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Angel Bonanni
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Profile summary of Angel Bonnani
  • Name: Angel Bonnani
  • Date of birth: 7th February 1972
  • Age: 52
  • Place of birth: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Nationality: Israeli
  • Education: N/A
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Andrea “Dushi” Leitersdorf
  • Height: 6 feet (1.83m)
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 2007-present
  • Net worth: $3 million – $5 million
  • Instagram: @angelbonanni33
  • Twitter: @AngelBonanni
  • Facebook: AngelBonanni

Angel Bonanni is an Israeli actor who has got quite an interesting acting career which by the way is going on well for him. The star is quite the multipotentiality as he is not just an actor but is also a musician and model who has built a reputation as a versatile person in the entertainment industry. Angel is widely known for his role as Assassin Deacon Mailer in the series titled Condor and many other movies and TV series.

From the above information, you may find that you are well familiarized with the handsome actor but how much do you know about him? Find out some interesting facts about the actor that you might not have previously known.

Angel Bonanni is of Jewish background

It has never been a secret that Angel Bonnani was born on 7th February 1972 in Montevideo Uruguay but was raised in Australia by his parents who come from a Jewish background. Much is yet to be unveiled on his parents and family background besides the fact that his father was an opera singer and that must have been where Bonnani caught the singing bug from. There is no information on his educational background with regards to schools he attended or certificates obtained.

Details on if the actor has any siblings or is an only child are also not known to any source as that aspect of his life are being kept private. The model during his childhood days relocated a lot, first was when he and his parents moved to Australia when he was six months old, then they moved again to Isreal this time Bonanni was eleven years old.

Bonanni was once into playing football

The star actor was very good at football while he was a teenager such that he was considering taking it up as a career at some point but had to hold the brake on pursuing a football career due to injuries which he incurred while playing the sport.

The multitalented actor has acted on stage

Angel Bonanni entered the entertainment industry at an early stage when he had just finished high school. The actor has done some acting on stage in plays such as Madea in 2015 and Fool for Love. In 2007, he got to work with Israeli television series on programs like Ha-E-Ha-Mitologi where he got to showcase a talent for light comedy.

He went further in his career and made his film debut in the Israeli romantic comedy named Salsa Tel Aviv. In 2012, he landed a more serious role which got him to feature in the thriller Rock Ba-Casba which was about the tensions between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians in the late 1980s. The movie was a huge success and led to him getting more roles from various producers. He was subsequently seen in productions such as The Gordin Cell, False Flag, Allegiance, etc.

The movie titled Love and Basketball which was produced in 2000 was the actor’s first project for English Language television. The actor, despite being born in Uruguay, has also made appearances in American productions. He made his American TV debut in the crime drama titled Shots Fired which was produced in 2017.

Angel Bonnani is a multitalented model and singer

The Montevideo-born actor is a multitalented person. Besides acting, the actor is also a model who started his modeling career by showing up in fashion campaigns for Jean Paul Gaultier, Donna Karan, and the Banana Republic and has also made appearances in magazines like Harpers Bazaar.

In addition to being an actor, the Israeli star, in 2012, decided to explore the world of music and released an album with Gal Padeh. They went by the name Project Passport, one of the songs in their debut single was featured in the English Language Israeli horror film titled JeruZalem. Even though he is yet to gain mainstream acclaim for his music, he has pulled off some significant works thereof.

Angel Bonanni is well-traveled and speaks five different languages

Due to his profession as an actor, model, and singer; Angel is well-traveled and so has had the opportunity of coming across and interacting with people who speak different languages and this has affected the actor as he is able to speak about five languages fluently: Spanish, English, Russian, Italian and Israeli.

What is Angel Bonanni’s net worth

For someone who began his acting at an early stage in life and is also into modeling and singing, Angel Bonanni has achieved quite a lot for himself. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million – $5 million which is quite a worthy achievement.

His net worth will definitely continue to increase as the actor is still very much active and continues to grow in the world of entertainment.

Angel Bonanni’s movies and TV shows

As an actor, Bonanni has featured in quite a number of movies. Below is a list of movies and TV series in which he has appeared.

  • Kfulim (2015 – 2019) – He played the role of Sean Tilson
  • Shots Fired (2017) – He played the role of Javier
  • Absentia (2017-2019) – He played the role of Tommy Gibbs
  • False Flag( 2015) –
  • Condor (2018- 2020) – He played the role of Deacon Mailer
  • Llegaron de noche (2022)-  He played the role of Richard Chid…
  • Pafis Boutique (2022) – He played the role of Daniel
  • El Cid ( 2020-2021) – He played the role of Joseph
  • Trader (2020) – He played the role of Paul Chesler
  • 7 Days in Entebebe (2018) – He played the role of Yoni Netanya
  • Zaguri (2015) – He played the role of Arik
  • Shovrei Galim (2014) – He played the role of Chili
  • Only you (2013) – He played the role of Boris
  • Kicking Out Shoshana( 2014) – He played the role of Liran Shimoni
  • Exposed (2008) – He played the role of Ophir Zdof
  • Salsa Tel Aviv (2011) – He played the role of Yoni
  • Rock the Casbah (2012) – He played the role of Chaliba
  • Mary Lou (2009) – He played the role of Shlomi
  • The Gordin Cell (2012-2015) – He played the role of Gael Mahmo

Angel Bonanni is a family man

If there is anything you shouldn’t be told about the multitalented actor, it is that he is one who loves to keep his personal and love life private. Besides all the different career paths he is involved in, the actor is also a family man and is someone who values his family time and enjoys playing his role as a father and husband.

He is married to Andrea “Dushi” Leitersdorf. The couple got married in 2014 and is blessed with two beautiful children. Details of how the two met and the circumstances surrounding the beginning of their relationship are best known to them. He and his family presently reside in Tel Aviv.

Angel in his spare time loves outdoor activities

When he is not working on a set or on a project, the actor loves to go out and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, swimming, and skateboarding. He also spends quality time with his family, especially his kids.

The Israeli actor is active on social media

The model cum actor is also very active on social media and has quite a good number of followers. He has an Instagram page with over 41,000 followers where he posts pictures, videos, and updates about his life and career.

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Angel Bonanni is 6 feet (1.89m) tall

Notably, for good reasons, casting directors do consider the height and other physical features of an actor while assigning roles. If height was something that influences the extent to which one thrives in the industry, Angel Bonanni wouldn’t have any problem as he stands at a good height and is taller than the average actor in Hollywood and most men in his country with his height that measures 6 feet.

But in all, the height of an actor is often not treated as a priority as talent is always the prime factor to be considered.

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