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Luke Cosgrove
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Profile summary of Luke Cosgrove
  • Name: Luke Cosgrove
  • Date of birth: April 24, 1994
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Age: 30
  • Place of birth: Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Parents: James and Michelle Cosgrove
  • Height: Average height
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 2010 to present
  • Net worth: $1.9 million
  • Luke Cosgrove’s Instagram: lukecosgrove

Luke Cosgrove is an Australian actor who came to the limelight after his well-applauded portrayal of Jay Heisel in the 2017 TV series ‘The Mist’. Luke is one of the most celebrated actors from his homeland and is in good company with similar actors from Australia such as Luke Hemsworth. Before his rise to prominence as an actor, Luke’s source of livelihood was as a rugby and Australian rules footballer.

Early life and family background

Luke Cosgrove was born on April 24, 1994, under the sun sign of Taurus. The young Australian has his birthplace recorded as Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia. Luke is the only child born to James and Michelle Cosgrove. He holds Australian citizenship with a caucasian ethnic heritage. The limited source of information regarding the actor means that not much is known about his formal education.

Some sources claim that as a youngster, most of his formative years happened in Queensland, Australia, which is where he most likely had his primary school education. Beyond that, there is next to no information about whether he went on to have a full college experience. One thing that is certain is that Luke Cosgrove, being an only child, was able to experience the undivided love and attention of his parents while growing up.

Luke Cosgrove’s career began with short movies

It was apparent from a young age that Luke had developed an interest in acting. The actor has said that he idolized Leonardo Di Caprio and was drawn in by the way one of Hollywood’s greatest performers displayed his talent on the screen.

Watching similar Hollywood greats inspired Luke to try his hand at acting. He got his first opportunity in a short film while in college. That experience left the acting bug firmly planted in Luke’s system. There was no turning back and soon, Luke was seen acting in several other short films.

By the time 2010 rolled around, Luke got his official acting debut in the movie Cyber Sin where he played the role of Tommy Jones to great effect. In 2013, he was cast in a minor role as a doorman in another short movie titled The Heist. Luke seemed to be getting the hang of short movies as, in 2014, he was cast in the role of Jake in yet another short film called Disc of Love. Short film roles were suddenly coming thick and fast for Luke.

Almost a couple of years after his appearance in ‘Disc of Love’, Luke was contracted to play the character Reed in the 2016 short film, Shiver.

Luke Cosgrove finally made it to the big leagues with his role in The Mist

While acting in all those short films, Luke was always on the lookout for bigger and better opportunities and he was rewarded not long after. His patience and diligence paid off after he was called up for a lengthy time on television. His big chance came in the 2017 American science-fiction, horror-thriller TV series, The Mist. It was no longer small screen time for Luke as he was handed a lead role in what has become arguably his career calling card.

His role as Jay Heigel in the series saw him share screen time with one of Hollywood’s biggest names, Gus Birney. This was a truly surreal moment for an actor who had long been trying to achieve relevance in one of the toughest working environments in the world.

Rundown of Luke Cosgrove’s movies and TV shows

  • 2010 – Cyber Sin (Short) as Tommy Jones
  • 2013/II – The Heist (Short) as Door Man
  • 2014 – Disc of Love (Short) as Jake
  • 2015 – The Girlfriend (Short) as Tom / Jessica
  • 2016 – Shiver (Short) as Reed
  • 2017 – The Mist (TV Series) as Jay Heisel (10 episodes)
  • 2020 – Zen Master (Short) as Heath
  • Lilly (filming) as Timothy Granger

He has received recognition for his acting prowess

His very apt and detailed portrayal of Jay Heigel in ‘The Mist’ most certainly elevated the profile of the Australian actor, but the truth is that he had already been getting the recognition that his hard work deserves from his home country.

Luke Cosgrove was awarded the Best Actor during the 5th Annual Australian Screen Industry Networks Awards (ASIN) all the way back in 2015. This was two years before his appearance on ‘The Mist’ and he got the award because of his eye-catching display in Disc of Love (2014).

A year after receiving his first award, Luke got nominated for another Best Actor award for his role in Shiver (2016).

Luke Cosgrove has an estimated net worth of $1.9 million

Bearing in mind that Luke Cosgrove’s filmography looks especially light on movie credits, the Aussie actor has most certainly done well for himself financially. In addition to his movie roles, the 30-year-old actor augments his income with modeling in ad campaigns and quite lucrative endorsement deals.

Over the course of a career that has effectively lasted for almost a decade, Luke Cosgrove has, as of 2021, accumulated an estimated net worth of almost a couple of million dollars. The actual figure stands at $1.9 million, not bad for someone whose biggest movie role came almost 5 years ago.

The hunky actor has decent body measurements

Media images of the 30-year-old actor have revealed that he stands at an average height for a man, although the exact measurements of his height are unknown.

The same goes for his body weight which appears to be quite healthy as he tries to stay fit with regular visits to the gym and a healthy feeding lifestyle. His dark brown hair and green eyes give the actor an exotic appearance.

He is not quite as active on social media

For starters, anyone searching for the actor on Facebook can forget about it. He does not have an active Facebook account. On Twitter, an actor of his caliber should have at least 50k followers but the Australian-born actor has none as he is not an active Twitter user. The account in his name belongs to another Luke Cosgrove.

He has his biggest social media following on Instagram where he has over 40.3k followers. Here, his last post came all the way back in December 2021, which is not really doing much for someone in the public consciousness.

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Luke Cosgrove is engaged

During his time on the set of The Mist, a rumor floated about that Luke was dating his co-star on the movie, Gus Birney. These rumors began as a result of the near-perfect on-screen chemistry that the pair shared and also the fact that they had been seen together at public events post The Mist.

These rumors proved to be unfounded with Luke coming out later to declare that he had always had a crush on another actress named Lily Collins. Again, nothing came out of that particular statement as there has not been any connection between him and Lily Collins.

The most real relationship that Luke has been in is with actress Lena Drake starting from 2017. There are pictures of both together on his Instagram page to prove this and the recent intimate image of them as a couple shows a ring on her finger. His caption also confirms they are now engaged as he wrote  In response to the famous words of Beyoncé Knowles “I liked it so I put a ring on it” 💍 

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