Kent Parajon – Bio, Movies and Net Worth of The Miami Vice Actor

Kent Parajon
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Profile summary of Kent Parajon
  • Name: Kent Parajon
  • Date of birth: Unknown
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Unknown
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Height: 6′ 1″
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 1988-present
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @kentparajon12

Kent Parajon is an American actor known for the roles he played in Miami Vice (1984), Funny Man (2016), and Thief (2017). He started life in College Park, Georgia, where he spent a better part of his formative years before going on to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. Though he had to take a long hiatus from the movie scene, the actor made a successful comeback after raising his son and so far, he has recorded remarkable success in the movie industry. The father of one has since landed lucrative commercials and from the look of things, he is all fired up to create a niche for himself in the industry.

Kent Parajon hails from College Park, Georgia

Perhaps it is because of his long hiatus from the entertainment scene, nothing is known about American actor Kent Parajon, however, it is common knowledge that the father of one hails from College Park Georgia in the United States. The movie star has also lived in other parts of America like Miami and Los Angeles California. There is absolutely nothing to go by on his educational background, thus, we cannot say whether he is a university graduate or not.

His career took off in modeling before he began acting

Kent Parajon

Kent Parajon in a movie scene image source

kent Parajon was already working and walking for companies in the fashion industry as a model while he was a resident of Miami. In 1988, when the television series Miami Vice came on the screen, the Georgia-born model scored a nice role, marking the begging of his acting career. Kent was really enthusiastic about making it big in the movies which informed his decision in 1989 to relocate to America’s movie headquarters in Los Angeles, California. While there, Kent set to work to pursue his dreams.

However, the blossoming entertainer had to put a halt to his plans with the arrival of his son who came into the picture a few years later. Kent’s hiatus from the movie scene eventually turned out to be a 20-year break which according to the actor went into raising and seeing his son off into the world as a productive lad.

With his son well settled, the Georgian native made his comeback into the movie scene and within a few years of his re-appearance, the actor already recorded six credits and still counting. Out of the six, Kent Parajon played the leading character in four. He has also recorded one commercial – a national Care Credit commercial.

Kent Parajon movies and TV shows

Miami Vice -1988

Miami Vice is resplendent with genuine 1980s music, vibe, and fashion. The plot follows a couple of undercover detectives as they navigate the streets of Miami in Florida with their extended team. Created by Anthony Yerkovich, the television series features industry greats such as Don Johnson, Saundra Santiago, and Philip Michael Thomas. Kent Parajon essayed the role of Klaus Hermann in the series.

Funny Man – 2016

In the Omri Dorani-directed comedy Funny Man, we saw a washed-up comedian who later became a child superstar, thanks to his remarkable role in finding a stolen bike. Written by Rob Harmon (Omri Dorani also served as the co-writer), the characters in the movie were brought to life by the likes of Cameron Blunt, Joe May, and Karen Ann Cabrera. Kent was just a Bluejacket Member on set.

Thief – 2017

Yulia Larionova’s short movie Thief had Hent Parajon playing the leading role of Steve where he shared the screen with other actors like David Alan Graf and Mikaela Welton.

Separate -2017

Separate chronicles the life of a troubled teenager who seeks redemption after taking revenge on her abusive parents. Day Paris functioned as both the director and writer with screen greats like Marilyn Burns, Atika Greene, and of course Kent Parajon playing the leading roles.

Weird City: Headhunters – 2018

Kent Parajon acted as a Funeral Home Director on the set of Steve Boshear-directed short movie. Weird City: Headhunters was written by Sarah Turi and had actors like Leonardi Guzman, Edward Earl Newton, and Jessica McCabe on set.

Torn from the Headlines: The New York Post Reports – 2020

Torn from the Headlines: The New York Post Reports is a popular television series centered on some tabloid staff who offer spectators a behind-the-headlines peek at a number of the most infamous crimes in New York City. The characters were brought to life by Larry Celona, Michelle Gotthelf, and Gabrielle Fonrouge. Kent Parajon was featured on set as Captain Duke.

New York Post Investigates

ID Channel released New York Post Investigates in 2020 with Kent playing a lead role. According to the American actor, going back to pursue his passion at 55 has been a wonderful experience. We know of many actors who retired from the industry in their mid-fifties but Kent Parajon is definitely firing on all cylinders and according to the entertainer, he is looking forward to meeting more talented people and working with them in the nearest future.

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Summary of Kent Parajon’s movie roles

  • Torn from the Headlines: The New York Post Reports (2020) as Captain Duke
  • Weird City: Headhunters (2018) as Funeral Home Director
  • Separate – (2017) as John
  • Thief – (2017) as Steve
  • Funny Man – (2016) as Bluejacket Member
  • Miami Vice – (1988) as Klaus Hermann

Kent Parajon has accumulated a huge net worth

Kent Parajon has never revealed the type of work he did while on his 20 years of hiatus from the movie industry, but according to reports, the actor made a lion’s share of his fortune from the entertainment industry. A handful of his movies became quite successful and needless to say, he was handsomely rewarded for his efforts. The actor’s net worth is yet to be estimated.

Kent Parajon is a father of one

To date, Kent never let on the details of his love life, but going by what he revealed as his reason for taking a break from the movies in the late 1980s, he became a father around that time. However, the name of his son’s mother is not known and his past love life has remained shrouded in mystery to date.

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