Little-known Facts About Ito Aghayere, Ancestry, Muscles, Is She Married?

Ito Aghayere
Profile summary of Ito Aghayere
  • Name: Ito Aghayere
  • Date of birth: October 12, 1992
  • Age: 31
  • Place of birth: Alberta, Canada
  • Nationality: Nigerian-Canadian-American
  • Education: Duke University (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science), Columbia University (Masters in Fine Arts)
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 5′ 7″ (1.7 m)
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2010 to date
  • Net worth: NA

Canadian- Nigerian actress Ito Aghayere is a proud black beauty who has made a name for herself in the movie industry. The 31-year-old star is among the most trending actresses who shot to fame for starring in Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Award-winning screenplay Junk in 2016. The actress further became well-known after starring in the Steven Soderbergh-directed movie, Logan Lucky (2017) and other blockbuster projects such as The Blacklist (2017) and Elementary (2016). She has also featured in several other thrilling TV series, with her latest project being Carol’s Second Act. In this article, you will also discover every other interesting fact about the actress put together for your reading pleasure.

Ito Aghayere was born in Canada but her roots can be traced to Nigeria

Ito Aghayere was born in Alberta, Canada, and though she has not revealed her actual year of birth, it is rumored that she was born in 1992. However, the actress celebrates her birthday on October 12. She spent the better part of her childhood in Toronto, Canada, where she was raised along with her siblings. Even so, she later moved to Rochester in New York. This exposed her to different cultures and environments, something she’s enjoying the perk of in her career today.

With regards to her education, Aghayere got accepted into the Duke University North Carolina where she majored in Political Science, with a minor in Theatre Studies. Ahghayere later advanced to Columbia University for her Master’s degree where she studied Fine Arts. Owing to this, most of her fans could bear witness that her educational attainment has gone a long way in shaping her career for the better, as is easily noticed from her screenplays.

Interestingly, aside from her Nigerian and Canadian ancestry, she is also a bona fide citizen of the United States which makes her a citizen of the three countries, as well as a holder of three different passports. It may interest you to know that the Nigerian-Canadian actress is also a multilinguist as she speaks four languages; Mandarin, French, Chinese, and English. This has given her an edge over her peers in her career, as she can easily take up roles in any of these languages.

Her acting career began at age 8 but it took Aghayere a while to go in full-time in the industry

From what we gathered, Aghayere has always had a passion for acting since she was a child. This was way before she had thoughts about taking a political science course or doing a minor in theater. In this regard, she auditioned for a role in her sister’s yearly Christmas parade and succeeded in making the event a success when she was only 8 years old. Later, Much Ado about Nothing became the first play that she has ever been paid for, where she played a savage and rebellious woman.

Aghayere’s career journey can be traced back to when she obtained her first degree in Political Science. However, she started off working at the White House during the Obama administration when she applied for an internship. She would later leave the White House for her acting career, though it could be said that her internship at the White House played a major role in refining her acting career.

Her big break came in the play titled Junk, followed by another milestone in the TV series Carol’s Second Act

Aghayere got a big break in her career after starring in Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Award-winning screenplay Junk in 2016, she was also featured in the movie  Elementary within the same year.

Since then, she has been keeping her nose to the grindstone in her career and has succeeded in making a name for herself in the filming sector. All the same, her popularity soared as she became a regular face, starring in several blockbusters. After her onscreen debut, Aghayere earned another role in the Steven Soderbergh-directed movie, Logan Lucky in 2017, as well as in The Blacklist in the same year.

She landed another huge milestone for her role in role in Carol’s Second Act, a Patricia’s Heaton show which premiered on September 2, 2019, where she interpreted the role of a Chief Surgeon Dr. Jacob Maya, whose main responsibility is supervising Carol and three other interns.

