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Corrine Koslo
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Corrine Koslo – born in 1958, is 66 years old.

There are a number of ways actors can start their careers, for some, it takes off with appearing in commercials while for many others, they transition from their formal education in acting to becoming full-time actors. Corrine Koslo fits into the latter group. Her career has joined the myriad of successful ones in the industry and it was built on a series of memorable theatre productions.

Koslo is primarily known for the work she has done with Shaw Festival, a theatre company in Canada. But the scope of her work is not limited to just stage acting as she has lent her performing arts skills to television shows and films as well. To understand the success she has attained so far, we need to go back to her background and how it all started.

Profile summary of Corrine Koslo
  • Name: Corrine Koslo
  • Date of birth: 1958
  • Age: 66 years old
  • Place of birth: Canada
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Education: Vancouver Playhouse’s acting school
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @corrinekoslo

Corrine Koslo was born in France

Despite her recognition as a Canadian actress, Corrine Koslo was born sometime in 1958 in France. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to Canada and she spent her early years in Halifax, Edmonton, and Manitoba. As she grew up, the actress fell in love with the performing arts and found ways to contribute to local theatres with her passion for acting and in 1981, she graduated from the Vancouver Playhouse theatre company. Koslo went all the way to equip herself before joining the entertainment industry as a professional.

She had participated in plays during her days in acting school and upon graduating, she broke into the professional acting scene proper.

As an actress, Koslo has acted in different locations all over Canada. She is a long-time contributor to the Shaw Festival which is not only the top theatre company in Canada but also the second-largest theatre company in all of North America. Despite making it big on stage, the actress still branched off to other departments – the big and small screens.

The actress had a very short career in movies

For a person who has been acting for more than four decades, the work that this actress has done in movies is surprisingly low. Corrine Koslo has been in less than 10 films and she has only played supporting characters.

Her first role in a film was in the 1988 remake, Switching Channels, where she played the uncredited role of Yvonne. Her next role was in 1994, playing Miss Flugal in Ernest Goes to School. The last time Corrine Koslo would appear in a film was in 2000 when she was in yet another small role in Best in Show.

Aside from the foregoing, she has two other credits on the small screen. She played the role of Laura Cromartie in Hard Core Logo (1996) and in 1999, she depicted a safe sex advocate in Better Than Chocolate. The aforementioned are the only movies she has been credited with so far but her television career has seen more busy schedules.

She has played many supporting roles on television shows

The bulk of the work this actress has done in her career so far is in stage acting but she is known to have played supporting roles in a number of movies and television shows as well. In the world of acting that is not done in the theatre, Corrine Koslo has been in more television shows than films.

Her debut in television series was in 1987 when she voiced Nikki Darling, an aspiring actress in Beverly Hills Teens. She was on the show for the one season that it aired. By the next year, she was in another television show when she played police officer Connie Booth in Katts and Dog. She only featured in seven episodes of this show.

Then over the course of a 2-year period, Corrine Koslo voiced Lady Rataxes in the 1989 Canadian animated series Babar. Her next TV appearance was the 1992 drama television show, Northwood, where she played the role of Theresa in 10 episodes.

The next time Koslo would have the opportunity to have a long-term role in a television show would be in 2017 – 15 years after her appearance on Northwood. She was cast to play Rachel Lynde in the Canadian television show Anne with an E, which was adapted from Anne of Green Gables. Corrine Koslo joined the show in its first season as a recurring character before she moved on to become a major character in the show’s second and third seasons.

Before this big break in the television industry, Koslo had one-episode appearances in a number of TV shows like New Adventures of Madeline, The X-Files, Mixed Blessings, Made in Canada, Da Vinci’s Inquest, The Outer Limits, Time Warp Trio, The Listener, and Pearlie. More recently, she has been playing a major role as Emma Leroy in Corner Gas Animated. She joined the show in 2018 and has since recorded 13 episodes to her credit. The same year Corrine Koslo Joined the cast of Corner Gas Animated, she appeared in one episode of Schitt’s Creek as Ricki.

Corrine Koslo has been with the Shaw Festival Theatre for over a decade

It is not clear when Corrine Koslo joined the Shaw Festival company but for most of her career course, she has worked with this company. She is also known for her prominent work on the stage which took her all over Canada.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Lady Windermere’s Fans, Holiday and The Apple Cart are a few of this company’s productions that have featured Corrine Koslo. She has worked with the company for over twelve years, starting from the early days of her career.

Multiple award winner

As already stated, Corrine Koslo is a stage actress who has less than 30 credited roles in television shows to her name and an even lesser number in movies. This does not take away the fact that she is a brilliant writer and performer.

The actress is a multiple award winner who has been the recipient of two Dora Mavor Moore Awards, the Jessie Richardson Award, which she also won twice, and an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award. All these honors are for performances she put on in different theatre productions such as Sweeny Todd, Love and Anger, Bunnicula, and Seussical.

Complete list of Corrine Koslo’s movies and TV shows

TV series

  • Beverly Hills Teens as Nikki Darling – 1987
  • Katts and Dog as Officer Connie Booth – 1988
  • Babar as Lady Rataxes – 1989-1991
  • Northwood as Theresa – 1992-1993
  • New Adventures of Madeline as Additional voices – 1995
  • The X-Files as Lottie Holloway – 1995
  • Mixed Blessings as The Nun – 1995
  • Made in Canada as Stephani – 1998
  • Da Vinci’s Inquest as Sylvia – 1998
  • The Outer Limits as Abby – 1999
  • Life-Size as Toy store owner – 2000
  • Cathy Jones Gets a Special as Herself – 2002
  • The New Beachcombers as Cora Wrecht – 2002
  • Time Warp Trio as Lady Agnes Randolph – 2006
  • Listener as Crown Attorney Fielder – 2009
  • Pearlie – 2009
  • Anne with an E as Rachel Lynde – 2017-2019
  • Schitt’s Creek as Ricki – 2018
  • Corner Gas Animated as Emma Leroy – 2018-present


  • Switching Channels as Yvonne – 1998
  • Ernest Goes to School as Miss Flugal – 1994
  • Hard Core Logo as Laura Cromartie – 1996
  • Better Than Chocolate as Safe Sex Advocate – 1999
  • Best in Show as Mayflower Sporting Judge – 2000

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Who is Corrine Koslo married to?

Aside from her love for animals which she doesn’t hide, the Canadian actress doesn’t really flaunt her personal life in public. We can’t say much about her love life but she seems to be in a relationship with a man named Peter Wright who has appeared on her Instagram handle a few times.

Most of the pictures on her social media accounts depict different kinds of animals and she loves to spend time with them. From horses to dogs and cats, Corrine has mad love for pets.

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