Leem Lubany Is An Arab Actress, Meet Her

Leem Lubany
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Leem Lubany – born August 31, 1997, is 26 years old.

Leem Lubany is an Israeli-born Palestinian actress and singer best known for playing the role of Nadia in the 2013 movie, Omar. Her best-known TV series, Condor was where she breathed life into the character of Gabrielle Joubert from 2018 to 2020. Leem never had any professional training in acting but she started playing onscreen roles while schooling at Harduf Waldorf School. She depicted her debut role so well that it opened inroads into several other acting gigs. Today, the young entertainer boasts seven acting credits and still counting.

Profile summary of Leem Lubany
  • Name: Leem Lubany
  • Date of birth: August 31, 1997
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Place of birth: Nazareth in Israel
  • Nationality: Israeli
  • Education: High school level
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Occupation: Actress and musician
  • Years active: 2013 to date
  • Net worth: $1.7 million
  • Instagram: @leemlubany
  • Twitter: @LeemLubany

How old is Leem Lubany, is she Arab?

Leem Lubany is currently 26 years old and she hails from an Arab-Israeli ethnic background. The movie and television actress was born on the 31st of August in 1997 and her birthplace is in Nazareth, Israel. She was born into a family that hails from Palestine. With that said, it is clear that Leem is an Israeli national.

To date, Lubany has not deemed it necessary to reveal the identities of her parents in the public space. However, it is common knowledge that the Israeli-born entertainer is not the only child of her parents. She spent her formative years alongside two siblings – Lana and Karine Lubany.

Despite the fact that she was born and raised in Israel, Leem Lubany holds her Palestinian roots in very high esteem. However, she has future plans of moving to New York in the United States where she will be exposed to a better opportunity of making it big in the entertainment industry.

Talking about her academics, Lubany acquired basic education in kibbutz Harduf at the Harduf Waldorf School. There is no further talk about her higher academic journey.

Leem Lubany started her acting career as a high school student

Leem Lubany never took an acting class in her life. In fact, she was still in her senior year at Harduf Waldorf School in 2013 when the up-and-coming movie star made her professional acting debut in the film entitled Omar by Hany Abu-Assad.

Fans who watched Omar never suspected that Leem was a greenhorn at that point and it was all thanks to her inborn acting stills. She was able to seamlessly portray the character of Nadia – the girlfriend of a man in the West Bank mandated to collaborate with the Israeli authorities.

The movie is listed as Leem’s big break and has received a lot of praise from critics – at the 86th Academy Awards of 2014, it became a nominee in the category of best foreign language film.

She has since played other notable roles on both the big and small screens

In 2014, the Israeli-born actress made her next onscreen appearance on the set of the movie A to B, breathing life into the character of Shadya.

While playing Nadia in Omar remained her break-out role, Leem Lubany was announced to a wider audience after she scored the role of Salima on the set of the comedy entitled Rock the Kasbah.

The comedy-drama turned out to be an ensemble of the crème de la crème in Hollywood, starring the likes of Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Danny McBride, Kate Hudson, and Zooey Deschanel, alongside Leem Luban. The comedy belongs to the directorial portfolio of Academy Award-winning movie director, Barry Levinson and the writing credit of Mitch Glazer (Scrooged).

Situated in Afghanistan, the plot of Rock the Kasbah revolves around the life of a teenage girl blessed with a unique singing voice (depicted by Lubany). She was lucky to be discovered by a washed-up music manager on a tour in Afghanistan and was taken to Kabul to join in the competition for the American Idol-style television show, known as Afghan Star.

Ensuing reports say Salima’s character in Rock the Kasbah was loosely inspired by a real-life contestant called Setara Hussainzada.

Her other roles can be seen in the 2018 movie, Saint Judy as Asefa. Leem was part of the cast of Baghdad Central – a TV series that featured her in six episodes as Sawsan al-Khafaji in 2020. She showed up in 11 episodes of the series, Condor as Gabrielle Joubert between 2018 and 2020, and is the Young Abbey Chase we saw in six episodes of the 2022 television series, The Old Man.

According to reports, Lubany is waiting to take another giant stride in her burgeoning acting career as she prepares to join the cast of season six of the HBO smash hit series entitled, Game of Thrones.

Apart from her gigs in the movies and TV series, Leem Lubany once made an appearance on a TV program in 2015; she acted as herself in Today.

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Did Leem Lubany sing in Rock the Kasbah?

Leem Lubany’s voice contributed to some of the tracks in Rock the Kasbah. While acting remains her forte, Leem Lubany also harbors a special talent for music. Talking to Hello, the young entertainer said she has been singing since her childhood and had not had an opportunity to perform professionally till she started her acting career.

She is successfully combining her singing and acting talents by providing vocals to a few tracks in the movie, Rock the Kasbah. Leem’s voice was behind such songs as Trouble, Peace Train, and Wild World. She is currently collaborating with the veteran, Peter Asher and according to the youngster, it is a thrill beyond her wildest expectations.

Leem Lubany’s movies and TV shows


  • Omar as Nadia – 2013
  • From A to B as Shadya – 2014
  • Rock the Kasbah as Salima – 2015
  • Saint Judy as Asefa – 2018

TV series

  • Baghdad Centra as Sawsan al-Khafaji – 2020
  • Condor as Gabrielle Joubert – 2018-2020
  • The Old Man as Young Abbey Chase – 2022

Lubany’s body statistics

Leem Lubany is a lady of slim build who stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches or 162.5 cm. Combined with a body mass of 54 kg, it is glaring that Leem is obviously not endowed in the height department.

She sports black hair which she wears long and eyes that are dark brown in color. Leem’s distinctive physical features include her arc-shaped eyebrows and full lips.

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