Gina Stiebitz’s Age, Height, Nationality and Career Exploits

Gina Stiebitz
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Profile summary of Gina Stiebitz
  • Name: Gina Alice Steinitz
  • Date of birth: October 1997
  • Age: 26
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Education: Actor Space Berlin Bolouri
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2009 to date
  • Net worth: $100k
  • Gina Stiebitz,s Instagram
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Gina Stiebitz is a German actress in her twenties. The Berlin-born star is best known for appearing in the television series, Dark, where she essayed the role of a troubled teenager named Franziska Doppler. Gina is also known for other roles both on the big and small screens and she has equally recorded some gigs in theater productions.

Gina Stiebitz is a 26-year-old German actress

Gina Stiebitz’s exact date of birth is not known, but it is common knowledge that she was born in October 1997 and her place of birth is in Berlin, Germany. The actress also spent her formative years in her home country, Germany. Gina Alice Steinitz, as her given name says, has kept details of her childhood under lock and key, thus, there is absolutely nothing to shed light on the identity of her parents and siblings. Though she has a palpable presence on social media, Gina has been averse to sharing personal information.

In the same vein, the Berlin-born actress has not said much about her early educational qualifications, but she completed primary school in her locality and later moved on to Actor Space Berlin Bolouri where she spent a fruitful year between 2016 and 2017, honing her acting skills.

Her acting career started in stage performance

A lot of successful actors and actresses of today started their acting careers in stage performances and Gina Stiebitz is no exception. The Berlin-born movie star was part of a good number of theater productions in her budding days, most of which were staged at the Berlin Friedrichstadt-Palast theatre. The Snow Queen (2009), The Youth of the Bounty (2009), and Dreams Need A Beginning (2009) are some of her theater credits.

The actress made her on-screen debut in 2010

Gina Stiebitz had just clocked 13 in 2010 when she recorded her debut onscreen appearance in the Benedek Fliegauf produced movie titled The Womb; there, she played the role of Dima. Around the same period, the blossoming star also debuted on the television series Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern? where she depicted the character of Konstanze Mittenzwey between 2010 and 2011 in a 14-episode run.

In 2011, she was cast as Juliane Noak in the series, In aller Freundschaft, and her next movie role was accomplished in 2014, playing lily in Unexpected. The year 2016 was when she joined the cast of the series, Circle of Life, playing Lauri Müller in nine episodes, and in 2017, the German actress made a couple of appearances in television shows as Jana Schröder in Großstadtrevier and Leoni Markowski in Alles Klara. She equally appeared in two series in 2018 namely, Neben der Spur as Gina Alice Stiebitz and In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte as Tabea Kaiser.

From what is obvious, a majority of Gina Stiebitz’s gigs were recorded in TV shows, the actress spent all of three years (2017 to 2020) on the set of the series, Dark, breathing life into the character of Franziska Doppler; this marked her best-known role to date. The German entertainer added two appearances to her television series portfolio in 2019 – SOKO 5113, playing Sandra Griesheim and as Florentine Schumann in The Old Fox.

She joined the cast of Die Kanzlei in 2020 and played Leonie Borsche in Die Chefin. In 2021, the actress recorded several appearances – in the series, entitled The Mire, she appeared as Elza Koepke and made other appearances in Tre visi, Copilot, and Second Thoughts.

Gina Stiebitz in Dark

Gina Stiebitz

Gina Stiebitz on the set of Dark image source

Showing up in the Netflix series, Dark gave Gina Stiebitz the needed boost to her career. As Franziska Doppler – a rebel whose relationship with her parents was troubled, Gina won the hearts of millions of fans and the viewing public. The role has remained her best, winning a lot of public attention for the German actress.

Gina was also on hand to play in Dark’s second and third seasons, alongside movie stars like Maja Schone, Andreas Pietschmann, Lisa Vicari, Karoline Eichhorn, and many others.

Gina Stiebitz’s movies and TV shows


  • Womb as Dima – 2010
  • Unexpected as Lilly (as Gina Alice Stiebitz) – 2014
  • Copilot as Marisa – 2021
  • Tre visi (Short) – 2021
  • Second Thoughts – 2021
  • The Darker the Lake (post-production) as young Lea – 2022

TV shows

  • Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern? As Konstanze Mittenzwey – 2010-2011 14 episodes
  • In aller Freundschaft as Juliane Noak – 2011
  • Circle of Life as Lauri Müller 2016 -9 episodes
  • Großstadtrevier as Jana Schröder – 2017
  • Alles Klara as Leoni Markowski – 2017
  • Neben der Spur as Gina Alice Stiebitz – 2018
  • In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte as Tabea Kaiser – 2018
  • SOKO 5113 as Sandra Griesheim – 2019
  • Dark as Franziska Doppler / Young Franziska Doppler – 2017-2020
  • The Old Fox as Florentine Schumann – 2019
  • Die Kanzlei – 2020
  • Die Chefin as Leonie Borsche – 2020
  • The Mire as Elza Koepke – 2021

Gina Stiebitz is active on social media

Gina is very active on social media, especially on Instagram @gina.stiebitz. On the picture-sharing platform, the German blonde has amassed thousands of followers.

What you would normally see on the actress’s Insta Stories are photos and tales of her voyages, but hardly anything about her personal life. She, however, posted a picture of her trip to Portugal with a guy. Though there is no confirmation about who Gina Stiebitz is dating, it might be the guy in the picture.

Gina Stiebitz’s net worth accrues from acting roles

Gina Stiebitz’s acting credits have kept on increasing by the day and the actress seems to be showing signs of being a prolific movie star. Her best paying gig so far is the Netflix series known as Dark, according to reports. The actress was said to have earned a huge chunk of dollars per episode which impacted her bottom line positively.

As of 2021, her net worth was estimated to be around $100,000, but that is just a starting point for the German entertainer as she has the advantage of youth. There is still a whole lot more she can do in the nearest future.

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Body stats for Gina Stiebitz

Gina Stiebitz is obviously not endowed in the height department as the actress stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches which is approximately 1.61 m. Gina is a lightweight at 46kg, though it is considered to be commensurate with her height. However, what she lacks in height is bountifully made up with looks. The slim-built German actress is quite a looker with her strawberry blonde hair that doesn’t fail to grab attention wherever she goes. The actress’ blonde look goes down well with her pair of baby blue eyes.

She is known to enjoy dancing and other sporting activities such as surfing and skating. Gina loves to sing and play the guitar in her spare time and is a keen traveler who has been around.

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