Her character in the movie is a strict disciplinarian who takes submission to her authority a little too seriously. This is the opposite of Carol’s personality as the titular character hates close supervision and has a free spirit. The CBS show focuses on the daily activities of interns under Dr. Maya (Aghayere’s character), including Carol Chambers.

Over time, Aghayere has proved her mettle as an actress to watch, showing she can be very determined and focused in her career pursuits. So far, she has shown signs of significant growth with her latest works traced to TV series like It’s a Man’s World and 9-1-1: Lone Star.

She’s currently working on a new thriller movie titled White Devils

During a recent interview, Aghayere revealed that she has a big project in the works. White Devils is a movie under the directorial portfolio of Leon Hendrix III who also wrote the piece for Blumhouse and Amazon. Filming has not commenced but she explained her role while describing the movie as incredible and a game-changer in the movie industry.

The movie is about a father and his two sons who lost their mom following a clash with the police. To ensure his boys don’t grow up in a society that discriminates against them, the father takes the boys to the woods where they are raised, oblivious of what skin color is. For years, they didn’t know there are people with different skin colors until they stumbled upon an unconscious white girl around the area their father warned them never to venture into.

Ito Aghayere’s movies and TV shows


  • Night Home as Pregnant Bride – 2010
  • Wet Behind the Ears as Girl in the Waiting Room – 2013
  • Logan Lucky as Female FBI Agent – 2017
  • Right Song, Wrong Chord as Vivian Nimaro – 2017
  • Goldie as Lisa – 2019/II

TV series

  • Orange Is the New Black as Scowly Inmate – 2014
  • The Knick as Woman in Bar – 2014
  • Unforgettable as Reporter #1 / Reporter #2 / Reporter – 2013-2014
  • Forever as Nurse – 2015
  • BrainDead as Veteran Sheila – 2016
  • Elementary as Corrine Brighton – 2016
  • Falling Water as Uniform Cop 2 – 2016
  • The Blacklist as Jessica Piha – 2017
  • Doubt as Kim Stanton – 2017
  • Master of None as Lauren – 2017
  • Instinct as Tammy Sarkeysian – 2018
  • Carol’s Second Act as Dr. Maya Jacobs – 2019-2020
  • 9-1-1: Lone Star as Andrea – 2021
  • It’s A Man’s World as Natalie (post-production)

She has bagged award nominations

It is commendable how the 31-year-old actress has put in so much hard work in her career and today, lots of film studios are offering her contracts. With her outstanding talent, she has the world at her feet.

All being said, her hard work has paid off as she has been recognized by different prestigious institutions for her impressive performances. One of such recognitions was the nomination she got at the 2016 Lucille Lortel Awards for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play category for her exemplary efforts in the much-celebrated play Familiar.

What is Aghayere’s net worth?

Aghayere is one actress who is doing quite well in the movie industry in recent times. She has also attained some significant heights in her career. Just like most other movie stars, Aghayere has been able to amass quite a reasonable amount of wealth from her acting career. But at the moment, her current net worth is still under review. Nonetheless, going by her lifestyle, one could tell that she basks in luxury, which goes to show that her net worth could be running into millions of dollars.

Is Ito Aghayere married?

Ito Aghayere does not have a boyfriend anymore as she’s now married. Like most celebrities, she kept her past relationships under wraps. However, it has come to light that she’s now married to a guy named Hendrix. Their relationship began like a rumor that made the rounds after a picture of the duo which she posted went viral on Instagram, but the couple didn’t try to hide their romance. Their lovey-dovey- pictures are all over her Instagram page and everything is beginning to make sense with the recent wedding pictures they shared on Instagram. The actress got married to her heartthrob in November 2021.

How did Ito Aghayere grow her muscles?

One thing that has made Aghayere quite unique in the industry is her muscled physique. This is an indication that she is also a fitness enthusiast, as she may have been engaged in some routine workouts in the gym or perhaps on a special diet, which has given her the body transformation she has gone through in recent times. However, she doesn’t share her routine with the public.

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