Maja Schöne Began Acting As An Adult – Everything You Need To Know About The German Actress

Maja Schöne
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Profile summary of Maja Schöne
  • Name: Maja Schöne
  • Date of birth: January 1, 1976
  • Age: 48
  • Place of birth: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Nationality: German
  • Education: Schauspielschule Bochum (1997-2001)
  • Parents: Not known
  • Siblings: One older brother (name not known)
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Carlo Ljubek
  • Profession: Actress
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: 51kg/112lbs
  • Net worth: $1.10 million (1 million Euro)

Maja Schöne is a German actress who has achieved a lot in her acting career and has been in the movie industry for quite a while. She is steadfast as someone who loves to put in her best in all she does. As we all know, acting is not as easy as it looks, it takes a lot of practice, confidence, determination, originality, and consistency to become a good actress and Schöne is one person who understands this.

The actress is certainly one of Germany’s finest and is popular for playing the electrifying role of Hannah Kahnwald in the Netflix series Dark. The 48-year-old who has been making waves in the film industry began acting at a time when she was already an adult. More details about this and more you will find out as you read on.

Maja Schöne was born in Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Wurttemberg
State in Germany

Maja Schöne was born on January 1, 1976, in Stuttgart the capital city of Baden- Wurttemberg State in Germany to German parents. She has an older brother whose name is unknown and there is no information on her parents. If there is anything one can say, it would be that Maja is conscious of what fame brings her way, the actress understands that the spotlight comes with an overwhelming lack of privacy and found a way to keep the greater part of her personal life hidden from the media.

Early career moves

Maja Schöne’s first screen acting gig was in the German TV movie titled Schuluss mit Lustig. What you might not have known is that acting was actually not her first choice of a career, unlike most actors who developed their passion at a very early stage in life. In the case of Maja, it was in her 20s, during the course of her internship at a local theater after she had finished high school that she slowly began to see the possibilities of going into acting.

With the interest of acting at heart, Maja made up her mind and decided to go further to study at the Westphalian Drama School which is sited in Bochum, she graduated from drama school in 2001. It was only a matter of time for the actress to begin to showcase her talent and in a short while, she began making a name for herself.

She began acting in a professional capacity in 2001

In February 2001, Maja Schöne moved to Hamburg and forged ahead in the pursuit of her career to feature in different plays by Friedrich Schiller and was awarded for her excellent performances, winning the Young Talent Promotion Award in February 2002. From then henceforth, her hard work began to pay off and soon, she began receiving many nominations and awards for her outstanding performances.

In the year 2004, she had begun to get the hang of having an acting career and that was when she made her cinema debut in Mark Schlichter’s film’ Cowgirl, acting alongside other actresses like Alexandra Maria Lara and this movie earned her a nomination for the Undine Award.

After her debut in 2004, her very first screen acting in her career was in the German TV movie titled Schluss mit Lustig and as usual, she performed excellently. From 2008 to 2013, she featured in the Stuttgart episodes of the crime series Tartort, playing the role of the wife of the investigator Bootz. In 2011, she likewise featured in Brigitte Bertele’s movie The Brand, playing the role of a rape victim in search of retribution, this role got her the German Actor award for best actress.

Her big break happened on the set of Dark

Her major breakthrough into the movie industry came after she featured in Netflix’s series Dark. The German actress’ performance on the Netflix series where she portrayed the character of Hannah Kahnwald was exceptional, her depiction of this character drew the attention of many fans and critics within and outside Germany and made Maja Schöne’s name known among movie fans.

Maja Schöne fimography

  • 2001: Schluss mit lustig!
  • 2004: Doppelter Einsatz: Der Fluch des Feuers
  • 2004: Das Zimmermädchen
  • 2004: Cowgirl
  • 2004: Der Traum vom Süden
  • 2004: Aller Tage Abend
  • 2005: Tatort : Im Alleingang
  • 2005: Mörderische Erpressung
  • 2005: Dow Jane Index
  • 2006: Stubbe-Von Fall zu Fall: Verhängnisvolle Freundschaft
  • 2007: Polizeiruf 110: Dunkler Sommer
  • 2007: Tatort: In eigener Sache
  • 2007: Tatort: Hart an der Grenze
  • 2007: Der Dicke: Angstpartie
  • 2007:  Mai – Helden bei der Arbeit
  • 2008: KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst: Chancen
  • 2008:  Buddenbrooks
  • 2008: Tatort: Das Mädchen Galina
  • 2008: Tatort: Oben und unten
  • 2008: Tatort: Tödliche Tarnung
  • 2009: Zarte Parasiten
  • 2009: Wanna Be (short film)
  • 2009: Summertime Blues
  • 2009: Tatort: Blutgeld
  • 2009: Tatort: Altlasten
  • 2010: KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst: Chancen
  • 2011: Polizeiruf 110 – Feindbild
  • 2011: Der Brand
  • 2012: Stralsund – Blutige Fährte
  • 2012: Tatort: Spiel auf Zeit
  • 2013: Bella Block: Hundskinder
  • 2014: Frau Roggenschaubs Reise
  • 2014: Sternstunde ihres Lebens
  • 2015: Blochin – Die Lebenden und die Toten (TV miniseries)
  • 2015: Tatort: Preis des Lebens
  • 2016: Neu in unserer Familie
  • 2017: Neu in unserer Familie 2 (TV film)
  • 2018: Tatort: Du allein
  • 2018: A Dark in the Light
  • 2019: Eine fremde Tochter
  • 2017–2020: Dark (TV series)
  • 2020: Der Mann der die Welt aß

In total, her career so far has been quite eventful, having put in lots of time and effort. Here are some nominations and awards she has won for her talent:

  • In 2002, she was given the Young Talent Promotion Award from Friends of
    the German Playhouse.
  • In 2005, the actress was nominated for Undine Award for Best Young
    Supporting Actress.
  • In 2013, Schone won the DSP Award for Best Leading Actress.
  • In 2017, she achieved international recognition as a member of the main
    cast of the Netflix sci-fi family drama television series Dark

Maja has an estimated net worth of $1.10 million

For a career that has lasted for over 20 years, Maja Schöne has done quite well for herself and is living the life she sure deserves, all thanks to her prowess in acting. As of 2022, the actress is said to have a net worth of $1.10 million (1 million Euro). The greater part of her earnings is mainly acquired through her acting career. It is expected that her net worth will climb higher as she is part of the successful Netflix series Dark.

Maja Schöne is happily married

Maja Schone

Maja and her husband Carlo

As a beautiful celebrity, it is normal for fans to be curious about who Schöne is dating or married to and so many other juicy tidbits surrounding her love life. Getting to know about her personal or family life is not an easy task as the actress is actually not on social media which might sound strange to many, considering the era we are in. The available social media pages with her pictures were created by fans of the actress. Notwithstanding, we have the deets about her current relationship status.

The German actress is one of those actresses who fell in love in the line of duty and got married to their fellow actor. Maja Schöne is happily married to a fellow actor named Carlo Ljubek. When they met or the date they got married is not known to the public. The couple shares the same birth year (1976) and their union is blessed with a daughter named Marie Matschke and a son named Max Boekhoff.

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