What Happened To Sean Caracena From Kid 90 and How Did He Die?

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Profile Summary of Sean Caracena
  • Name: Sean Paulo Herget (Sean Caracena)
  • Date of birth: March 13th, 1976
  • Place of birth: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Died: April 4, 2006 – New York, New York, USA
  • Age at death: 30
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Richard Herget (father), Donna Durall Teague (mother)
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 1996

Sean Caracena was an American actor who became popular with just one acting credit before his untimely death.

Making it to the big screen and becoming famous is the dream of every promising youngster who is planning to have a career in the entertainment industry but the big question is how many are ready to face the challenges that come with being in the spotlight as you are always in the eyes of the public and your privacy is automatically taken away from you. Sean Caracena was one of such promising young kids who dreamed big and went ahead to achieve his dreams but on reaching the top was not able to handle the pressure from fans and the public which led to his death. Read on to find out what actually happened to the Hollywood actor.

Sean Caracena was born in Brazil

Sean Caracena was born Sean Paulo Herget, the nickname was a name he took when he got into the entertainment industry. He was born on March 13th, 1976, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to his parents Richard Herget (father) and Donna Durall Teague (mother). There are no details on his parents’ occupation as they are not available.

His parents later got divorced which led to him having a stepmother named Mary Herget. Sean was not an only child as he had three brothers named Andrew Herget Becker of Aurora, Ryan Farr of Greeley, and Derek Farr of Warren.

The youngster got his education from schools located in Colorado Springs and Las Vegas. With his passion for acting, he went on to pursue his dream of becoming an entertainer by attending an acting school located in Los Angeles. The actor, right from childhood, had always been a very jovial and fun-loving kid who was never judgmental of people and was very kind to many around him.

Sean Caracena developed a love for the entertainment industry at a very young age

From a very young age, the late actor had always been filled with lots of dreams and aspirations which was what made him develop a passion for the entertainment industry. With the support of his parents, the young actor began his career in the Hollywood industry in the ’90s and was able to land a major role in the film titled Somebody is Waiting to play the character Gavin Pullman. He starred alongside other actors such as Gabriel Byrne, Brian Donovan, and  Natassja Kinski.

The movie was released in December 1996 and it was a hit that got lots of positive reviews and accolades. This brought about Sean’s rise to fame as he left a lasting impression in the heart of his audience with his spectacular performance and portrayal of the character. This made him get the attention of many which led to his fame. Sadly, Somebody is Waiting turned out to be his first and last project as an actor.

Prior to when he began his acting career, Sean worked as a marketer and was residing in Southern California before relocating to New York City which was where he lived until his death. As a marketer, Sean was into selling medical books online for Thieme Publishing, a company based in Germany with a branch office located in New York.

How did Sean Caracena die?

Following his rise to fame, the actor was being followed by the paparazzi and in a short space of time, he was all over the media and was very famous. Unfortunately, his role in the film Somebody is waiting was the only role the actor got to play in his life as he was said to have committed suicide.

His rise to fame came with a lot of challenges that he could not handle and things got out of hand. The public interference in his life where everyone was expecting him to be perfect without flaws, forgetting that being a celebrity does not mean you cannot make mistakes.

The interference in his life and his being unable to meet the expectations of the public and media wanting him to be an All–American good guy who could do no wrong got to him and the actor went from being a jovial and confident young man to an insecure one. He entered into a severe depression that was even said to have affected his mental health because he did not make any other appearance in any TV show or film.

The actor felt the only way out was to end his life. Sean Caracena committed suicide and brought an end to his life on April 4th, 2006, in his home in New York, United States. There was no official notice or obituary released to this effect as all remained as if nothing ever happened, although the test conducted on the deceased showed that the actor clearly committed suicide.

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The Documentary Kid 90

The story of Sean Caracena became known through a girl named Soleil Moon Frye. The young lady was documenting the world around her with a video camera which she always carried along because back then in the early 90s the use of social media was not yet explored.

Soliel shared the stories on her video through the Kid 90 show a Hulu distributed documentary which gave an insight into the life of some Hollywood young actors back in the 90s and the effect the entertainment industry had on them back then. She also used the documentary as a medium to pay tribute to her late friends Sean Caracena and Shannon Wilsey who didn’t make it out alive.

In the documentary, one could clearly see video footage of Sean crying for help and making phone calls but it seems the ones he tried to reach out to never got to answer his calls. The documentary got to show that it was not only Sean Caracena that had to take his life because of the overwhelming pressure that comes with being famous there were others like Jonathan Brandis and Justin Pierce who like Sean tragically took their own lives.

This clearly goes to show that these celebrities, especially the younger ones need someone to properly manage them since they are being forced to automatically become adults after taking up major roles and also because of how popular they have become in the entertainment industry. These young ones need someone to listen to them and teach them how to cope with critics and pressure from the public to avoid tragic incidents like what happened to Sean Caracena.

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