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Does Donn Gunvalson Have a New Wife?

Donn Gunvalson wife
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Donn Gunvalson (born June 14th) does not have a new wife at the moment. The last woman the businessman and celebrity ex-husband called his wife was Vicki Gunvalson – née Steinmetz, formerly Wolfsmith. 

Donn and Vicki Gunvalson were technically married for about 20 years before choosing to call time on their union as husband and wife. This article takes a look at the former couple’s respective love lives since their marriage ended several years ago.

Is Donn Gunvalson married?

To the best of the media and the general public’s knowledge, Donn Gunvalson is not yet married. The reality remains that he has invariably fallen off the celebrity radar since his marriage to Vicki Gunvalson ended.

Other than the fact that he celebrates his birthday on the 14th of June every year, not much is known about Donn, including his exact year of birth and how old he is at the moment. Several sources have concluded that he is currently in his 60s, a piece of information that suggests that he might have been in his 50s when his divorce from the Real Housewives of Orange County star was finalized.

His decision to shun the institution of marriage since then could be explained in a variety of ways, including a reluctance to experience the kind of union that his nuptials to Vicki became in the final days.

What happened to Vicki and Donn?

As has been categorically made clear from the beginning of this article, Donn and Vicki Gunvalson were married to each other. Their marriage lasted for just over 2 decades before the couple finalized their divorce from each other.

Between the commencement of his marital union with Vicki in 1994, to the dissolution in 2014, a lot of events were documented which ultimately led to the breakdown of communications and invariably ended the marriage.

There is very little information regarding how Donn met Vicki, who at the time had just ended another marital union (more on that further down), and how long they dated before exchanging marital vows.

Following the end of the wedding festivities, Donn and Vicki began their union on a solid footing and even founded a business, Coto Insurance and Financial Services, together.

The couple appeared to be very happy together in the beginning, and Donn was technically a stepfather to Vicki’s 2 children Michael and Briana, and although they claimed he was not exactly the caring dad they would have liked, he has remained in contact with them in the years since he divorced their mother.

Donn Gunvalson’s marriage to Vicki ended because she cheated on him

We have yet to determine exactly why, but at some point in their marital union, Donn and Vicki started growing apart from each other. At the time she was a star on Bravo TV’s reality TV series Real Housewives of Orange County.

The reality TV star always alludes to the fact that part of the reason her marriage to Donn ended was because of her involvement in the show. However, even by her admission, and that of several other observers, the bigger reason for the end of her marriage to the former celebrity husband rests primarily on the fact that she was unfaithful to him.

During the 10th season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, it was revealed that the man Vicki Gunvalson had cheated on her husband with, was Brooks Ayers. According to verified accounts, and court documents, the rather brief fling between Brooks and Vicki, pushed the reality TV star to file for divorce from Donn in 2010. The divorce was then finalized in 2014.

While we have yet to work out the exact terms of the divorce settlement, Donn’s ex-wife revealed in an interview that the divorce had set both of them back financially. However, she claims to bear the brunt of the financial ramifications because she owned the majority stake in their fledgling insurance and financial services business.

Donn Gulvanson’s ex-wife regrets cheating on him

Several years after his marriage to Vicki had ended, the reality TV star was heard discussing her regrets about how her marriage to Donn had ended, and the part she had played to bring about that outcome. She stated that she would never cheat again because she had seen first-hand what that sort of behavior does to a family.

She admitted that she could have handled things better during and after the divorce proceedings before stating that her actions or lack of it had only jeopardized any chance of her ever having anything to do with Donn again.

Donn Gunvalson and his ex-wife Vicki no longer talk to each other

About 7 years after her marriage to Donn ended, Vicki Gunvalson ended her 2-year engagement with Steve Lodge and she sought to indirectly establish contact with her ex-husband Donn by repeatedly talking about how much she missed him in the weeks and few months that followed the end of that engagement.

By then, though, it was too late as the communication gap between the former couple had become too wide to bridge. Jeanna Keough, Vicki’s fellow Real Housewives of Orange County alum, provided insight into the nature of the non-communicative relationship between Donn and his ex-wife.

Speaking about why they went their separate ways, she believes they could have fought for their marriage, and doesn’t understand why they didn’t. She also referenced the 7-year communication gap that followed their divorce as a reason why Donn may no longer want to be friends with Vicki.

As things stand presently, the former couple no longer speaks to each other and appear to have moved on with their respective lives.

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Vicki Gunvalson’s love life explored

We have established the fact that Donn Gunvalson is not married, and very few sources allege that he is in a relationship, due to his reluctance to grace the spotlight since his marriage to Vicki ended in 2014.

Very few people can lump his ex-wife’s love life under the mysterious pile. She has been quite expressive about her romantic alliances, beginning with her brief fling with Brooks Akers, and her 5-year relationship with Steve Lodge, they were even engaged for over 2 years from April 2019 until the engagement was called off in September 2021.

She reportedly started dating Akers while still married to Donn but we are unsure about how long that relationship lasted. We do know though that she had ended things with him before embarking on her relationship with Lodge in 2016. Presently, she is in a relationship with a man only recognized by his first name, Michael. They began dating in February 2022 and are still together at the time of writing.

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