Who Is Chad Hiltz and How Did He Make His Money?

Chad Hiltz
Chad doing what he knows best image source
Profile summary of Chad Hiltz
  • Name: Chad Hiltz
  • Date of birth: 13th of August 1971
  • Age: 52
  • Place of birth: Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Education: N/A
  • Parents: Doug Hiltz and Patricia Hiltz
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Occupation: Car customizer
  • Net worth: $1 million
  • Chad Hiltz’s Instagram: @badchadcustoms
  • Twitter: @badchad_
  • Facebook: Bad Chad

Many car fanatics would know a Canadian automotive customizer named Chad Hiltz. Chad, who also doubles as a television personality displayed interest in automobiles from an early stage. Aided by his father who is also a car enthusiast, the vehicle customizer had a head start and today, he is the man behind the Green Goblins Customs. Chad is the main man on Discovery Channel’s show, Bad Chad Customs, he sells merchandise through his virtual shop and has a palpable presence on social media.

Chad Hiltz was born in 1971 to a car enthusiast

Born on the 13th of August 1971, Chad Hiltz is the son of Dough Hiltz – a car enthusiast who owns White Rose Gas Station. His ethnicity is Jewish. Chad spent memorable childhood with his dad in the place of his birth, Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canada, where they would experiment with automobiles. The duo once purchased a 34 Ford three-window coupe which they fixed together.

Chad’s mother goes by the name Patricia Hiltz and she is the owner of 46 Dodge. Nothing has been said about the car customizer’s siblings, thus, it is difficult to say whether he is an only child or not.

Talking about his academic history, Chad Hiltz was attending a local college in Canada when he had to drop out for personal reasons. When he left school, the car enthusiast was just 16, he enrolled in Auto-body Course to prepare himself for the future.

Career achievements of Chad Hiltz

Chad Hiltz

Chad doing what he knows best image source

Chad Hiltz started working at Grain Mill as a young lad and did a lot of online jobs in America. While struggling to make ends meet, his path crossed with Gene Winfield, one of the most celebrated car customizers of our time, and that marked the beginning of his great fortune.

Chad launched his own car customizing project and today, he is the proud owner of the Canning-based, Green Goblin Customs. The car enthusiast is obviously good at what he does, Chad said automobiles are supposed to look like something  “out of a Hot Wheels package” 

His TV stint and awards

The automobile customizer became a television personality after his series, Bad Chad Customs was ordered by Discovery Channel. Each episode starred the master builder himself, Chad Hiltz, alongside his team of workers at Green Goblin Customs and a mechanic called Alex.

Chad’s work has attracted a lot of attention since he started showcasing his talent on the Discovery Channel. He has bagged several prestigious awards as rewards for hard work and perseverance, notable among his accolades is the World of Wheels show in Boston where he swept three awards.

When he showed up in Moncton for the Castrol Radical Speed Sports show, four awards followed him home. Chad earned the title of “Master Builder at the Boston Show and emerged in 1st place for the Radical Custom shows.

How did Chad Hiltz make his money?

Granted, Chad Hiltz came to public attention through automobile customizing which forms a lion’s share of his wallet but the car enthusiast has since widened his income heads by diversifying into other fields.

Car customization

Car customization has always been Hiltz’s major source of revenue. The Canadian collects metal scraps from cars, airplanes, motorcycles, and so on; he takes the scraps to his garage where he creates matchless and unique cars. His products eventually land in the market and usually go to automobile fanatics at very high prices.

With that said, it is glaring that Chad Hiltz’s wealth comes out of his Green Goblin Customs workshop. What’s more, since Discovery Channel picked the car enthusiast up, his fortune changed for the better as he launched the Bad Chad Customs TV show. Chad not only enjoys the fame that comes from being the center of attention in the reality television show, but the Canadian also earns extra bucks from the series. According to sources, Chad is paid per episode for the series filmed at his Hiltz Auto Co.

Considering the fact that the show has already completed its premiere run and is well into its second season, we would not be far from the truth to say that Hiltz has cleaned up a tidy sum from it.

Chad sells merchandise on a website

With the level of success recorded by Bad Chad Customs on Discovery, it came as no surprise that Chad Hiltz decided to diversify into other fields by leveraging his fame. The car enthusiast launched his own online store known as Hiltz Auto Co. where he displays merchandise like t-shirts, jackets hats, bags, and hoodies for sale. You can search out his products on and they are for men, women, and kids. The online shop equally serves as an avenue for selling the unique automobiles he creates at his garage. The price tags on the cars range from $40 to $100.

Apart from selling cars, Chad is also involved in gathering his own car collection; this includes the likes of 1963 Corvair Greenbrier Van, 1963 Fiat 123 Sport Coupe, 1984 Chevrolet Fleetline, and 1962 Ford Galaxie 390 Galaxie 190 Tripower 4 Speed.

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Social media

Chad Hiltz has equally been earning from social media, the Canadian-born car customizer launched a YouTube channel known as Bad Chad where fans go to view him recreating and modifying automobiles into exceptional vehicles.

On the picture-sharing platform – Instagram, Chad can be located with the name @badchadcustoms where his followers are gathering in their thousands. His Twitter account is not often used but it does exist under his name with a few followers. Chad also has a presence on Facebook @BadChadHiltz.

Additionally, the car customizer hosts a yearly car event popularly known as Rockabilly Weekend; this started in 1998.

What is Chad Hiltz’s net worth?

With all his income heads running effectively, Chad Hiltz has been earning handsomely for years now. According to sources, his net worth was last estimated to be in excess of $1 million. There are still other sources with a different amount as net worth for the car customizer but the figures seem to be a bit exaggerated at $90 million

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