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One of the popular faces in Hollywood, Owen Wilson is widely loved by fans of the Shanghai movie series and more. The famed actor has also provided his voice for the entertainment of the younger generations through the popular Cars film franchise. For what it’s worth, the Hollywood veteran has featured in many successful screen projects which project him as the typical successful star until you venture into his rather unconventional family life. He doesn’t seem to hold down a relationship for long and has fathered kids with different women, with one still waiting for his acknowledgment.

Does Owen Wilson have a girlfriend or is he married?

Owen Wilson girlfriend

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Wilson is one of the movie stars who have fans guessing and anticipating things about their love life but those who are waiting to see who Owen Wilson’s wife is will only get disappointed as the Hollywood star has never married any woman before. Instead of settling down in regular family life, Owen Wilson has enlarged his lineage by fathering a few kids with his girlfriends.

Being a Hollywood icon, Wilson has lived up to expectations as he has undoubtedly had his fair share of crazy romance with beautiful women. He was an item with Sheryl Crow which gave her the inspiration to record a song about them in her album that was released in 2002. Another romantic venture he had was with Kate Hudson and it started in 2008 and ended the next year.

His dating streak continued and soon, they yielded baby mamas for Wilson who is now a father of three through three different women.

Jade Duell had his first child

The actor really seemed like a man in search of a stable love life as he still went ahead to date, even though he’s been in many failed relationships. His relationship with Jade Duell who presented him with a baby boy named Robert Ford Wilson was thought to be the one that would hold him down.

Regrettably, the bond of fathering a child was not even strong enough to hold him down as the couple called it quits soon after the birth of their child. Robert was born in 2011, the same year his parents ended their relationship that started in 2009 and parted ways. Apparently, the relationship ended because Wilson wasn’t ready for commitment. He simply wants to have his freedom to do whatever pleases him at all times.

Duell is a New York native working for the US government as a police officer, as well as the department of homeland security.

A second son was born by Caroline Lindqvist

It appears the actor loves to mingle outside the glitz and glam of Hollywood more often. Owen Wilson fathered his second son with his personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist and interestingly, she was still a married woman at that time. Subsequently, Lindqvist secured a divorce from her then-husband and committed to a relationship with Wilson. However, their dalliance still ended in the same way as others before it but not without courting controversy.

Caroline was married to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon husband, Ritu Chopra when she stated seeing Wilson secretly and was months pregnant before filing for divorce. In the meantime, she and Wilson didn’t get married and are not even in a relationship. Owen Wilson remains single but has gone on to father a third child with Varunie Vongsvirates, making it his third child.

He is yet to accept his child with Varunie Vongsvirates

Owen Wilson’s child with Varunie is a daughter named Lyla she is his third child and first daughter, a spitting image of him they say. She was born in October 2018. However, the Hollywood star has blatantly refused to meet the baby. According to reports from the US Weekly, Owen went as far as checking the no visitation box while in court in June 2018. He obviously doesn’t wish to pay her any visits in the future, neither does he want to have any form of custody of the baby.

Notwithstanding his lukewarm attitude towards her, baby Lyla is her father’s spitting image. According to sources. The girl looks exactly like Owen Wilson – she was born with natural blond hair, very fair skin, as well as beautiful blue eyes. As of November 2019, more than a year after her birth, her father reportedly hadn’t met him.

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Other women on Owen Wilson’s dating list

Apart from the three women who birthed his children, Owen Wilson has been romantically linked to several other women.

Sheryl Crow (1999 – 2001)

She is an American singer and actress with ten studio albums and a lot more to her name. She dated actor Owen Wilson after meeting him on the set of her debut acting job in The Minus Man. She played one of the victims murdered by Wilson’s character in the film. One of her songs Safe and Sound on the album C’mon C’mon was dedicated to him and she used it to chronicle their love story.

Gina Gershon (2000 – 2002)

A renowned American actress who is known for films like Face/Off (1997), Showgirls (1995), and many others, Gina Gershon is among the women linked to Owen Wilson. However, details of their relationship never made it out in public. The only publicly known relationship she had was with Belgian footballer Bobby Dekeyser but they are no longer together.

Kate Hudson – (2006 – 2009)

She is one of the Hollywood beauties Owen Wilson dated. They met on the set of Me & Dupree (2006) where Hudson depicted Molly Peterson and Wilson played the role of Randolph Dupree. At first, their relationship looked like it was getting serious with Kate smitten with the actor. However, they split in 2007 but found each other again the next year before they finally pulled the plug for good.

