Is David Iacono Korean? All About The NYC-based Actor

David Iacono
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David Iacono – born June 26, 2002, is 21 years old.

A Brooklyn-born movie, television, and theater actor, David Iacono has played several roles in each genre. Iacono started his career in modeling when he was barely out of diapers. According to the youngster, it was his mom, Kim Iacono who introduced him to the world of showbiz. From modeling, he moved into acting on both the big and small screens. Apart from onscreen roles, David has also scared some threatening roles. The up-and-coming movie superstar has big plans for the future. He is actually looking forward to going back to school to study film and later work in behind-the-camera roles.

Profile summary of David Iacono
  • Name: David James Iacono
  • Date of birth: June 26, 2002
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Place of birth: Brooklyn New York in the United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: High school level
  • Parents: Kim Iacono
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Net worth: $2 million
  • Instagram: @davidiacono
  • Twitter: @davidiacono_

Is David Iacono Korean, what’s his age?

David Iacono was born on June 26, 2002, in the Brooklyn part of New York City in the United States. Named David James Iacono at birth, the NY native is obviously a citizen of America, though his ethnic background is said to be a mix of Puerto Rican and Italian roots.

He has never deemed it necessary to mention his father’s name in the public space but we were told he earns a living as a union carpenter. His mom, Kim Iacono is a mammography technologist and he spent his childhood with a sister who goes by the name, Kayla Iacono.

Iacono passed through St. Patrick High School, New York before enrolling with Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School in New York. The school specializes in art, performing arts, and music and helped in honing his inborn acting talent, David graduated from there in 2020.

According to David Iacono, his reason for attending acting school is to get the needed experience to become a writer and movie director in the nearest future.

David started his career life as a model

David Iacono has revealed that his mum considered him a cutie during his growing-up years, thus, she launched him into the modeling world at a very young age. Kim Iacono went all out to secure modeling gigs for her baby boy and he later embarked on a successful campaign for “Levi’s Little” kids’ wear collection.

Though David Iacono said he didn’t enjoy being thrown into the world of modeling at a tender age, he later started enjoying the experience as the venture became successful. Eventually, the youngster was featured on multiple clothing websites, including J.Crew, Century 21, and Junior Magazine.

David Iacono debuted on the big screen in 2011

The year 2011 marked David’s debut in the movie industry when the up-and-coming movie star joined the cast of Choose in a cameo role as Jake. The movie is centered on a student of journalism who helped her detective dad in tracking a killer.

His next movie role came five years later on the set of The Pastor where he depicted the character of Miguel. The film follows the life of a gang leader turned Christian who was stuck between returning to his evil past and maintaining his newfound faith.

David Iacono showed up in other movies, including St. Vincent in 2014 and Joker in 2019.

His roles on television

David’s television roles started coming in 2014 on the set of Saturday Night Live – the American sketch comedy show presented by famous actress and comedian, Melissa McCarthy. The show features David performing a sketch called “Art Exhibit”; it showcases an art museum that employed the services of real actors in portraying famous paintings. David was among the actors who portrayed paintings in the art exhibition sketch.

The American program entitled, What Would You Do? featured him from 2016 to 2018 when he recorded appearances as a bully. In the TV show, actors undertake illegal activities or put up fake conflicts in public with a hidden camera recording whether bystanders intervene or not and how.

In 2020, David Iacono showed up in The Good Doctor – an American medical drama where he played a cancer patient named Ryan in one episode.

One of his latest television appearances was recorded in 2021 when he depicted the character of Faust Aquino in City on a Hill – a Showtime American crime drama.

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OTT/web series

Iacono’s digital debut was made in 2020 on the set of the Netflix series, Grand Army as Bo Orlov. The plot revolves around five high school students who had to struggle with sexism, politics, and racial discrimination while striving to attain their life goals. In the series, second-year Russian American student, Bo Orlov who lacked political correctness and etiquette was often landing into big trouble

2020 was when David Iacono joined the cast of The Flight Attendant – the American comedy-drama where he breathed life into the character of Eli Briscoe in a recurring role. The series is centered on a flight attendant, Cassie Bowden who was a reckless alcoholic. Cassie’s life changed after she woke up in a Bangkok-based hotel room to see the corpse of a man that boarded the same flight with her. Eli in the series was Megan Briscoe’s son who located Cassie for his mom and also brought a video of the fight attendance dancing at a bar.

In 2021, Iacono joined the cast of Amazon Prime’s Hot Pink and one of his latest onscreen roles is playing Cam Cameron on the set of The Summer I Turned Pretty in 2022.

David Iacono’s stage productions

In 2020, he starred in the theatrical production Now That We’re Men, which centers around the close friendships of five high school boys. The play features their unfiltered stories of sex, power, consent, porn, manning up, and getting girls or perhaps boys, as they try to fathom what it actually means to be a man.

Before the year ran out, David was named among the National YoungArts Foundation front-runners in the theater industry. Following this, he got an invite to participate in the Miami, Florida YoungArts Week.

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