
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Profile summary of Jaeda Lily Miller
  • Name: Jaeda Lily Miller
  • Date of birth: October 18, 2006
  • Age: 17
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: High school level
  • Parents: Brent Miller and Nicole Bouma Miller
  • Occupation: Acting, modeling, dancing
  • Years active: 2013 to date
  • Net Worth: $100,000

Jaeda Lily Miller is an American actress, model, and singer with an increasing number of movie credits to her name but she is known for her roles in Midnight Sun (2018), When Calls the Heart (2014), and Love Under the Stars (2015). As of 2020 when her net worth was last reviewed, the 17-year-old actress had up to $100,000, and going by her exploits, the teen star is aiming for greater heights. What’s more, she had the advantage of growing up with parents who are neck-deep into the entertainment industry. Besides, her sister is also an actress and with this caliber of relatives, one would not be too far from the truth to say that the sky is just a starting point for the American-born entertainer.

At 17 years old, Jaeda Lily Miller is making waves as an actress

Born on the 18th of October 2006, Jaeda Lily Miller is a youngster in her mid-teens. The American is of white ethnicity, born to Christian parents Brent Miller, father, and Nicole Bouma Miller, mother. Her parents earn a living in the entertainment industry, working majorly as voice artists. Her dad Brent also doubles as an acting coach and has been instrumental in assisting the youngster through her auditions. Little wonder she lands roles easily. Jaeda is not the only child of her parents, she spent her formative years alongside a sister who goes by the name Chelsea Miller.

Considering her current age, it is glaring that the teen actress is still a high school student. With her acting career, maintaining a balance between school and acting became tough work for the actress but she has managed to get by. Though the name of her academic institution has never been shared, it is common knowledge that Jaeda passed through the public school system until grade two when her acting roles made it imperative for her parents to opt for homeschooling. Even while traveling to different movie shoots, the young actress managed to keep up with her studies by taking her tutor along.

She started acting at age six

Jaeda Lily Miller

Jaeda on the set of Christmas Secret image source

Contrary to popular belief that her parents encouraged her to go into acting, Jaeda Lily Miller was the one who pushed them to take her into the profession. According to reports, the young lady was just five when she walked up to her parents, requesting to join the acting profession. Eventually, she scored her debut role at the age of six, playing Priya on the set of the TV series Max & Ruby in 2013.

She started earning recognition with her appearance in the series Some Assembly Required – a 2014 show on Netflix where the blossoming actress was featured as Kaylie. Also in 2014, the young entertainer surfaced in a TV movie A Cookie Cutter Christmas playing Young Penny. Before the year ran out, the television movie The Christmas Secret cast her as Hayley. According to reports, the movie is close to the youngster’s heart as she had to share the screen with her sister Chelsea who was cast as the younger version of the lead (Bethany Joy Lenz) while Jaeda Lily Miller played her daughter. The next year being 2015, the young actress was seen in an uncredited role in Tomorrowland depicting the character of Young Casey.

Though she is still in her teens, the American actress has recorded quite a good number of remarkable roles. For one, her Emily Montgomery role in Angles in the Snow earned a lot of commendations from movie lovers and critics. Perhaps, the most striking among her movie credits is the Hallmark Channel Original entitled Love Under The Stars where she breathed life into the character of Emily. However, the TV series When Calls the Heart remains her most popular to date.

Jaeda Lily Miller recorded some gigs in voice work

Being the daughter of parents who are professionals in voice work, it was rather easy for both Jaeda Lily Miller and her sister to get into that field of entertainment. She did extensive voice work in Ready Jet Go which remains her most awarded voiceover gig and she still went ahead to voice other roles in I Play Jesse and The Rag Doll. Jaeda’s voice was also heard in Rainbow Ruby.

Speaking to My Devotional Thoughts, the young entertainer expressed her profound love for acting which comes above any other career interest. Nevertheless, she maintained that voice work is equally as enjoyable. Her reason for loving voiceover roles Jaeda said is that, you can always do it again and again if you mess up since you will be operating behind the cameras.

The young actress rocks on the drums

Fans have been enjoying Jaeda Lily Miller’s presence on the screen both in the movies and TV series but only very few know that she is equally talented on the drums. The youngster discovered her love for the drum after a broken finger stopped her from playing the ukulele. Stumbling across the drum, Jaeda picked it up and to her greatest surprise it turned out that she possessed some natural skills with the drum and she has not stopped playing to date. Now, she has an electric drum installed in her room and may yet turn it into something worthwhile.

She has some killer dance moves

Even with her time occupied by school and acting, Jaeda Lily Miller still finds time out of her tight schedule to explore her love for the art of dancing. Jaeda does not just dance for pleasure; the blossoming entertainer harbors a burning passion for dancing. In fact, she engages in professional dancing competitions. The American-born actress has really mastered her skills in the art and has achieved great heights in it. She has a dance troupe that practices with her four days a week. Besides, Jaeda enrolled in different dance genres, which include jazz, tap, ballet, and contemporary dance.

Jaeda Lily Miller’s movies and TV shows

  • Max & Ruby – 2013 TV series as Priya
  • Some Assembly Required – 2014 TV series as Kaylie
  • The Christmas Secret – 2014 TV movie as Hayley
  • Tomorrowland – 2015 uncredited role as Young Casey
  • Love Under the Stars – 2015 TV movie as Emily
  • The Unauthorized Full House Story – 2015 TV movie as Bob’s Daughter
  • Angels in the Snow – 2015 TV movie as Emily Montgomery
  • Dead of Summer – 2016 TV series as Andrea Dalton
  • Operation Christmas – 2016 TV movie as Hayes McGuigan
  • A Heavenly Christmas – 2016 TV movie as Lauren
  • A Firehouse Christmas – 2016 TV movie as Sadie
  • Ready Jet Go! Back to Bortron 7 2017 TV movie as the voice of Mind
  • Christmas in Evergreen – 2017 TV movie as Zoe Bellamy
  • Midnight Sun – 2018 as Zoe Carmichael
  • Ready Jet Go! – 2016 to 2018 TV series as the voice of Mindy
  • Corner Gas Animated – 2019 TV series as Prairie Girl
  • StarBeam – 2020 TV series as Greta
  • Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing – 2020 TV movie as Zoe Bellamy
  • When Calls the Heart – 2019 to 2020 Tv series as Allie Parks / Allie Grant

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The actress has amassed over $100, 000 in net worth

Jaeda Lily Miller was still very young when she started earning a good income from her numerous acting gigs. Today, the upcoming star has garnered over $100, 000 in net worth, and from the looks of things; she is gunning for the top.

Jaeda has been involved in some commercially successful productions. A good example is her movie Midnight Sun which went on to gross $27.4 million at the box office. The amount was recorded against a budget of $2.8 million.

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