Le Call – (2007 – 2008)

At the initial stage of their relationship, Le Call was merely a mystery woman until her identity was made public. Thus, details of where and how they met are not known. The model enjoyed Wilson’s utmost attention while it lasted. They went to dinner dates and yoga classes, as well as vacationed together. But, nothing could keep them together for more than a year.

Meet Owen Wilson’s children

In all, the Hollywood star has three children from three women whom he all dated.

Robert Ford Wilson

The first fruit of the Hollywood heartthrob, Robert was born to the Wilson family in 2011 by his first publicly acknowledged girlfriend, Jade Duell. Robert’s parents never got married and even ended their relationship shortly after his birth.

Notwithstanding the unconventional family background he was born in, he has received all the love possible from his family, especially his dad who is often seen out and about with then little lad. Robert Wilson is still young to choose a carer path and in the meantime, we are yet to see his footprints in Hollywood. He has since become a big brother to more Wilson offsprings but still gets enough attention from his family, including Owen’s mother Laura.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson

He became the second child and son born to Owen Wilson in 2014 by his girlfriend Caroline Lindqvist. His older brother Robert was about three when Finn was born. According to his parents, they were just two friends who decided to have a baby. At the time of his birth, his parents were no longer in a relationship but they are playing their roles as parents.

Owen and Finn’s mother remain good friends to date despite the controversies that followed their relationship from the beginning. The second son of the Hollywood star also enjoys enough attention from the father who is often seen with his two sons. Owen has made it a point of duty to be there for his children and makes out time to spend with them. However, the same cannot be said for his third child and only daughter.

Lyla Aranya Wilson

In 2018, Owen Wilson welcomed his third child, a daughter named Lyla but he seems not to be so happy with her arrival. Right from the time her mother was pregnant with her, Owen tried to stay away and even changed his phone number to achieve that.

He doesn’t seem to have enough love spared after taking care of his sons. To date, his relationship with his daughter is yet to improve while her mom claims the actor has not set his eyes on his daughter since she was born

Possible reasons Owen Wilson won’t acknowledge the birth of his only daughter

Sources revealed that the famed actor is yet to contact his third baby mama since she put to bed, neither did he contact her while she was still expecting the baby, in spite of the fact that their dalliance lasted for nearly five years. It is not as if Owen Wilson did not know that his girlfriend of over four years was pregnant. In fact, Varunie informed him when the pregnancy was just four weeks old as they both returned from a trip to Hawaii.

It would seem that Owen Wilson initially doubted that he was responsible for Varunie’s pregnancy because the Hollywood star went for a paternity test immediately after he heard the news of his impending fatherhood for the third time.

Reports from sources at that time led people to believe that if the paternity test proves positive, then Owen Wilson will have no choice but to do right by his daughter, but how wrong could they be. The test reportedly proved his paternity but it seems he still doesn’t want to be in the baby’s life, at least going by what her mother has had to say. On the other hand, Wilson is yet to air his side of the story, though he blocked every contact to Varunie since she became pregnant, including changing his phone number.

He seems to be involved remotely in his daughter’s life

The actor reportedly settled with Vongsvirates in court following the birth of his daughter and confirmation of paternity from a DNA test. The court agreed on a $25,000 monthly child support payment, plus a one-off payment of $70,000. The latter would cover payments for a labor coach, night nurse, and Vongsvirates’ legal fees.

But then, when the option for visitation rights came up, Wilson didn’t take it as he obviously doesn’t want anything to do with the child, or so it seems.

Owen Wilson’s relationship with his sons is not strained

Despite not wanting to have anything to do with his daughter, the reverse is the case with the actor’s sons – Robert and Finn. He is doing a great job filling his role as a father to the boys even though he’s no longer in a relationship with their mothers.

He proudly speaks about both boys in public, like when he got on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017. The actor is yet to speak on why he prefers to keep his last child at bay even when it has been proven that she is his biological offspring.

Fast facts

How many wives has Owen Wilson had?

Owen Wilson is yet to marry any woman but he has three baby mamas.

Is Owen Wilson in a relationship?

Owen Wilson might be single now but his dating history is a busy one and he has been linked to many women, including Scarlett Benchley, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, and Gina Gershon.

Are Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson together?

The two broke up in 2007 and came back together again but ended things for good in 2008.

Why has Owen Wilson not met his daughter?

Owen Wilson is yet to meet his only daughter according to her mom but he pays child support. His reason remains a mystery.

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