How Old Is Micah Stephen Williams, Is He In The Office and What’s His Relationship With Katt Williams?

Profile summary of Micah Williams
  • Name: Micah Stephen Williams
  • Date of birth: February 16, 1991
  • Age: 33
  • Place of birth: Long Beach, California
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: Katt Williams (father), Quadirah Locus (mother)
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 2000-2019
  • Net worth: NA

At 33 years of age, Micah Stephen Williams has not scratched the surface if you are to compare his accomplishments with that of his father, Katt Williams. But he can’t be faulted on that as Katt is not just a lot older at 52 years of age, he is also a legend in the entertainment industry with his footprints on the sands of time as a rapper, stand up comedian singer, actor and voice actor. In his own right, Micah Williams is an actor but unlike most of his counterparts, he loves to stay away from the spotlight. He has almost succeeded in keeping the media out of personal business but his relationship with Katt Williams and the fact that he got engaged to Raven Goodwin wouldn’t let him.

When was Micah Williams born?

Now 33 years old, Micah Williams was born on February 16, 1991. His place of birth has been revealed as Long Beach, California, U.S., where his parents welcomed him before their marriage crashed. Katt Williams was married to Quadirah Locus back in the days and together, they had Micah as their only child. Sadly, the family of three didn’t get the chance to grow together as Katt and the mother of his son took the option of divorce in 1995 when their marriage went sour.

Micah got to spend most part of his childhood with his father who won custody after the ugly divorce battle. Living with his father may have exposed him to the spotlight but Micah Williams grew up to detest the attention that comes with it. It also wasn’t a smooth ride growing up with his father. Katt was once alleged to have been arrested for being in possession of some stolen weapons. Notwithstanding, he managed to raise a fine man in Micah but he didn’t do it alone.

Micah Williams grew up with seven siblings

Perhaps to give Micah the best life without having to grow up alone, Katt adopted 7 children who became Micah’s siblings and he grew up to love them so much. He once proclaimed himself a protective brother to his sisters. He is very protective of them and wouldn’t allow any harm to come their way. Far from being an only child, Micah Stephen Williams apparently enjoyed a fun-filled childhood with a full house.

Raising all eight children was not a walk in the park for Katt but he did a good job. However, he was once rumored to be in possession of materials that could endanger children and was subsequently arrested. Following his arrest, four of his children were allegedly placed in protective custody but there is no confirmation on which one of them had to go through that.

Micah Stephen Williams began acting at the age of nine in 2000

True, Micah’s career path was already carved out for him from birth, considering his father’s position in the entertainment industry. The young lad grew up in the spotlight and he didn’t have much choice but to go with the flow. He is now known for his roles in projects like Bruce Almighty (2003), Good Luck Charlie (2010), and The Ron Clark Story (2006) but the first acting job he got was in the TV series Pretender, where he played Young Boy in 2000.

Micah took up two more TV roles before he landed his first film role in Bruce Almighty. The film part was a minor role but did its part in pushing him further into the limelight. he was also part of the cast of Like Mike 2: Streetball, a direct-to-video film where he played Nathan in 2006.

Micah Stephen Williams was in The Office

Many fans of the show have wondered if Micah was ever part of the cast of The Office and the simple answer is yes. Albeit a minor part, the actor played the role of Zion in one episode of The Office. he appeared in the sitcom in 2009 and followed it up with recurring roles in Good Luck Charlie as Emmett (2010-2014) and Roadies as Mikuh (2011).

The last time Micah was seen in an acting job was in 2019 when he depicted Homie 1 in Snowball in 2019. Before that, he played Boxing Fan in The Challenger in 2015. Since 2019, Micah has not been seen in an acting role.

The Ron Clark Story got him an award nomination

While his acting repertoire is not a voluminous one, Micah has been recognized with a prestigious award. His performance in The Ron Clark Story with the likes of Matthew Perry was good enough to earn a nod at the Young Artist Awards. The actor was nominated in the category of Best Performance in a TV Movie, Mini-Series or Special.

With his career seemingly on a hiatus, we can’t say when Micah will be back on the screen. We also don’t know what he is up to these days. What is certain however is the fact that he is looking at starting his own family. Thus, the question – where is Micah Williams now? has no definite answer as the actor is a private person who wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag easily but one thing is clear, he is no longer acting. The last acting role he was seen in was in Snowfall as Homie #1.

Micah Stephen Williams’ movies and TV shows

TV series

  • The Pretender as Young Boy – 2000
  • Grounded for Life as Wendell – 2001
  • Joan of Arcadia as Nerdy Kid / Freshman – 2004-2005
  • In Justice as Jordan Wainwright – 2006
  • Just for Kicks – 2006
  • The Office as Lefevre – 2009
  • Roadies as Mikuh – 2011
  • Good Luck Charlie as Emmett – 2010-2014
  • The Exclusive as Lloyd Fletcher – 2015
  • Snowfall as Homie #1 – 2019


  • Bruce Almighty as Boy on Bike – 2003
  • The Ron Clark Story as Julio Vasquez – 2006
  • Like Mike 2: Streetball (Video) as Nathan – 2006
  • Jump in! as L’il Earl Jackson – 2007
  • The Rusty Bucket Kids: Lincoln, Journey to 16 as Lincoln Farm Boy 2 – 2010
  • The Challenger as Boxing Fan – 2015/I

Are Micah and Raven Goodwin engaged?

L-R Shane Harper, Bridgit Mendler, Raven Goodwin, and Micah Stephen Williams – image source

We have seen a lot of couples emerge from being costars in a TV series or film to evolve into lovers and that is exactly what these two were alleged to have done. Though it’s not clear if they met and started dating on the show, Micah Stephen Williams and Raven Goodwin shared the spotlight on the set of Good Luck Charlie. Micah gave life to the character of Emmett while Raven took up the role of Ivy.

Aside from being the project that propelled the two to fame, Good Luck Charlie is allegedly credited as the place their romance started growing and they continued the relationship after the show ended in 2014. Thus, people welcomed the news of Micah and Raven being engaged in 2019 amid criticisms that the actor might be after Raven’s fame and money. However, this turned out to be mere rumors as the actress debunked it, saying she is not in a relationship with Micah Stephen Williams. Raven Goodwin did get engaged but her fiance has been identified as Wiley Battle.

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