Dayana Castellanos Age, Husband, Net Worth, Nationality, Where Is She Now?

Dayana Castellanos
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Profile summary of Dayana Castellanos
  • Name: Dayana Castellanos
  • Date of birth: 25th of August 1981
  • Age: 42
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: N/A
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Occupation: reality star, social media influencer
  • Years active: 2019 to date
  • Net worth: N/A
  • Social media: Instagram

Dayana Castellanos is an American woman who gained fame as a reality television star, though she spent a better part of her adult life in the drug business, peddling marijuana in South Florida. It was after she gave up her business of drug dealership, having languished in prison for a couple of years, that Dayana became a reality star through the popular American reality show Cartel Crew. This happens to be a series on VH1 where former drug dealers come to tell their life stories.

Apart from reality TV, Castellanos also functions as a social media influencer, she is very visible on the picture-sharing platform, Instagram where the ex-drug dealer has accumulated thousands of followers.

Now 42 years old, Dayana Castellanos is a child of the early ’80s

Perhaps because of her past bad record with hard substances, Dayana’s personal details are not available for public consumption. However, it is on record that she was born on the 25th of August 1981, meaning that this social media personality is currently 42. According to one of her Insta Stories, though her place of birth is in Miami, Florida, Dayana’s roots can be traced to Cuba.

Her parents’ names have never been mentioned in the public arena, thus, it is hard to know what they do for a living but they don’t have anything to do with hard substance as attested by Dayana in Cartel Crew. In the same vein, it had never been mentioned if Castellanos is an only child or shared her childhood with siblings.

Her previous exploits as a drug peddler

There is a dearth of details on Dayana Castellanos’early career, however, it is common knowledge that the Florida resident spent a better part of her adult life in the drug business. She spent a couple of years in South Florida where she was in charge of houses for growing Marijuana. This was the business that took care of the bills for Dayana and her husband for a while.

According to the reality television star, both she and her husband (name withheld) were not born into the drug business and the idea to give it a trial came from her husband. He thought that their finances can be boosted if they launch a marijuana business. This was how they started marijuana houses in South Florida and within a very short while, the couple made the top seller list for marijuana in the city. Due to Rose fame Cartels, they got connected to Miami Narco Ring.

Tales of her drug-pedaling days included spending time in prison

Dayana Castellanos’ former line of business was a dangerous one that constantly put her in trouble and before long, she got arrested by the authorities and was sentenced to prison where she spent a couple of years. According to reports, her husband was also serving a jail term at the time she was incarcerated.

After she completed her two-year jail term, Dayana was really grateful for getting reacquainted with her family and vowed to stay completely away from trouble so she could raise her four children in peace. Having always wished for an opportunity to get back with her family, the former drug dealer got busy cementing her bond with her kids and is also devising means of releasing her husband who is still a prisoner.

The mother of four joined Cartel Crew in 2019

Cartel crew cast members – image source

While trying to get clean from any drug-related business, Dayana Castellanos decided to join Katherine Flores in the popular reality television show known as Cartel Crew which marked her career breakthrough in 2019.

On the set of the Cartel Crew, ex-members of different drug cartels who have decided to jettison the business come together to make their life stories known to the public. From the tales they told, it was glaring that most of the cast members were born into the drug business as their parents were former drug lords. However, Castellanos seems to be a bit different since she was already an adult and married before she came into contact with marijuana. She consciously went into the business in search of greener pastures.

Dayana Castellanos is currently making waves on social media

It is true that Dayana Castellanos tasted fame after she became part of the reality show, Cartel Crew, but the credit for her exponential growth has to go to social media. As soon as the former drug peddler surfaced on the picture-sharing platform, Instagram, she began acquiring followers in thousands, and currently, her handle can boast of over 120,000 followers and still counting. What you are likely to find on her page are lifestyle photos.

What is Dayana Castellanos’ net worth?

Two years in the drug business must have been lucrative for the TV star and her family and though her net worth is not quite known, there are rumors she’s worth up to $5 million. The reality TV star has now cleaned up her act and has gone legit. Her appearance on a popular reality TV show is apparently paying her well and she has also leveraged social media to turn herself into a proper celebrity who earns through different channels.

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Dayana’s husband is in jail

From her life story, it is perceived that Dayana Castellanos is a married woman with children but her husband is still incarcerated in prison for peddling drugs. She is also said to have a total of four children though, their identities have never been revealed in the public space. She’s reportedly trying to get her husband out of jail.

Though she was once married to a man, Dayana Castellanos is now into women

From what is perceivable, Dayana may not want to have anything to do with her husband when he comes out of jail. This conclusion was drawn from the fact that her sexuality has taken another turn and she seems not to be into men anymore. The mother of four is presently enjoying a same-sex relationship with someone, though her identity is not known.

Her body stats says the reality star is 5 feet 7 inches

Dayana Castellanos is a woman of average height, standing at 5 feet 7inches with an attractive slim build. The former drug peddler is a beauty who keeps her crop of black hair long, running below shoulder level. Her eyes are brown in color but her other body statistics are not known.

What does Dayana Castellanos do for a living now?

Castellanos has paid her dues for her involvement in the illegal drug business and has decided to operate on a clean slate, devoid of any shady deal. She is now focusing on being there for her children by doing legitimate business. For now, reality TV is her main known source of income.

Also, her Instagram account describes her as the CEO of Dope Media Group and Owner of @miracleleafsouthmiami, which is an outfit that deals with medical marijuana. In essence, Dayana never really left the marijuana business but has found a way to make it in a legit way.

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