Chris Makepeace’s Net Worth, Age, Movies, Wife, Where Is He Now?

Chris Makepeace
Profile summary of Chris Makepeace
  • Name: Christopher Makepeace
  • Date of birth: April 22, 1964
  • Age: 60
  • Place of birth: Montreal, Quebec
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: Doreen and Harry Makepeace
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer
  • Years active: 1974 – 2001
  • Net Worth: $200 thousand

If you loved watching movies such as My Bodyguard, Meatballs, or Vamp, then you might just be a huge fan of Chris Makepeace or at the least enjoyed his appearances in those classics. The 60-year-old former actor is one of those names that click with the movie industry. He owned the stage while he had it and left a lasting impression on movie lovers. The former Canadian actor’s name still rings a bell whenever great entertainment is being discussed but he has gone off the radar since the early 2000s, thus, his last estimated net worth is $200 thousand.

Chris Makepeace was born 60 years ago in Montreal, Quebec

Chris Makepeace came into the world on 22 April 1964. He was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, alongside his older brother Tony Makepeace who is a professional photographer. This incredible talent has Doreen and Harry Makepeace as his parents. Makepeace was raised in a supportive home and this helped him to launch an early career in the entertainment industry.

Makepeace completed his high school education in 1982 and it is not known if he furthered to college. While in high school, he was an active member of the school’s drama club. Following his graduation, Chris Makepeace focused on acting and fine-tuned his natural talent to an extent that he could feature alongside established stars and still stand tall.

Chris Makepeace started acting at the age of 15

Makepeace began his acting career in his early teens. Although the 1979 hit movie, Meatballs is often seen as his debut, he did make a television appearance in a Canadian television special, The Ottawa Valley that aired in 1974. Meatballs however brought him into the limelight. Chris Makepeace’s portrayal of a shy teen (Rudy Gerner) on a summer camp struggling to fit in among his peers in Meatballs left an endearing impression on viewers and critics alike. Subsequently, Makepeace received a Genie Award nomination for Best Performance in a Supporting Role. It is no surprise that the movie is believed to have accrued over $43 million at the box office.

He became a household name through movies like My Bodyguard, The Last Chase, and Mazes and Monsters

Chris Makepeace having earned his place in the industry with Meatballs landed a lead role in a Fox film the following year. The 1980 movie, My Bodyguard was another breakthrough for Chris Makepeace. It validated his place in the industry, which was a major win for a teen star at the time. The movie received positive reviews from viewers and critics and earned about $22.5 million, making Chris Makepeace a teen sensation.

His next major feature was in the movie, The Last Chase which was released in 1981. Makepeace was one of the lead characters and starred alongside Burgess Meredith and Lee Majors in the science fiction movie. Already a household name, Chris Makepeace continued to enjoy prominent movie roles and pulled each one with perfection. He appeared alongside the phenomenal Tom Hanks in Mazes and Monsters. This was followed by Snowman and The Falcon in 1985. In 1986, he played Keith in the horror film Vamp.

He retired from acting in 2001 after 27 years

Makepeace had a robust acting career that lasted for twenty-seven years beginning from 1974 to 2001. In the course of his career, he featured in a good number of television movies and films besides the ones mentioned above. Below is a breakdown of Chris Makepeace’s movie and TV roles.

Chris Makepeace’s films

  •  Meatballs as Rudy Gerner -1979
  •  My Bodyguard as Clifford Peache – 1980
  •  The Last Chase as Ring – 1981
  •  The Oasis as Matt – 1984
  •  The Falcon and the Snowman as David Lee – 1985
  •  Vamp as Keith – 1986
  •  Captive Hearts as Robert – 1987
  •  Aloha Summer as Mike Tognetti – 1988
  •  Memory Run as Andre Fuller – 1996
  •  Short for Nothing as Glen – 1998

Chris Makepeace’s TV movies and series

  •  The Ottawa Valley – 1974
  •  The Littlest Hobo as Willie – 1981
  •  The Mysterious Stranger as August Feldner – 1982
  •  Mazes and Monsters as Jay ‘Jay-Jay’ Brockway – 1982
  •  The Terry Fox Story as Darrell Fox – 1983
  •  Going Great as Host – 1983-1984
  • The Undergrads as Dennis ‘Jody’ Adler – 1985
  •  Why on Earth? as Franklin Smith – 1988
  • The Jim Henson Hour as Zeb Norman – 1989
  •  The Hitchhiker as Jeremy – 1989
  •  Beyond Reality as Anthony Bowen – 1991
  •  A Holiday for Love as Joe Marsdon – 1996
  •  Full Disclosure as Pilot (video) – 2001

My Bodyguard stars – Adam Baldwin, Matt Dillon, Chris Makepeace – image source

What is Chris Makepeace’s net worth?

Chris Makepeace might be out of the limelight for now but he worked truly hard while he had his acting career and his hard work paid off handsomely. His net worth remains debatable as he seldom discloses personal information. Makepeace’s estimated net worth is capped at above $200,000. Most of his mega earnings came from the movies he featured in during his early career years. As a very private person, it is difficult to establish exactly how he spends his money.

Is Chris Makepeace married?

This is one question begging for answers when it comes to Makepeace’s personal life. Owing to his private lifestyle, it has not been easy to make a statement of fact regarding his love or marital life. The much that is known about his romantic involvement with anyone was a supposed relationship in the mid-1980s with a certain Jamaican celebrity. However, fans of Chris Makepeace believe he tied the knot in 2015, although the public does not know the identity of his supposed spouse.

Where is Chris Makepeace now?

Chris Makepeace made his last movie appearance in 2001 and seemed to have vanished into thin air since then. Well, while he may not be on the screens anymore, he is still within the industry working behind the scenes. After giving up on acting, Makepeace ventured into movie directing and production and has recorded some credits to his name.

He produced the TV series Handyman Superstar Challenge (2006) and was assistant director in Play (2010). Makepeace was a second assistant director in Drop the Beat (2000) and third assistant director in Tangled (2001), Full Disclosure (2001), and Silver Man (2003). Chris Makepeace also has three self credits which are One of Those Nights: The Making of ‘Vamp’ (2016), On Screen! (Meatballs) (2005), and Going Great (1982). Fans are still hopeful that someday, he will grace their screens again. while it will be great to have the movie star back on screen, there are no indicators that this will happen any time soon but then, there is nothing wrong with keeping hope alive.

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