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Holly Monteleone
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Profile summary of Holly Monteleone
  • Name: Holly Monteleone
  • Date of birth: 24th September
  • Age: NA
  • Place of birth: New Orleans, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Public US State University
  • Parents: N/A
  • Marital status: Single
  • Spouse: Derek Blanchard (boyfriend)
  • Height: 5 Feet 2 inches
  • Occupation: Paramedic and reality TV star
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: $1 Million – $5 Million
  • Instagram: @holliemonteleone
  • Twitter: @NightwatchHolly
  • Facebook: @HollyMonteleone

The job of a paramedic is very entrusting as they are always out there assisting with protecting the citizens. Holly Monteleone is one paramedic who has been quite exceptional and has been a source of inspiration to many looking forward to pursuing a career in EMT. She came to the limelight by starring in the reality show Night Watch which was a reality show that depicts the life of emergency responders in the city of New Orleans. This article covers the life of the paramedic and other personal insights regarding Holly Monteleone.

Holly Monteleone was born in New Orleans, USA

Holly Monteleone was born on September 24, in New Orleans, USA. The specific year she was born is not known to any source but it’s quite known that the reality star celebrates her birthday on the 24th of September consistently. She stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57m) which is shorter than the average American woman.

There is no information on her parents except for the fact that her dad was a professional welder and she has a stepfather and also a sister whose information is also not known.

The reality star has always been a very intelligent individual with good grades while she was in school. She finished high school at the age of 16 of which the name of the school is not revealed. After she had graduated from high school, Holly moved on to acquire a Bachelor’s degree.

Law was her first career choice

Sometimes in life, we might think we have got things all figured out but fate has something else planned out for us. This was the case with Holly Monteleone as the reality star had without exception wanted to become a lawyer by profession but things changed after she attended a two-week Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training course where she got to witness her friend save the life of a 17-year-old girl and this experience was so overwhelming and heart satisfying.

Following that experience, Holly developed an interest in EMT and decided to become a paramedic in other to be able to save the lives of citizens rather than being a lawyer.

The reality TV star started her career at the age of 18

Holly started her career as a paramedic at the young age of 18 and went further to feature as the EMT on the popular reality show Nightwatch. She has advanced so well in her career as a paramedic to such an extent that as of now, she is said to be among the best and most confident emergency service staff in New Orleans.

The show Nightwatch is a reality TV show which showcases life-saving events. It focuses on the responsibilities of emergency responders such as police, firefighters, and paramedics who work in the city of New Orleans at night showing as many thousand emergency calls they answer and how they risk their lives to ensure victims are safe. They are likewise there to fill in as a support system for individuals living in the city.

Is it, Holly Sherman or Monteleone?

Holly Sherman or Holly Monteleone is the same person. In the first episode of the show, Holly Monteleone wears the uniform with the name tag Holly Sherman on it which is what got many fans questioning if her name is Sherman or Monteleone. The reality star has not given any reason for her wearing the tag Sherman.

Holly is active on social media

As a TV personality, Holly Monteleone is quite popular and very dynamic via social media where she has different accounts where she posts pictures and updates about herself and her career in general.

She has accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Holly Monteleone’s net worth

Holly, in the course of her career as a pracademic and popular reality TV star, has acquired some income for herself. The primary source of her income is her job as a paramedic, the reality TV show, and also her massive followers on her social media page which also generates a good amount of money for her.

Holly is said to have a whopping net worth pegged between $1 million and $5 million which incorporates her assets.

Holly Monteleone’s love life

Holly Monteleone

Holly, Derek, and their daughter, Violet image source

Holly is a beguiling lady with a great figure and has got fans inquisitive about her love life. The reality star is in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend Derek Blanchard with whom she shares a son named Saint Sherman. The couple did not share the date of birth of their child for personal reasons best known to them.

Likewise, information on how and when they met is not revealed but they were first sited together at the 2017 French Quarter Festival which took place in New Orleans.

They are yet to announce the date of when they are getting married but with their present status quo as parents, her fans are looking forward to when the two lovebirds will be walking down the aisle. They live together in New Orleans where they are raising their daughter.

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Holly Monteleone’s tattoo has significance

Holly is one who values family and all it stands for. She once posted a photo of her and her mum together wishing her a happy mother’s day. The reality star has never failed to showcase the way she feels about her family regularly on her social media pages and even went as far as getting a tattoo to signify her love for her family.

The heart tattoo on the reality star’s right hand is the names of her parents and the year her stepfather and her mother hooked up, although she also has other tattoos on different parts of her body.

Some frequently asked questions about Holly Monteleone

Who is Holly married to on Nightwatch?

Holly Monteleone is not yet married but she is in a serious relationship with Derek Blanchard

Where is Holly from Nightwatch from?

Holly is from New Orleans where she serves on the front lines as one of the emergency workers making the city safe for everyone.

Is Nightwatch real?

Some parts might be scripted for entertainment but those who bring the show to life have claimed that it is real, though bits of it might be edited to make it eligible for television.

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