Meet Todd Kraines, The Man Who Inspired The Infamous Scott Disick Prank

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Perhaps Todd Kraines would have been just another ordinary guy without his association with the Kardashians. He has known the Keeping up with the Kardashians family for a while but nobody really noticed him until Scott Disick decided to impersonate him to pull off a prank on the Kardashian/Jenner momager for April Fool’s Day. But who exactly is Todd Kraines and what does he do for a living?

Profile summary of Todd Kraines
  • Name: Todd Kraines
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Place of birth: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Luxury lifestyle agent
  • Years active: 2013-present
  • Net worth: NA
  • Todd Kraines’ Instagram: @tkraines

Todd Kraines is from Beverly Hills where he deals in luxury estates

Source: @tkraines Instagram

Of course, a friend of the Kardashians must have something to do with luxury. Todd sells luxury estates for a living and radiates the luxurious lifestyle as well. He may not be the actual owner of the estate but he gets huge commissions from the sales and this keeps him in the lap of luxury. His Instagram profile says he works with The Agency as a luxury lifestyle agent and sells mansions in Beverly Hills. Kraines’ age and birth details are not known but he is a Beverly Hills native. Photos of him enjoying his taste for luxury in fancy cars and expensive mansions are all over his Instagram.

He’s a golfer

Not on a professional level but Todd Kraines plays golf in his leisure time. This is mostly done with his clients who have plans of closing a deal with him. Playing golf with them means spending quality time and getting to know them better. This, in turn, keeps both him and the clients relaxed, knowing he is not just after the money they are offering.

The Kardashian/Jenner clan members are friends with Todd Kraines

Todd Kraines obviously loves to hang around luxury and the Kardashians make the perfect friends for him. He has been friends with the family for a long time and gets very comfortable around them. Kris Jenner and the rest of her family have also made appearances on his Instagram page. In fact, Kraines is so close to the family that an April Fool prank was played on their matriarch by impersonating him.

That infamous Scott Disick prank episode on KUWTK – Auntie Kris! It’s me, Todd Kraines!”

Perhaps, the only reason he’s now famous, especially among the die-hard fans of Keeping up with the Kardashians, is the Todd Kraines prank which is arguably the funniest part of the reality TV show. To pull the prank on the unsuspecting Kris Jenner, Scott Disick was calling her over the phone for six months, pretending to be Kraines. He also sent her flowers.

The Todd Kraines prank episode happened in 2013 and in 2021, Disick made an appearance on the show for another April Fool’s Day prank. According to E!, Disick is the lord of pranks, and his “Auntie Kris, it’s me! It’s Todd Kraines!” line is their favorite quote ever. The most amazing part of that prank might be the fact that Scott Disick had no idea who Kraines was at the time he made that call and only followed Kourtney’s prompts.

How Todd Kraines felt about the prank

Speaking to Bustle after the whole prank went down, Kraines said it was actually a lot of fun but apparently not at the time it happened. While the prank was being made, he didn’t find it funny and it was kind of unnerving for him. The nerves were mostly because he wasn’t aware his name was being used in a prank at the time and when Kris called him to confirm, he was freaking out. Fans of the show were later introduced to the real estate mogul during his holidays with the Kardashians.

Kraines joins the Kardashians on their random trips

Just after the whole prank went down, fans got to see the real Todd Kraines as he joined the Kardashians on a ski vacation in Vail, Colorado. Disick was also present. Tons of pictures emerged from the trip.

His relationship with the Kardashians started with his parents

On August 27, 2018, Kim Kardashian revealed her dinner plans with Todd’s parents with a snapshot but further details were not provided. Kraines wasn’t present anyway. Kraines’ dad and the late Robert Kardashian were best friends while his mom and Kris are still close friends.

Todd Kraines’ association with the Kardashians is rubbing off on his Instagram

When you are obviously friends with the Kardashian, social media users would want to know what is happening in your life and this translates to more followers. He currently has thousands of followers on his Instagram handle where he treats followers with juicy details about his life of luxury.

What is Todd Kraines’ net worth?

Before Scott Disick decided to impersonate him on the KUWTK show, nothing was known about Kraines. He was probably just popular among his clients, family, and friends. But now that his association with this wealthy family has been revealed, a lot of questions about him are coming up. For now, there is no net worth estimate for the real estate agent but be rest assured that he is swimming in cash, considering his Beverly Hills job and the luxury he displays on Instagram. He has to be loaded to afford such a lifestyle.

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Kraines got engaged in 2020

Todd Kraines

Source: @tkraines Instagram

Todd Kraines is eye candy for the ladies but he is already off the market. He has a beautiful blonde in his life who adorns his Instagram with pride. The lady identified as Paige has an Instagram account epl1212 which she made private, thus, it’s hard to get any information about her. Todd popped the question in September 2020 after they have been together for four years. He used a big shiny rock to ask her to be his forever partner and she said yes!

No wedding bells have been heard yet but the two look as close as ever, even better. Todd doesn’t hide the fact that he is smitten with his blonde bombshell and the love letter he wrote her on her birthday is on fire!

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