Who is Greg Hovanessian – The Canadian Actor Who Played Chuck Stewart In When Hope Calls?

Greg Hovanessian
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Profile summary of Greg Hovanessian
  • Name: Greg Hovanessian
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Age: NA
  • Place of birth: Southern Ontario
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Education: Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 2013 to date
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @GregHovanessian
  • Twitter: @GregHovanessian

One of the prominent characters in the 2019 Canadian TV series, When Hope Calls, is Dr. Chuck Stewart who was professionally played by actor Greg Hovanessian, a rising star in Canada. In addition to his role as Dr. Chuck Stewart on the Hallmark Movies Now and GAC Family show, the Canadian actor also has an impressive resume of film credits, such as On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas (2015) and eHero (2018), to his name. He is also a model and a stunt performer.

Greg Hovanessian grew up in Canada

The Canadian actor who has taken Hollywood by storm was born in Southern Ontario, Canada. Details of his exact date and year of birth are not exactly known to the public, although media images of the actor put him within the range of 25-30 years old.

Also, family information like the identity of his parents or siblings, that is assuming he has any, are not available at the moment. The star actor was raised in Southern Ontario, Canada where he had the early years of his formal education. The pinpointed details of his early school years are not public knowledge.

Greg, however, had a brief stint at Queen’s University, Canada where he studied film and drama. The feeling of dissatisfaction and unmet expectations led him to drop out of school briefly and go on a soul-searching expedition. Having discovered that acting was what he wanted to do on a longer-term basis, Greg enrolled in the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television from where he graduated in 2014 with a degree in acting.

Greg started acting before his teens

As a youngster, Greg had the same dreams and aspirations that every actor seems to have as a child. He was a boy who grew up watching and idolizing movie stars and generally getting inspired to one day become like the stars he saw on TV and in movies.

At the age of 12, Greg got his first amateur taste of acting when he was cast to play the character of Org in a school stage production titled The Three Fairy Godmothers. This ignited a passion and feeling that the young actor wanted a regular taste of.

Greg was further inspired to learn all he could about what it takes to become an actor, a challenge he was quite prepared to undertake. It was not an easy road and after being disillusioned at Queens University, he finally was able to fulfill his dream of going to an institution that would help unlock his acting potential.

The years he spent at The Toronto Acting Academy helped to prepare him for the world of acting. After months of hard work and dedication, he was given the opportunity to make a mark.

His first professional gig came in the form of a job on CW’s Nikita in 2013. Greg did not stop there and spent the next few years shuttling between Canada and the United States where he has acted in several other projects such as Covert Affairs, Cardinal, and Slasher.

A lead role in the 2018 movie, eHero, further elevated the consciousness of movie lovers with the entrance of a very talented actor who has come to stay for a long time in Hollywood. In 2019, he further exhibited his versatile acting skills when he appeared in the TV series When Hope Calls. Greg has recorded a number of acting credits to his name since his appearance in Nikita as can be seen below.

Greg Hovanessian movies and TV shows

TV series

  • 2013 – Nikita as Luca
  • 20114 – Covert Affairs as Tac Team Guy #2
  • 2015 – Reign as Advance Scout
  • 2016 – Air Crash Investigation (TV Series documentary) as Sergeant Harry Julien
  • 2016 – Slasher as Corey
  • 2016/I – Hacker as Randy Bickle
  • 2017 – The Mist as Wes Foster
  • 2017 – Private Eyes as Private Joe Howard
  • 2018 – Cardinal as Zack
  • 2018 – UnREAL as Mitchell
  • 2019 – Hudson & Rex as Mark Trainor
  • 2019-2021 – Another Life as Beauchamp McCarry
  • 2019 – When Hope Calls as Dr. Chuck Stewart


  • 2013 – AKP: Job 27 as The Don’s Guard
  • 2015 – Cupid as Cupid
  • 2015 – On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas as Jimmy
  • 2015/II – P.O.W. (Short) as Tim
  • 2016 – Bodies as Paul
  • 2016 – Deadly Inferno as Jack Barton
  • 2017 – Love of my life as Kenny Slitzer
  • 2018 – The New Romantic as College Bro
  • 2018 – eHero as Tyler Conway
  • 2019 – Midway Lieutenant Arizona (uncredited)
  • The Redeemer (post-production) as James Nelson
  • The Fight Machine (post-production) as Paul Harris

Greg Hovanessian may not return for season 2 of When Hope Calls

One of the most beloved characters of When Hope Calls, Greg, who plays the role of Dr. Chuck Stewart, was noticeably absent when the show returned in December 2021 for the eagerly anticipated second season.

He, along with Jocelyn Hudon, who plays Grace Bennett, was 2 high-profile absentees on the show. The show’s producers must have known what was coming because they ended the first season in a way that helps fans of the show retain hope of seeing their favorite actor again.

Recall that the first season ended with a love profession from Greg’s character Chuck to Grace Bennett just as she was ready to depart for London to help arrange a reunion between one of the orphans at the home she had founded with her sister Lillian, and her estranged grandfather.

To mitigate the impact of Greg’s sudden departure from the show, the writers simply made it happen that Chuck is now married to Grace with the couple now living in London, much to the dissatisfaction of Chuck Stewart’s mother.

Whether Greg returns to the show is anyone’s guess as he has most recently returned for his part in the Netflix production After Life while he is also working on several other feature-length movie roles at the moment.

The hunky Canadian actor is currently unattached to any relationship

Handsome, good-looking, and with an impressive body to boot, Greg’s personal and romantic life has always remained a topic for a conversation with many of his fans wondering who the star actor might be dating. That information is one that has split opinion with several publications claiming that the Canadian-born actor is in a serious relationship with fellow Canadian movie star Tanya Bevan.

Whether by design or not, neither of the actors has come out to verify the truth of these claims. This leads us to believe that Greg is still single at the moment.

Greg enjoys activities that help him stay fit

The caliber of movie roles that Greg accepts requires him to maintain a healthy body structure, hence, he spends some of his free time in a gym or engages in other cardiovascular activities like dancing.

As a lover of the action genre, his well-developed martial arts skills give him an edge over some actors who do not possess these skills. Greg is also quite easy to get along with and welcomes any criticism that helps him improve and become better at his job.

The variety of career activities that the movie star is involved in is an immense source of pride to him as well because he believes it affords him the opportunity to constantly learn new things and evolve his personality.

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