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Ella Bruccoleri
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Ella Bruccoleri – born in 1995, is 29 years old.

Ella May Bruccoleri is a British-born actress who has appeared in a handful of theatre productions and TV series. However, she is best known for her role as novice nun Sister Frances in BBC One’s Call The Midwife, a character she has portrayed since 2018 on a show that premiered in 2012. To the best of our knowledge, Ella Bruccoleri is not married, and even less information is available about her birth family members and that includes any brother or sister she might have. Read on as we take a look at Ella Bruccoleri’s biography.

Profile summary of Ella Bruccoleri
  • Name: Ella May Bruccoleri
  • Date of birth: 1995
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Place of birth: Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Britain
  • Nationality: British, Italian
  • Education: The Oxford School of Drama
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2018 – present
  • Net worth: Estimated $5 million
  • Instagram: @ellabruccoleri
  • Twitter: @EllaBruccoleri
  • Facebook: Ella Bruccoleri

How old is Ella Bruccoleri and where is she from?

Ella Bruccoleri is 29 years old and she is from the United Kingdom. However, despite the limited pieces of information on her date of birth which does not include the day and month of birth, there is more to Ella Bruccoleri’s national heritage than just the fact that she was born in North Yorkshire, England.

For starters, her full name is Ella May Bruccoleri and she grew up in the seaside borough of Scarborough, a small town in North Yorkshire in a Catholic Italian family. From the interviews she has given in recent times, we have concluded that the Call The Midwife star was a socially awkward child who didn’t engage in a lot of social activities growing up.

It’s a little wonder then that details of her formal education background are limited to the knowledge that she attended The Oxford School of Drama where she received ample training for the career path she has chosen as an actress. She has worked exceptionally hard to overcome the social anxieties she experienced as a young girl.

Ella Bruccoleri’s parents are Italians

As previously stated, Ella’s national heritage is not as straightforward as her birth status would imply. We have covered the fact that she grew up in an Italian family but not much is known about the Italian parents that gave birth to her. We have no way of knowing if they are migrant Italians or if they were born in Bruccoleri’s country of birth.

About other members of her birth family, the actress has said very little and nothing about her public disposition suggests that she might not be her parents’ only child. Although, speaking in general terms, it is a rare thing to see an Italian family with just one child.

Nevertheless, assuming that she has a brother or a sister, Ella Bruccoleri has done an outstanding job of keeping them away from the spotlight in the same way she has with her parents.

Bruccoleri is agnostic about the Catholic faith

Ella Bruccoleri has regularly spoken of her upbringing in a Catholic environment. She has also revealed the fact that she became agnostic, essentially religion-fluid, and left the teachings of the Catholic Church behind when she left home at 18.

When pressed about her reasons for abandoning the faith, the actress was quick to point out what she believed was wrong with a religion she believed had too many strict rules. She stressed that religion was supposed to get one to open his or her heart and not bind people to what she essentially termed unrealistic expectations.

Ella Bruccoleri became active as an actress in 2018

The year 2018 was a big year for British actress Ella Bruccoleri in many ways but more so for her progress as an actress. Right after leaving The Oxford School of Drama, she landed her first and most popular role as an actress in BBC One’s Call The Midwife. The TV series which premiered in 2012 was loosely based on the historic memoirs of 22-year-old Jennifer Worth who decided to abandon her privileged existence in 1957 to settle in London’s east end as a midwife.

The series follows what her life was like living in the deplorable conditions of the slums of the east end of London and sharing a convent with the medically trained nuns of Nonnatus House. Her experiences with the nuns and the brave mothers she meets inspired the memoir she continued to write even after leaving Nonnatus House years later.

The series had gained a strong following and was already in its 8th season when Ella Bruccoleri was contacted to play the “novice nun” Sister Frances. The actress’ IMDb page shows that she portrayed the character in 35 episodes of the still ongoing show from 2018 to 2020.

Speaking about her reaction after bagging the role, Ella Bruccoleri revealed that she was pleasantly surprised by the speed at which she was able to land the role. Her reactions were based on the fact that she had just left drama school and had set her mind on putting in a decade’s worth of work to build herself and her career.

In the end, she was just grateful for the opportunity it presented her to learn from seasoned top series cast members such as Vanessa Redgrave and Jenny Agutter who played the roles of a mature Jennifer Worth and Sister Julienne respectively.

Despite her still firmly rooted agnostic tendencies, Ella Bruccoleri revealed that she had to do some research on what was required of a nun. She also revealed that playing the role of a nun gave her a fresh insight and respect for the Catholic faith and religion.

Other acting credits under her name

While there is no disputing the fact that she will be long remembered for her role as Sister Frances in Call The Midwife, Ella Bruccoleri’s IMDb page reflects the fact that she has other acting and impending acting credits to her credit. In 2018, she played the role of a Maid in one episode of Genius. The same year, she played the role of a Younger Nun in Netflix’s The Last Kingdom.

Her increased responsibilities in Call The Midwife meant that she had to wait until 2021 before becoming involved in another show that was not linked to the BBC One series. That year, she featured in solitary episodes of Back To Life and All Creatures Great and Small as Sharon and Anabel Dinsdale respectively.

It’s also important to note that Ella Bruccoleri is billed to appear as the lead lady Alba in the movie Polite Society. The movie which was directed by Nida Manzoor and billed for release in April 2023 will be the actress’ first feature-length movie and will reveal more about her abilities as an actress.

Ella Bruccoleri’s movies and Tv shows

TV series

  • Genius as Maid – 2018
  • The Last Kingdom as Younger Nun – 2018
  • Back to Life as Sharon – 2021
  • All Creatures Great and Small as Anabel Dinsdale – 2021
  • Call the Midwife as Sister Frances – 2018-2022
  • Extraordinary as Rebecca


  • Polite Society – 2023
  • Hexengeddon as Minerva Winters

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Ella Bruccoleri is not married

Ella Bruccoleri has closely guarded the details of her personal life and has said very little about the romantic aspects of her life. As a result, there is no way of telling if she is in a romantic relationship at the moment. One thing we can confirm is that the talented British actress has yet to exchange marital vows with any man.

Given her newfound popularity in the movie circles, you can be certain that the public and the media will be aware of any changes she decides to make in that regard.

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