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Who is Meaghan Gadd, Nat Faxon’s Wife and What Does She Do For a Living?

Meaghan Gadd
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Profile summary of Meaghan Gadd
  • Name: Meaghan Gadd
  • Parents: Steve Gadd, Carol Gadd
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Nat Faxon
  • Famous as: Nat Faxon’s wife

A lot of people have often wondered who is Meaghan Gadd? In the public eye, Meaghan Gadd is seen as the wife of American actor Nat Faxon and that is her major claim to fame. Though Meaghan was born into an artistic family, she doesn’t have any known career in the entertainment industry but she enjoys the spotlight for being married to a known actor. Meaghan Gadd’s husband, Nat Faxon, is not just an actor, the American entertainer is also a comedian, director, and screenwriter with coveted awards to prove his mettle.

Meaghan Gadd is the daughter of American drummer, Steve Gadd

Meaghan Gadd has not been generous with information about her early life, including her actual date of birth. For this reason, we can’t tell how old Nat Faxon’s wife is at this time. She is, however, known as the daughter of legendary drummer Steve Gadd. Steve Gadd, unlike his daughter, enjoys the spotlight as a music icon. He is a drummer, percussionist, and session musician born on April 9, 1945. Steve’s wife is known as Carol Gadd but she prefers to stay away from media attention.

It is assumed that Carol Gadd is Meaghan’s mother since she is married to her dad. Meaghan is also the only child of the couple known to the public which suggests she grew up without siblings. The names of the schools she attended while growing up have not been shared and we can’t confirm what it was like growing up for Nat Faxon’s wife.

What does Meaghan Gadd do for a living?

Being married to a celebrity often overshadows your career accomplishments but in the case of Meaghan Gadd, she seems to have placed her career life on a hiatus to focus on the home front. Speculations are rife that she is a housewife since she has not made her occupation known to the public. However, she seems to be a very supportive wife to Nat Faxon, often gracing social events with the film actor.

Meaghan Gadd was there with her husband at the premiere of the dramatic comedy The Way, Way Back. The event was held on the closing night of the LA Film Festival at the Regal Theatre in Los Angeles on June 23, 2013. The couple always looks picture-perfect whenever they make public appearances together.

Meaghan married Nat Faxon on February 3, 2007

Nat Faxon and Meaghan Gadd have been married for 40 years now and they look happier each time they are spotted in public. The couple exchanged marriage vows on February 3, 2007, in front of family and friends but the details are not public knowledge.

The actual time and place they met are not known as the couple is yet to share such details with the public. However, Nat Faxon was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and attended Brookwood School, Holderness School, and Hamilton College.

She has two children with Nat Faxon

After 40 years of marriage, Meaghan Gadd and Nat Faxon have built a family most people would admire. They have two children together – their daughter Ruthie Faxon and son Otis Faxon. They haven’t shared the birth details of their children and the kids equally stay under the radar most times.

While it is on record that Meaghan Gadd has two children with her husband, Nat Faxon’s record shows he has three kids. The third child listed for Nat is Beatrice Faxon but nothing is known about who her mother is. She might be a product of a previous relationship or Meaghan is also the mother but due to their strict privacy policies, they prefer to withhold that piece of information.

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What is Meaghan Gadd’s net worth compared to Nat Faxon’s?

Without a known career, it is kind of difficult to tell what Meaghan Gadd’s net worth is. Nonetheless, there are several speculations that she is worth at least $1 million but that has not been verified. On the other hand, her husband Nat Faxon has an estimated net worth of $6 million made from his years of working in the entertainment industry as an actor, voice actor, comedian, and screenwriter.

Another interesting comparison between the couple would be their height. Meaghan Gadd is not so tall herself but she is married to a tall guy as Nat Faxon is 6 feet tall. Thus, Meaghan stands way below her husband, though her actual height is not known.

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