How Old Is J.L. Reate Now, Where Is The Golden Child Star?

J.L. Reate
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Profile summary of J.L. Reate
  • Real name: Jasmine Lauren Reate
  • Date of birth: September 14, 1979
  • Age: 44 years old
  • Place of birth: Monterey County, California, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: NA
  • Marital status: NA
  • Occupation: Actress, event manager
  • Years active: 1986 to present
  • Net worth: $100,000 to $600,000
  • Instagram: @jasminreate

J.L. Reate (real name: Jasmine Lauren Reate) is an American actress who became famous for her only acting role as the magical Tibetan boy in the 1986 movie The Golden Child. Without saying a word, the then little Reate did a number on the role and when she didn’t appear in any other movie afterward, people wondered why. Below are facts that clear the air about what happened to the child who played The Golden Child.

How old is J.L. Reate now?

The former child actress J.L. Reate was born on September 14, 1979, in Monterey County, California, USA. This means she is currently 44 years old. The identity of her parents is yet to be made public and the former actress has not revealed if she has any siblings. That does not hide the fact that she has Asian background if her physical features are anything to go by.

J.L. Reate was born and raised in the United States which is probably where she acquired her education. However, the names of the schools she attended are yet to be shared.

What nationality is J.L. Reate?

Judging by her physical features, it’s easy to conclude that J.L. Reate is Asian and you will not be far from the truth. Nevertheless, her nationality is American as she was born in the United States of America.

Her parents probably immigrated to the States or were born in the States too. Whatever the case may be, J.L. Reate might look like she is from an Asian country but her nationality is recognized as American. She also grew up in the country of her birth.

The Golden Child is the only acting credit in her name

J.L. Reate became a screen idol when she played a major role in the 1986 movie The Golden Child starring Eddie Murphy. Interestingly, her character in the movie is a boy and she played it very well, convincing fans enough to think that she was actually a boy. The Golden Child was the savior of all mankind who gets abducted by villains and Eddy Murphy’s social worker character Chandler Jarrell took up the task to protect him and make sure his destiny was fulfilled.

The Michael Ritchie-directed movie however took a battering from critics after it hit the market. Even Murphy himself called it “a piece of s**t”. Notwithstanding, it made over $100 million at the box office with almost $80 million coming from the US alone. Additionally, the film was widely loved across the globe and has become a classic over the years.

Reates name was minimized to J.L. Reate by the director of The Golden Child who didn’t want her gender to go public at the time. Recall she played a boy in the classic 1986 adventure film while she was a girl. When the reveal was eventually made, it made quite a buzz as many never imagined that The Golden Child was actually a girl playing a boy role.

J.L. Reate and Eddy Murphy reunite

What does J.L. Reate do for a living now?

J.L. Reate is still very active in the movie business but not in the way many imagined. She is the executive director of events at the popular Toronto Film Festival. Her role as a THR executive director puts her in the position to organize many events in the entertainment industry.

She made a comeback into the spotlight recently when after 33 years of playing the bald Tibetan boy, Reate met her costar, Eddy Murphy, once again. Murphy was a guest at the festival where Reate works when the reunion took place. He was promoting his movie Dolemite Is My Name at the festival and according to Reate, he was as nice as she remembered.

 “He was just as kind as I remembered him when I was 6,” Reate confirmed. 

She is also the owner of a professional organizing business named Jasmin Reate Consulting which helps people with their events.

Why was The Golden Child played by a girl?

The titular character in the Golden Child was a Tibetan boy and many fans of the classic adventure movie didn’t know that the person who played the role was a girl. Then 6-year-old Jasmine Reate got the part and to fit in, she had her head shaved and was credited as “J.L. Reate”. She was 7 years old when filming began for The Golden Child.

The name adjustment was to hide her true gender from the public. However, the reason they chose a girl to play the role of a boy in The Golden Child has not been explained by the producers of the film to date. Reate probably won their hearts at the audition.

Is J.L. Reate married?

There is no information that shows if J.L. Reate is married or single. She has not given us any reason to believe she is married or in any relationship at this time. The former child star is more focused on building a career in her field.

J.L. Reate’s past relationship history is also not public knowledge. Likewise, it can’t be confirmed if she has any children of her own.

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Fast facts

Who played the little boy in The Golden Child?

J.L. Reate got the part to play the titular role in The Golden Child and she did a good job, even though she was a girl playing a boy.

Was the Golden Child a boy or girl?

The Golden Child was a Tibetan boy who was destined to save the world but the person who played the role was a girl.

What happened to the kid that played The Golden Child?

J.L. Reate is the kid that played The Golden Child and she is now 44 years old and working at the Toronto Film Festival.

How much money did The Golden Child make?

The Golden Child made $100 million at the box office with almost $80 million of the gross amount coming from the United States alone.

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